Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ahmad didn’t mean it, says Abdullah

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will personally see to it that Bukit Bendera Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail does not repeat his remarks about the Chinese community.

“I will tell him not to do it again. You know in a campaign all sorts of things can come up. I don’t think he meant it. I’ll make sure to tell him not to use it again,” the Prime Minister said after chairing the Bertam Umno division meeting yesterday.

Ahmad had called the Chinese pendatang (immigrants) and said that “as the Chinese were only immigrants it was impossible to achieve equal rights amongst races” during a ceramah in Permatang Pauh in Aug 25.

He uttered the remarks in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Gerakan Dr Thor Teong Gee charged that Umno was still using racial ideology to achieve its own personal political agenda.

Gerakan H’ng Khoon Leng lodged a police report at the district police headquarters in Patani Road over Ahmad’s alleged remarks.

MCA Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said there was no reason for Ahmad to stir racial feelings with his remarks.

The Star

There is one observation: Over the last decades we can never hear of Umno leaders and BN leaders owning up to their mistakes or openly admitting of their racist character and behavior. They always have excuses and fallacious reasons.

But when bloggers and blog commenters made any such remarks, we will have the police coming after them and charging them for sedition.

When the Bar Council wants to have a forum pertaining to the laws relating to the constitutional provisions in regard to individual rights and liberty with respect to religion of their will, we have specific groupings of people who would use force and coercion to derail such events and all of which was done in the name of God and color. It is as if God is so weak that He needs human intervention to save Him and protect His interest.

We also often hear of bigots who had relentlessly proclaim all kinds of rights and privileges which are illusory and fictitiously transliterated to serve their motives and mens rea to derive special interest for themselves which are factually oppressive and discriminative, yet claimed that such was what as enshrined in the constitution.

I do not know whether they do not have intellectual ability to understand and interpret the constitution or that they intentionally re-write the constitution to suit their motive and greed. Article 153 had often being cited as a right and privilege; but the truth in Article 153 wasn't so; Article 153 has expressly provided for fairness, justice and equality of every citizens of the nation and had never express discrimination and oppression.

Far more perplexing is the fact that these propagators and bigots are Muslims and if we read the Quran, the behaviors and acts were contrary to that as expressed in the Quran. They are believers of Islam but acted against Islam and acted in the name of Islam.

I had been reading the Quran for years and I just could not comprehend these characters and behaviors which was expressly denounced in the Quran and expressly denounced by Prophet Muhammad himself. All over the chapters in the Quran we read of virtuousness, fairness and reasonableness, gratitude and protecting the weak and minorities. But in Malaysia, it is about suppression of the minorities and enslaving them, making them second class, threatening them, debasing them, and depriving the poor of educational opportunities in the name of protection of the majority as espoused by the vice chancellor of UiTM; and he claimed it was Article 153 again.

The most unfortunate for the bigoted is that the minorities were protected by Allah as can be observed. Allah knoweth all, and Allah knoweth those who were evil. Allah protects the weak and discriminated. Allah says He would punish the evildoers. Allah is great!


CK said...

it's the same old stories.

they had a whole gallery of these scums. the bung fella, the one eye fella, the parit buntar fella, the "snake-comment" woman PLENTY of them!!!!!!!!! which one of them was punished???

it's the Winehouse chant.... NO NO NO!!!!

Anonymous said...

the last time the botak's father referring the chinese as kaum pendatang or pendatang asing — of being lodgers (orang tumpangan), abusing the hospitality of the Malays who were the "masters of the house".

but kena kaw-kaw from lee kuan yew... who talked down to that mad racist.

and like father, like son... one who make us lost s'pore & now the son loose the 2 rocks to s'pore.


msiaman said...

Today's NST talks about MM Act and Computer Crime Act. I was utterly disgusted! Has anyone ever compiled statistics about Malaysia's prosecution?

I had the other party openly admitting to hacking to my computer system and what the police does? NFA! And there are idiots bringing up the Act?

sheriff said...

