Thursday, August 21, 2008

Anwar bisexual?

It's news! A new accusation from Umno. They accused him of sodomy. Now they are accusing him of womanising. That's bisexual characteristics.

Big News!

Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Hamzah Zainuddin accused Anwar of making a move on his wife.

I wonder if Hamzah would also go to the Federal territory Imam to swear.

Hamzah had been quoted in the Kwong Wah Jit Poh newspaper as saying that Anwar had in 1998 tried to take advantage of his wife even though they were best of friends then.

He told the newspaper that Anwar had "kacau" his wife.

In view of this, the deputy minister told the daily that the people of Permatang Pauh should not vote for the opposition leader.

According to Anwar's lawyer, Hamzah's words have "(1) directly and/or indirectly and/or by innuendo, given an impression and the perception that Anwar is engaged in illicit sexual activities and/or habitually engages in similar activities, (2) is a man of low morals; (3) is a man of no Islamic values and (4) is of bad character."

Anwar has demanded an apology from Hamzah or face a RM10 million lawsuit.

Hamzah, who is former state agency Felcra chief, was embroiled in a sensational divorce settlement in 2004 where he was ordered by the Perak Syariah Court to pay his ex-wife, Nooraini Abdul Rashid, a whopping RM11.2 million in cash and assets.

The judge also ordered Hamzah to transfer one-third of his 63 million shares to Nooraini or pay her RM10 million.

Nooraini brought the suit after Hamzah divorced her in 1996. Hamzah has since re-married and it was his new wife who was allegedly harrassed by Anwar.

Source: Malaysiakini

Hahahaha... Anwar is not a backside king. Umno members are now accusing him of womanizing. Womanizing is possible because he has so many children.

Would we also hear from other MPs and Umno leaders that their wives have slept with Anwar too?

Before 1998 Anwar is a powerful man. Umno leaders and members were working hard to rub his shoulders and balls, and probably the dick too. Now we have come to know that they were even prepared to loan their wives in exchange for favors from Anwar. But I think their wives are not so stupid to betray their own conscience. But we don't know!


Anonymous said...

Who's his new wife-Umi H or Rosmawi? Btw how does a deputy minister accumulate more than RM20 million?

Anonymous said...

Who's his new wife-Umi H or Rosmawi? Btw how does a deputy minister accumulate more than RM20 million?

Anonymous said...

anwar sure got a big appetite!


I wonder if any Puteri UMNO harrasment claim got anything to do with him!

Zahar said...

If the 10 judges back in 1998 had already all agreed that he had actually performed those homosexual acivities with Sukma et al, and he was already married back then too, it's not a new thing for him to be bi-sexual. I'm sorry, but how exactly is this news?

moo_t said...

We see Son-in-Law fun dressing photo.
To be fair,UMNO should show us some photo or film footage to prove it.

Don't tell me umno are so low tech. ;)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

This is an insult to all bisexuals. Gay or womanising. Stick to one thing lah.

These people are too stupid for words.

Anonymous said...

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The moral of the story is: being concerned about public opinion can bring you much grief and misery, even shorten your life. So be yourself and enjoy life. Stop worrying about everyone else's ass and you'll be a lot happier and live longer!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

if this still doesnt stick, frame him for being a paedophile. this is even worst, isnt it?
these UMNO fellas are darn desperate and i just wondre how low will they stoop.

sheriff said...

Looks like it's a no holds barred contest for UMNO. They are hitting out in all directions with everything they have got, whether real bullets or not.

Sheriff-of-Stupidity(SoS) said...

How about accusing DSAI of being normal?

Maverick SM said...


hahaha...big appetite?


You can read the news at Malaysiakini.


They may have...

Constant Drama,

It isn't stupid; it's desperate.


You are right; anyway, life is short; so why not after all???


That's a good one. LOL!


It's desperado!


I like that proposal. I'll go to PM to propose.

Cupin the Great said...

So dia kena buat report polis la. Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim telah meraba Isteri saya sebelum saya mengahwininya.... (camna bleh jadi isteri dia sebelum dia kahwin ngan perempuan itu). Menteri masa tuh semua gatal. Aku tunggu jugak report dari Dato' Jean Todt pasal Paklah raba tunang dia....

CK said...

desperado.... but tat's such a nice song for the whole fiasco.

ACA should investigate such a figure can accumelate millions of dollars?

Maverick SM said...

Cupin the Great,

Hahaha... you score a good point.


He was investigated but ACA found him clean. ACA make sure he is clean.

Anonymous said...

So damn nice, join AMNO a party demi...

Agama = MONEY

Bangsa = SEX

Negara = CRONIES

Its no wonder lots of mamak, die-die also want to be malay, so they can join AMNO.


Anonymous said...

it's mind-bongling to me as to how low all these UMNO goons would go to discredit DSAI. don't they fear Allah at all? what kind of 'manusia' are they?

and just like most people reading about the suit against him by his ex-wife, how on earth did he accumulate such wealth? did ACA even probe into this?

i pray that retribution from Allah will come soon to all these 'pemfitnah' when they are still alive and kicking in this world so that they will serve as a reminder to us all.

Anonymous said...

“Justice may be delayed, but it is never denied”

About a year ago, Anwar bumped into one of his old school teachers from the Malay College Kuala Kangsar while undergoing treatment at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur. This teacher has since died, but not before he was able to attend Nurul Izzah’s, Anwar’s daughter’s, wedding.

