Monday, September 01, 2008

Quote for Today

"These people in our society at least unconsciously hold the conviction that someone else's success limits their own, makes them lesser, and puts a permanent lid on their own chances. The world believes in finite resources and in everybody's guilt. As long as we adhere to these pernicious beliefs, we will not only fail to let others shine, but we will never be able to allow ourselves to shine fully either."

-- Marianne Williamson



bayi said...

This is true when people are made to believe that for everyone else's success, the chance for them to succeed is now less. But the world id borderless and the chances for success is infinite.

If Malaysians choose to treat each other with respect and with equal status, the world is our oyster! We are capable of doing so much better than what we have acheived!

Maverick SM said...


I think it is about treating each other with mutual respect and with honor; that's the essence.