Did AAB ask RPK if he meant what he said?

Did the Home Ministry ask the Hindraf 5 whether they meant what they said before sending them to the Government Resthouse in Kamunting?

If Ahmad did not mean what he said, where is his unconditional apology?

Anonymous said...

Aiyah you people just live with it la, as if you people could do anything about it.

Even the so-called parties that represent & suppose to protect you people all have change their name to...

Abdullah Teekeat Bin Ong, Khairy Tsukoon Bin Koh, Abdul Velloo Bin Semi...

So if the tuan like to wave their keris here & there like mad buggers... ignore them & walk away la!

If the host here are cheapskate & like to treat all their guests as indon maid or bangla coolie... then find another host la!

If the tuan here is nor civilise, try another country la... big problem, meh?

So just make the money & sent the next generation to other countries la...


Purple Haze said...

Sheriff hit the nail on the head.

Why should the PM take the rap ? Shouldn't Datuk Ahmad Ismail be the one saying that he won't do it again ? No remorse ? No apology ? He is bsically saying that the PM can make the right noises to the rakyat but I don't give a #$%^.

Anonymous said...

Tell Abdullah Ahmad Badawi go...

Eat Shit & Die

Ooops, Tell him I didn't it!


Anonymous said...

Just tell him... I didn't mean it la!


Maverick SM said...


The irony is that the strong and many behaves as if the weak is threatening them.


God will punish the evildoers.


Well, that's what idiots do and act.


Don't worry as we know Allah is great. He will punish the evildoers and bigots.


The PM has proven that he isn't consistent.


No, I can't tell him that. Two wrongs don't make one right.

Anonymous said...

give citizenship to everybody include Indons, Banglas, Myanmars etc as long as they interested to work and earn an honest living in M'sia. Nobody should be called "kaum pendatang" then.


Maverick SM said...


Intellect and rationality is paramount. Don't think using kidney and shit from the mouth.

Citizenship is not given to the Chinese and Indians. That was the agreed terms of agreement when all three parties banded together as Alliance to negotiate with the British for Independence. The British agreed to grant Malaya Independence based on this paramount term.

I am Chinese and my citizenship is not given to me by the Malays. It was the term of agreement which the Malay-Chinese-Indian team under Alliance Party agreed upon which caused the British to grant us Independence. Thus the citizenship is not given, it is an agreement by all 3 races and as the Malay race is the majority, they will take leadership.

Anonymous said...

This Ahmad is a dinosaur. he has no place in the current political environment. AAB better wake up and do something about this lout so as to send a message to the others who will sabotage him, instead of just asking Najib to beg the Indians not to go elsewhere. If UMNO people cannot control their tongue, MCA and MIC will have no choice but to join Pakatan. Gerakan and PPP are already talking about it in their closed door meetings.Expel Ahmad now to send a clear message to all Malaysians that you are serious about every Malaysian having a place in the sun.

scottsun_seet said...

what our pm remarks ! this type of comment hurting all the chinese community must be treat seriously.Send him to ISA to show that BM is fair to everyone not i willtell him not to use it again.
Is alway the unmo members creating the racist remarks.

Maverick SM said...


I do not agree about using ISA. If we believe in human rights we must be consistent with our belief. ISA cannot be used unless it is threatening the nation's security, not political differences. Sedition can be considered fair.

I am of the opinion that an open apology and an olive branch is the answer. Peace and harmony requires all people of all races to co-exist and share a common value and cooperation.

abu said...

If the PM just says that Ahmad did not mean what he said and treat this as the end of the matter, he is insulting the Malaysians.

Datuk Ahmad should be in the Government Resthouse in Kamunting!

Anonymous said...

Always say what you mean & mean what you say!"

"Pak Lah & Ahmad Ismail can go and have carnal knowledge with an archnid!"

...I meant it 100%!


Maverick SM said...


