Monday, September 01, 2008

Karpal Singh demands apology from Utusan

25th August, 2008

The Editor,Utusan Malaysia,
46M, Jalan Lima,
Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin,
55200 Kuala Lumpur.

Re: Notice of demand in relation to the libellous statements made against Y.B. Karpal Singh, Member of Parliament for Bukit Gelugor, and Chairman of the Democratic Action Party, in the article under the heading “ DAP diingati jangan bakar perasaan Melayu” in the edition of Utusan Malaysia dated 25.08.2008, at page 2.


We refer to the above whereby we act for Y.B. Karpal Singh, MP for Bukit Gelugor and Chairman of the Democratic Action Party, a component party of the Pakatan Rakyat, who has handed us a copy of your newspaper dated 25.08.2008 which carries the following libellous words in the article under the heading “DAP diingati jangan bakar perasaan Melayu”:-

“Pengerusi DAP Karpal Singh ketika berucap pada perasmian Kongres Kebangsaan DAP ke 15 semalam menolak Islam sebagai agama rasmi Negara…”

(hereinafter referred to as the said words complained of)

We are instructed to state that the said words complained of are false and have no truth or basis whatsoever and are highly malicious in nature. Our client has not at any time whatsoever uttered the said words complained of.

As a result of the said words complained of being published, especially on the eve of the polling day of the Permatang Pauh by-election, our client has been made to suffer serious public odium, contempt and ridicule, and has as a consequence suffered serious loss and damages.

In view of the highly defamatory nature of the said words complained of, we write to you to unconditionally retract the said word complained of and apologise to our client in your edition of the Utusan Malaysia tomorrow, (26.08.2008).

Kindly note that the said retraction and apology must be published in a prominent part of the front page of your edition of the Utusan Malaysia tomorrow, (26.08.2008), failing which we have firm instructions to commence legal proceedings against your newspaper for, inter alia, damages and an apology without any further reference to you.

Kindly note our demand to you to retract and apologise is without prejudice to our rights to commence legal proceedings against you in respect of the above.

It would be in your interests to retract and apologise immediately so as to mitigate the damages which will be ultimately ordered against you.

Yours faithfully,



It is sad for all Malaysians that we have a newspaper who would sell their souls and betray their own conscience in order to destroy the national aspiration, the aspiration that our Prime Minister Abdullah propagated in the Merdeka message:


"A united people is the country's strongest line of defence in facing any situation both internally and externally."

"No one citizen is recognised as being of a higher position than another in this nation. This nation belongs to all of us. Whether we rise or fall depends on all of us," he said.


A united people? That's not what Utusan Malaysia is propagating as evidenced above?That's false accusations which could incite hatred. I had been observing Utusan news for years and we know what is the political motivations of those writers within. It's sad that our Prime Minister had kept a blind eye on such bigotry. It is sad that MCMC and Information Minister had also kept a blind eye and ears to such bigotry. Yet, we heard of so many others who were charged for sedition and ISA-ed for similar propagations.

National unity? Dear PM, talking about it isn't sufficient; actions and behaviors must be exemplary.


Anonymous said...

A rotten kind of hypocrite pm... pretend to call for racial harmony but behind the scene encourage all sort of sick marder fcukers to fanned racial discord.

He is one EVIL ba8tard and...



Anonymous said...


sheriff said...

And Utusan is the mouthpiece of UMNO?

bayi said...

For the first time this year, the PM's Merdeka message sounds so hollow, sio empty and without meaning. Walk the talk and I will find some meaning...

justice bao said...

The Lion of Penang has roared!

Good for Karpal!

artchan said...

bayi..if you noticed..when PM was delivering his Merdeka adddress...he looked "dead". The body language was like a man beaten, and I can one he can trust in UMNO now.

And guess what we will have the same kind of shit..till 2010?

I don't think the country can go on autopilot for another two years.

bayi said...


don't underestimate the man. he is more artful than most people think.

Anonymous said...


artful? u are giving him too much credit... he just a lousy conniving & deceitful scumbag.


coolbert said...

Our dear PM's leadership is WEAK. What more can we expect from a man who condones the actions of his men?

As 'shareholders' of 'Malaysia Inc.', I wouldn't hesitate to 'vote' this 'CEO' out at the next 'EGM', hopefully sooner if a 'corporate raid' can be made by DSAI.

bayi said...


same thing. different version. :)

hasilox said...

If this comic utusan were to apologize for all their libels and slanders, they need to set up a big team just to handle all that.

Anonymous said...

bigotry and racism in UMNO is open secret. utusan is just their mouthpiece.

forget about what badawi says. his "cakap tak serupa bikin' is now legendary and the hallmark of his administration. if you trust his words, pigs will fly.

another 4 years of UMNO rule, this country will go down the gutter.

Anonymous said...

"Kelantan Umno today asked fellow Barisan Nasional (BN) component party Gerakan to stop demanding that Umno and the BN penalise an Umno division chief over his alleged racially sensitive remarks about the Chinese community..." Bernama.

To Annuar Musa... read our lips... fcuk you!

To Koh Tsu Koon... fcuk off if you ever let this off.


Anonymous said...

This insults & intimidations on the chinese does not begin with that morons Hishamuddin brandishing his keris...

It all started with the ultra racist called syed jaafar albar (botak father) accused Minister Mentor Lee and some other Chinese Malaysians — referring to them as kaum pendatang or pendatang asing (immigrants) — of being lodgers (orang tumpangan), abusing the hospitality of the Malays who were the "masters of the house" in 1963.

For 45 fcuking years & 3 generations the chinese are suject to umno ketuanan stupidity... In this regard, make no mistake it is VERY ethical and a MUST for civilise mp to cross over in order to ensure UNITY among malaysians.


MCA man said...

It's best that MCA, MIC and Gerakan leave BN. No need to demand an apology from UMNO every other day. Let UMNO deal with their own brand of divisive politics.

Maverick SM said...


Don't be so angry; it will not make us any better. We had to be rational and constructive. We got to promote awareness.


I don't know; but I think the editor is bigoted.


There's lack of strong leadership and virtue.

justice bao,

Lion can roar; but to no avail.


Autopilot? Never heard of? The country is driven ... down.


That's disrespectful, my dear. let's use less harsh words, ok?


He is weak but he is also strong in some ways. He just married!!!


Utusan is bigotry.


I think such words are not helpful if we are seeking positive improvement. We got to be constructive and persevere.

MCA man,

No, that's a bad idea. The BN has a great combination of all races and they had to work out a solution for the betterment of the society as a whole.

coolbert said...


I'm aware of his 'strength', that's why he's more concerned with erections rather than elections!

suka_aman said...


the article is about Karpal and Utusan Malaysia but still people keep relating Pak Lah to everything.poor fella.


Maverick SM said...


You have nice choices of words!hahahaha


That's fun, isn't it? Hahaha...there are people who just can't rid themselves of the Paklah biases.

Anonymous said...

if Gerakan and MCA leaves UNMO, BN will crack. MIC will be forced to followed suit.

UNMO will no longer able unite the nation. Can't blame anyone, when they themselves keep playing the racist game to divide the nation.

Now that the people are really divided, stop coming up with a speech about national unity every 31 Aug.