Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pakatan is no different from BN

Pakatan Exco is only 5 months old, and they have efficiently get into the acts of corruption (alleged corruption).

The ACA had found RM100,000 in a bag belonging to that Exco at a hotel - it was caught redhanded.

What is there to deny, Datuk Seri Nizar?

I agree that those accused are innocent until proven guilty. But there is empirical evidence of suspicious circumstances which the State Representatives should not have got themselves into; Lim Guan Eng said it is called "Accountability and Transparency".

The Pakatan government cannot deny the facts and evidences. We will let the court decides the outcome but a good government would not accept such behaviors irrespective whether the accused had committed the crime or not; they should not have acted and presenting themselves in such suspicious circumstances.

No one should question the integrity of the ACA. They had done their job and it is this attitude and competency which the rakyat aspires and Pakatan supporters should laud such actions so that the ACA would continue to be efficient and competent.

Two wrongs don't make one right! If we want to question the efficiency of ACA based on conspiracy theory, then it defeats the fundamentals of our aspirations - we want a clean govt; that's why we voted out the BN corrupts; but we didn't vote-in a new corrupt govt and we didn't want a corrupt Pakatan govt either. All rakyat should support the actions of ACA; it will help clean up the nation of corruptors and such competency and efficiency would deter other potential corruptors.

Dear PM, I do agree that we are seeing better evidences of ACA's act of efficiency. We hope they would be impartial and would act without fear or favor.

But, by you being the officer in-charge of ACA it is imperative that there would be biases even if it did not exist because you are in a equally suspicious circumstances. How could we expect the ACA to act against their boss? That's the point.

If you truly wants a professionally run ACA, then make ACA in the mold of ICAC of Hong Kong. Till then, we may have a partially efficient system of control.

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jonas said...

Nizar should not reacted to this matter saying it's a "conspiracy".the ACA had done a great deal of job and plus those four (two of them are from PKR) had been caught red-handed in hotel room in Ipoh along with RM10,000 sum of money with them on the arrest.

Reportedly also they are suspected of being involved in asking for sexual favors.

to all the Pakatan Rakyat members,let's just give the path for ACA to do their work.Even after all we all want a govt free from corruption,right?.

hasilox said...

ACA = Agency for Corruption Accreditation

Corruption is illegal for opposition but it's encouraged for BN. Good reason to get rid of BN.

kittykat46 said...

We must salute UMNO and BN, too.
All these years, ACA have never been able to find anything to charge UMNO and BN Excos with.

Such an incorruptible party !

Anonymous said...

The money could have been planted in the hotel. No concrete evidence.Even anybody can come to you, give the money and the laws spring at the right moment. You are finished.

What if some one planted drugs in the hotel and you are caught unaware.

moo_t said...

Well, I expect this thing blow up on PKR face anytime soon. After all, many Malay leader inside PKR, are ex-UMNO.

And we see there is "competition" going on within Pakatan rakyat on the state management. All scandal that hits PKR will make DAP and PAS image looks better.

Some might argue that PR act as whole, but don't forget that this is a lose coalition, not cartel like bn. Cartel like bn hates competition, they create a menu and share pork barrels. They will use authority power such ACA to "redig" the "wrongdoing" to whoever dare to break the Omertà.

This is a good time for Anwar to show the different between umno and PKR. Whether he like it or not, he must suspend all the PKR representative involve in the scandals.

Anonymous said...


ACA just catching the small fries... we want mooooooooooooore

UMNO guys than we will trust that ACA is doing something

wisdomthinker said...

HAHAHA. I thought PR is like an angel with no corruption at all. But guess what? Red-handed caught. Again the ACA is doing a good job. The agency is not siding to either party, because previously BN's goon was caught for giving bribes.

True mave, PR is no different than BN after all. I guess this would bang PR loud and clear, "double standard"!!

Herd said...

The head of Pakatan Rakyat is not clean. Leadership by examples. Each time allegations & accusations are made against Anwar, they are simply considered conspiracies. Unfortunarely these have been accepted blindly and wholesale by people who demand a better country. It is sad that we have developed a stage of cult here. That is how Nizar follow this and sure will influence the Rakyat.

When are we going to wake up?

bayi said...

In the big picture, this is good. PR reps will now know that the ACA is waiting to pound on them for the slightest wrong. Maybe even entrapments set for them. So they should be more transparent and honest and be true to the aspirations of the rakyat.

If they are guilty, throw them to the dogs!

denzook said...

well, the story could be not complete yet - the exco took the money and plan to give it to the state office to upgrade the system so that any process would be faster and takes short time instead. another word - "donation" or "gift to the state for all benefits"...

just another hypothesis..

denzook said...

well, the story could be not complete yet - the exco took the money and plan to give it to the state office to upgrade the system so that any process would be faster and takes short time instead. another word - "donation" or "gift to the state for all benefits"...

just another hypothesis..

Mr. Pig said...

Well, it's true then - both coalitions are no different. Politics will be politics, there will be good politicians and there will be bad ones too.