I think we have to take the issue right on rather than pouring scorn and being spiteful.

justice bao said...

A tap on the knuckles of Datuk Ahmad, that's what he got for his inflamatory speech.

Why like that one, Pak Lah?

seefei said...

"it is a sincere mistake and we should move on" - a general "embrace all" explanation that politicians in my part of the world often used. at least they admit it is a mistake although a sincere one. dont ask me what is an honest mistake cos i dont know and it is a oonik politico term used in this part of the world.

MCA man said...

What is a sincere mistake? I understand what an unintended mistake is but what is a sincere mistake?

A sincere means you meant what you said in this case. What is there to forgive if there is no repentance? Sack the guy as an example. If not then it is taken that UMNO agrees with him all the way!

Anonymous said...

#Datuk A.Ismail besar macam Lembu (adik-beradik Ismail Kerbau) oo1oo:-

Makan boleh sebarang makan.
(How you accumulate you wealth, non of my business)

Cakap jangan sebarang lepas.
(Dont insulted other races just because to prove your "kelembuan" to the same species who's are feeding you)

Kalu tak pandai guna mulut wahai Sang Lembu,

Lain kali londeh seluar tonggekkan punggung, guna lubang jubor untuk berceramah,

Keluar cili api ke,tulang ikan ke, tak sesiapa yang terasa.

Pemimpin konon, dua Ahmad x 5. Satu Lembu satu lagi Bodoh.

Maverick SM said...

justice bao,

That a good question posed.


hahaha..I love the sincerity. I heard a father who raped his daughter also said it was a sincere rape and intended to be morally motivating.

MCA man,

It doesn't matter whether it is sincere or unintended. A mistake is a mistake and if there is remorse and expression of contrite that suffice. But there's none.

toolan said...

Pak Lah, till now you still want to defend racist Minister like this! The recent Merdeka you preach about Malaysia for all, that all race must unite....blah blah blah! And you still want to defend this racist idiot!
How are we(the non-bumi) suppose to trust you some more when one minute you preach fairness for all, for all to unite and next you defend this idiot by saying he don't mean it! You mean he really got nothing better to do than to say something like this just for fun? Pak Lah, your credibility just dropped by another few notch, keep this up and you will have no one to even give you benefit of the doubt!

Maverick SM said...


Pak Lah is just the man he is; consistently inconsistent.

the sound of bear said...

Datuk Ahmad Ismail should't have said that.he shoulda known better that it's immoral just to gain supports from one cetain race by mocking another races.

i dont think Pak Lah defended was more like Pak Lah tried to defend the perception of society towards UMNO/BN.then again what broken is already written.the only to do is to learn from that mistake.

i hope everyone everyone is still rationale and not to get provoked by such racial remark.

rashid said...

ahmad mesti buat kenyataan tu semasa hati tengah "membara" untuk meraih sokongan dari kalangan orang melayu ketika di Permatang Pauh.

sepatutnya tak boleh begitu.

dia sepatutnya tahu implakasi dengan membuat kenyataan sebegitu.namun benda dah berlaku.apa yang boleh dilakukan ialah untuk semua mengambil iktibar (itupun jikalau semua ahli UMNO/BN ingin menagambil insiatif untuk belajar dari perkara ini).

kittykat46 said...

So easy to settle.
Just say its a slip of the tongue, made in the heat of campaigning.
No offense to the other races.

MCA and MIC are very easy to satisfy.

Maverick SM said...

the sound of bear,

You said well.


Benar. Tapi kelakuan ini amat segaja.


Ya, it's that easy because might is right.

Anonymous said...

This Thor Teong Gee is a typical opportunist and hypocrite. You think he really lambasted Ahmad for the sake of Malaysian chinese? He only wanted some cheap points and propaganda for himself as he was contesting for Penang Gerakan Youth chief.
Politician haiyah politician, and if believe what they say. Rafidah was crying emotionally when Mahathir was resigning. Just try to believe that too!