The teacher hugged Anwar and said, “Justice may be delayed, but it is never denied.”

Well, Anwar may not be able to receive justice from the Malaysian courts. He also cannot get it from the new Prime Minister who is too frightened of incurring Mahathir’s wrath that he refuses to get involved in the Anwar issue. But Anwar certainly seems to be receiving justice from some other higher power even though it may be delayed.

And let us go through the list.

Ummi Hafilda Ali, one of the main players in the Anwar conspiracy, was disowned by her father before he died. Ummi’s father is of course also Azmin Ali’s father so we have it on good authority this is so. What fate do you think awaits a daughter disowned by her father and who died before he could forgive her for the sin she did to Anwar?

Azizan Abu Bakar, Ummi’s partner-in-crime and the one who accused Anwar of sodomy and later retracted his allegation, in turn crashed his car, which resulted in his wife’s death. He was then later arrested for khalwat (close proximity) and sentenced to six months jail.

Aziz Shamsuddin, the head conspirator, too crashed his car and his wife too died. It was reported that when they took her body to hospital they discovered a cheque for RM3 million on her body, which was a bribe for a contract he had awarded a Chinese company. Everyone has to die one day, but dying with dirty money on your body is a terrible way to go.

And we all know what happened to the Attorney-General then who was in charge of fixing Anwar’s trials. He lingered in a one-year coma after falling down and hitting his head when he suffered a stroke.

The doctors at the Subang Medical Centre had to cut open his skull to relief the swelling on the brain but they could not sew it back because of the swelling. The skull finally had to be taped with plaster to prevent the brain from falling out.

When he finally died, his head had shrunk and those who saw him at the time of his death said that his head looked like a monkey’s head. How befitting someone who did not use his brain when he was alive and who ‘monkeyed’ around with the justice system!

Remember Dr Ristina Majid, another conspirator? She was pissed drunk while her niece, who she had been entrusted to baby sit, drowned in the swimming pool. Her father too disowned her and he died without forgiving her for what she did to Anwar.

Dr Ristina herself died of a stroke while in a conference in Jakarta and she went to her grave without her father’s forgiveness. She in fact wanted to marry Aziz Shamuddin but he did not want her. And Azizan Abu Bakar was for a while employed by her as her driver.

Yes, only ‘good’ things come to those who did ‘good’ to others. But while such a fate is befitting some, for others death is too good a punishment.

But for TDM, he will live long enough to see his beloved party disintegrate & bury by all the corrupted office-bearer. And he will leave as a bitter man.

To people like Hamzah Zainuddin... (waiting for the latest).


HuntressMoon said...

sometimes, i just don't know whether or not Anwar did all these things. I know for some he did and for some he was falsely accused by the UMNOS. As some of the allegations does not make any sense.

But then again, our country is not as corrupted as the ones in Cambodia. We dont have to force our kids to put food on the table.

It is not right. All these instability started with Badawi's administration.

Maverick SM said...


If we believe in metaphysic we can connect those events to their acts.


Ya, if we compare with Cambodia and Zimbabwe, Malaysia is fantastic. I thought by 2020 Malaysia wants to be a develop Nation. And we no can be compared with Cambodia and Zimbabwe, Sad!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyoo with a flirtitious wife Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Hamzah Zainuddin have, who else have not slept with her.

This days most woman have outside lovers. And that is very common every where in Malaysia as we are now attaining developed status.

Would not be surprise she is a pawn to get what Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Hamzah Zainuddin want and that is money. After all he can just dump her and get a new one.

hate hypocrits said...

Why not bring Wan Azizah for medical check up? Her result will give the truth answer that we all want to hear!!!! Especially the marks within the ...... hole.

Maverick SM said...

Hate Hypocrits,

Does it make you feel better to say such thing about our honorable Wan Azizah? Do you have so put Wan Azizah in such statement to please yourself?

hate hypocrits said...

It doesn' make me feel better at all. Infact I hate to express it. But her husband whose ungratefulness of his freedom and start to destroy the harmonious country make me hate him more since 1998.

Can you imagine his strong men like Zainur Zakaria, Chandra Muzzafar, Ezam Mohd Nor, Nalla K etc left him for distrust of his main intetntion in PKR struggle? Why? Do you know? These are the core people in his PKR think tank.

All he care is for himself, only God will decide where he shall be in near time. He is a radical and non activist. He doesn't care for the country, the constitution etc.

His wife knows him best. Although his ex MCKK friends know his preference. Thats why he don't have the GUTS to swear an oath to deny. Can you accept a 'gay' to be our nation leader? Nonsence.

I don't see her face being happy, there's sadness deep in her heart, for she knows the truth next to God. For how can he be charged for the same wrong doing for the second time. Like the Bond movie title - 'You only live twice'. Good luck Anwar!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hate Hypocrits said,
I can see that you deeply hate this guy for your own reason somehow.
But is totally uncalled for to drag Wan Azizah into your own hatred for Anuar. Are you without faults and innocent yourself? Its just shows your ability and cow sense at that.

Anonymous said...

I know his new wife name. Datin Norasyikin (not sure if the spelling is correct but i can check in the office). He's one of our director.