I guess I'm rooting for Pakatan because I've seen enough of BN's corrupt ways. What to do, I can only hope PR is 'less' corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy dear Watson

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Mave;
I'm against your idea that cannot question on ACA integrity.
The Perak ACA director herself is Rafidah Aziz extream follower. She herself put Rafidah as example or sucessful women.
Then; last year the ACA Perak held Perak Syariah Chief Judge just before one case of devorce involving Umno leader. I still quiry of ACA integrity!


Yan said...

Don't care whether our ACA is partial or impartial Or whether the arrest & prosecution of the corrupt councillors is selective or otherwise, as long as they are corrupt, they should be send to hell.
We voted for a clean government, not an alternative BN clone. Once we get our clean government, all these running dogs will automatically become "clean".

mohd said...

it's sad that some people still questioning the integrity of ACA just because they arrested a few people from PR.

so,PR people cant be arrested when there are evidence against them?

now even some dare to say that the RM10,000 had been planted in that hotel room.come on!.few mens in one hotel room with lotsa money???very very very suspicious ya know.if they wanted to deal on legal business,why not just deal about it at a more suitable for instance at a coffeeshop?.

to those who think that BN always got away from ACA,think again.recently a BN mp from Sabah arrested by ACA for further investigation of bribery.

guilty is still guilty!

fergie said...

kittykat46 .. was that sarcasm? hahaha .. so many talking about our corrupt govt but apparently they are soooo clean the ACA have nothing on them. Oh dear .. I was wrong in hoping for a new dawn for Malaysia. We should just continue with the squeaky clean system we have had for the past few decades.

Anonymous said...

ya la! ya la! aca, very efficient and very independent.

can even certified umno is the most incorruptible party in the world?

what a joke... u people born yesterday ke?

punk said...

to hasilox,kittykat46,Anonymous 12.11pm,Edi神,denzook,Azam,Anonymous 3.02pm,

the jokes is on you guys now!!hahahaha.

why you all just can except the truth that there are rotten apples in PR as well.dont just see PR peoples as angels.they're just human like you and me and they've been caught in the act!.what wrong is still cant correct that.

if you say there are no case against UMNO,there 33 cases were referred for investigation and they admits they've problem.but when a few people for PR got accused of bribery you all just went haywire.there's no conspiracy.ACA dont have to wait until the by-election to make arrest.

Anonymous said...

punk gua caya sam lu lah
Talk like realy gentlemen lah
Kalau dah salh admitlah, apa lagi nak divert
Semau olg tahu PKR pun sam macam
BN (sebab semua adalah bekas BN/UMNO)Bila tak dapat apa yg dikehendaki, mereka lompat parti dan bergelar people party kononya
selama ini tak nak batang hidung pun.

BN/ PKR / DAP / PAS /Etc , lu semau adalah manusia.Jmagan nak klentong tak kerja kekayaaan
Semua hidup untuk maju dan mancari keyaaan untuk kelurga yg tercinta jadi jangan nak lagak macam hero

Nak makan , makan tpai jangan makan banyak dan menyusahkan olg lain demi kepentingan diri sendiri

Buktikan mana ada ketua yg betul yg bebes daripada rasuah .... Pak Lah ! Tun ! Anwar , Najib dan seterusnya

Ayah sudah lah PKR mengaku lah yg olg lu terima rasuah

Anonymous said...


i support you all the way... badawi & najib are the cleanest politicians in the country... cleans every fcuking thing they can lay their hand on & ladyfolks too!

Maverick SM said...


I agree with you.


I think we have to accept that ACA is doing a lot recently. Let's have positive response instead of calcified dogmatism.


Now we have a new ACA chief. Let's give him a chance to proof himself.


What's important is that the new MB must own up to all these weaknesses and sought to govern honestly.

Maverick SM said...


Let's be intellectually sound. Dogmatism will do no good.


I don't think anyone can claim to be an angel. What is important is that the leaders who manage the state should show leadership and enforce the code of honesty rigidly.


I believed the people had been frustrated over the lack of credibility and integrity in the BN govt who had ruled for 50 years. That's why many are skeptical and paranoid.


I agree. It is goo because we now see an efficient ACA.

Maverick SM said...


That's frivolous hypothesis.

Mr. Pig,

I think I observed difference - now we hear and see efficient ACA. This would not have happen if BN ruled.


I didn't know about what you said. But I hope we are seeing better enforcement from ACA.


I absolutely agree with you - black cat or white cat, as long as they are corrupt, they must be indicted.


I think you have to take note of the events over the past decades to understand why many people are skeptical over such sudden efficiency.


Let's be forward looking and we are in fact seeing change. The ACA is more efficient now.


You probably must understand and observe how the ACA had operated and acted such as the case of former IGP and former ACA chief. Now we are seeing some active and swift actions. I hope this is a signal of better and efficient ACA.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mave;

Please read this articles:
Published in harakahdaily 12 Feb 2007

The interview was published in Mingguan Malaysia 11 Feb 2007.

And this one (writen on 02 Nov 2007):


toolan said...

