Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tale: Bears' intelligence & Caring Individual

A guy went into the woods to live with bears. He believed the bears had intelligence and souls and were caring individuals.

The man wanted to project onto these bears human characteristics, just like we do to our pets, and just like we project onto our people the characteristics we want them to have.

The man grew his hair, made himself smell like bears, and actually did move into a cave with a big family of bears. He made this into the relationship with the bears that he wanted to have with them.

One day, with no apparent provocation, the bears ate this guy.

His family and the people making the documentary were properly horrified, and much moaning and hand-wringing went on.

"Why, oh why would the bears do such a thing?'

Because they are bears! And wild bears' relationship with dull-witted, foolish, and slow humans is: they're food!

"The only sensible question should have been: "Why did the bears wait so long to eat him?"


Adopted from the Book No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and profits by Dan Kennedy; Entrepreneur Media Inc. 2008: p15


Truth #1: You don't expect you won't be bitten by that snake which had bitten you once before when you think you could sleep with the same snake in the same hole.

-adapted from the profound words of Tok Guru Nik Aziz


Anonymous said...

The 'snake' still around, you should have killed it.


bayi said...

How profound! And a leopard never changes its its spots.

Jadi, UMNO tetap UMNO...

HuntressMoon said...


CK said...

but y he suggests a new party? even it's meant to calm the factions in PAS, it's still sth not right... i mean tok guru

Cutebear said...

Hmm..just another politic gimmicks. Thats why PAS dare to put those proposals to the UMNO. they know UMNO won't accept the terms. Its obvious.

Tun-Benggap said...

You all see. Tok Guru Nik Aziz is right. Just Pakatan Rakyat need to do is trust the words and wisdom of the Tok Guru alone.

UMNO obviously more worst than United Monkeys No Otaks because Anaconda itself eats Monkeys. For PAS to mate with Monkeys will be eaten by Anacondas at the end. Better get PAS away from the Monkeys ultimately away from bitten by Anaconda, i.e. "Snake Lah".

The PAS idea of Hudud if merger with UMNO to happen is simply to scare shit of the UMNO (Monkeys) because all the while Monkeys are afraid of Straight-forward Islmics Laws that forbids Corruption, Cheats, Devil Acts, Sodomization, let alone Bombardization of C4 to another Human Race.

Hence, upon hearing HUDUD prposal by PAS, Snake Lah and of cource Bomber C4 will avoid the idea and run for cover in Gua Musang, if not at Cobra Sultan.

PAS will be much stronger with Pakatan Rakyat, but only few of PAS leadership that eager to be Monkeys like PAS President and Deputy. These two are mainly so-called Leaders-Without-Brain-In-Skull.

Given PAS next election, these Without-Brains will be erased from PAS immigration database for sure.

So, DAP and PKR should not worry about Muqakakah between PAS and UMNO because the Muqakakah is just time-wasting chit-chat between PAS and UMNO that will go no where.

Maverick SM said...


I am scared of snakes lah! Don't scare me so often.


You have good humour.


Blur? hahahaha!


You may not understand that wiseman.


You have a good point but I think the request is fundamental and the core essence of Islam.


Your points of contention is slanted towards one coaltion. The idea of Hudud and qisas is fundamental to Islam and must be a basis.