Monday, September 01, 2008

ACA nap another ADUN

ACA nabs Umno Negri rep for RM2,000 bribe

The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) has arrested an Umno state assemblyman for allegedly accepting a RM2,000 bribe from a housing developer.

The arrest set off charges that the Negri Sembilan assemblyman was a victim of a political stitch-up. He is the third state legislator who has been picked up by the ACA in recent weeks.

Last week, two Parti Keadilan Rakyat state assemblymen were charged in court for accepting bribes to speed up approvals for a housing project.

The ACA has been on a sweep in recent weeks as it uses its expanded powers to root out corruption.

The agency has also nabbed 36 Puspakom officers and 21 runners for suspected graft to certify vehicles as roadworthy.

Source: Malaysian Insider


Anonymous said...

ACA is just trying pretend it is "even handed". I don't think you can teach an old dog like the ACA new tricks. It has been used mostly to stop any investigations being carried out against the top dogs. Of course it goes after the odd mata mata or kerani or tambi.But it still reports to the PM (not Parliament)and if you want to believe ACA will carry out its work without fear or favour, then I am an old fool.


Maverick SM said...


If ACA had done right it must be appreciated and credited accordingly. Having a negative mindset on acts that are virtuous in itself is harmful to nation building.

Let's appreciate the actions of the ACA and I believed the ACA is showing empirical signs of effectiveness.

gongkaukau said...

I am still a skeptic. Let's see if bigger fish gets caught. And let's see if the charges are thoroughly investigated and the culprits brought to justice.

gongkaukau said...

Perhaps it's because the ACA has too long been a tool of the government. For far too long we have been patronised. That's why it's not easy to convince a hardcore skeptic.

Maverick SM said...


Being skeptical when we are observing affirmative actions are unfair in itself and do no good to the people at large. Let's give credit when credit is due.

This is the same case when they arrested PKR ADUNs. We have to accept that they are acting based on empirical evidence and it is for those accused to defend themselves and provide alibi and facts to substantiate their innocence.

new york disaster said...

another arrest made by the new ACA.well done!

i believe that they're just doing their job and act by the complaint accordingly.

do not take everything on a political stage.let just give more support towards the ACA and hopefully Malaysia will be free from corruption soon.

Maverick SM said...

New York Disaster,

I agree with you. We have to be rational and give credit when credit is due.

rashid said...

kesian BPR.buat kerja pon kena kutuk.tak buat kerja lagilah kena kutuk.

dengan penangkapan baru ini telah membuktikan bahawa BPR tak pilih bulu.kalau ada bukti yang cukup,terus bertindak.jangan asyik kita pertikaikan bila nak tangkap "big fish".rasuah walau sekecil atau sebesar mana pun tetap rasuah.yang mana ada cukup bukti dan kes kuat,boleh lah dilakukan penangkapan.kes yang lama dan berprofil tinggi pula memerlukan masa yang lebih lama kerana perlu ramai orang yang perlu diambil keterengan dan banyak fail lama yang perlu disemak.jangan ingat hari ini report maka esok lusa dah bole buat tangkapan.

apapun,syabas buat BPR!

kittykat46 said...

Credibility is easy to lose, once lost takes a long time to rebuilt.

One swallow does not make a summer.

I'll accept this case at face value, still a long road before we can consider BPR as anything near to an independent body.

Maverick SM said...


Saya sokong pendapat awak.


I agree. But we have to begin to appreciate the noble acts before we can have confidence in the system.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the ACA go after the big guns in UMNO/BN. Why go after the small it sacrificial lamb?