The way I look at this issue is we all know all politician are the same, they are ultimately going for "something". This is a known fact be it in Malaysia, US, Europe etc etc. Now is the time to see how Anwar and PR deals with their own corrupted members. If they practice what they preach, then we have nothing to worry, but if it is otherwise(like BN), then I guess we have to choose the better devils(BN or PR).
As for Lah Lah and BN/UMNO, we know for a fact that he did nothing(for the past 5 years) to weed out the corrupted UMNO leaders so there is no need to "hoo hah" over this issue also. Mr.PM before you give comments about other people, clean up your "camp" first otherwise in the eyes of the rakyat, you still do not have any credibility.
So let's see now if Anwar and gang will put their money where their mouth is.

Never Trust Politicians, BN , PKR , all same shit said...

Guan Eng: PKR's Zulkifli no different from Umno
Rahmah Ghazali | Aug 21, 08 5:11pm
DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng today slammed his fellow Pakatan Rakyat MP Zulkifli Noordin for bad attitude, putting the latter in the same boat as arch-rival Umno

Never Trust Politicians, BN , PKR , all same shit said...

Guan Eng: PKR's Zulkifli no different from Umno
Rahmah Ghazali | Aug 21, 08 5:11pm
DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng today slammed his fellow Pakatan Rakyat MP Zulkifli Noordin for bad attitude, putting the latter in the same boat as arch-rival Umno

Anonymous said...

there was rumour that the place do not exists at all..

anyone can verify?

anaklangkawi said...

from TV3 just now it is confirm that place existed.. in planning stage & those 2 guys is responsible to select the contractors..

well.. for me i dont care who.. guilty is still guilty.. how come ppl says its a conspiracy.. it just make me laugh..

p/s: i think i rather vote for other party than BN or PR next election.. maybe AKIM?

yok hoong said...

not so fast, mav.

go read article by tukang besi at
may be a set-up given the not-too-reputable Perak ACA honcho.
anyway, if these buggers are really into corruption, sent them to jail with no exception. Dont be like UMNO with their famous close one eye.

Maverick SM said...


Thanks for the link.


It is wrong to say Pak Lah has not done enough for corruption. he has work hard to ensure it.

Never Trust Politicians,

Doesn't matter what Guan Eng said. he better get his hands clean and ensure that Penang is better than before.


It surely existed. There's no question it did.

Yok Hoong,

Whatever it is, Pakatan govt must make sure that they are clean and there's no suspicious circumstances that caused the people to question their integrity. Denial is not the right thing to do. Accepting responsibility and working to make the govt a clean and efficient govt is the paramount steps to be taken by Nizar.

To tell you the truth, I surely know something that is esoteric.

toolan said...

Hi Mav,

Its not wrong to say that the corruption in our country has gone from bad to worse. Therefore, this also implies that PM has not done enough or nothing(as promised in 2004) to improve the rampant corruption.
I know this for a fact because of my line of work. When PM took over, we small time traders thought that he will improve the corruption so that we(small traders) can have a even playing field with the "big boys", but infact it was the reverse. The bigger the boys, the easier it is for them to do imports. We the small players can't afford to pay "kopi money" therefore we lose the edge against the big players. Furthermore, it did not stop there, corruption got worse by the year and even local certifications got just as bad. Those of us who tried to go by the books looses out, those who don't go by the books making big bucks.
So, how can you say that it is wrong for me to make that remark?
Okay, now(since 0308), he wants to buck up, and yes there seem to be some real "effort" now by PM but that still does not make it right for what he has not done the pass years. Like DSAI said, I can forgive but I WILL NOT FORGET!

Maverick SM said...


I understand your point.

But whether it is Malaysia or Taiwan or India, the small players have distinct disadvantage as compared with the big boys.

But in Malaysia, as small traders you can be equally successful if you play politicians' ball and rub shoulders with them.

Probably, you are an honest businessman.

toolan said...

Morning Mav,

Yes I am, as mentioned I tried gong by the books, don't work.

Rubbing shoulders, oh yes, tried that too and guess who was it? The very person I am so critical about on his promise to eradicate corruption. It was my bro-inlaw who has contacts who is close to "him" but to no vain. That is another long story for another time(maybe when I am old sitting around sipping tea with old friends lah). That is why I am so TOOLAN because that was about the time he was to be promoted(2002-2003) and after he was promoted, look at our corruption index and his blossoming groups of cronies.....
But whatever it is, my point is corruption never improved since he was at helm, just got worse and small time importers are going thru living hell...not one I have meet nods head, all shake head!

Anonymous said...

if these two are TRULY guilty of such act, it is such a shame for us Malays and Muslims. does one take up politics for the purpose of getting rich? this is the mentality of most people in UMNO (and BN generally). if these two had earlier been in UMNO (i believe there are a lot of them in PR, the good and the bad ones), i then believe this is the case of 'old habits die hard'. if they had not, it's a good thing that such 'duri dalam daging' are discovered at such an early stage before they could spread this kind of mentality to the untainted in PR.

may the truth be known soon ... they may be TRULY guilty but one also cannot rule out that this could be a set-up or the likes of it judging from how dirty politics or rather its players have become these days in Malaysia.

Maverick SM said...


I understand your predicament and I understand how the system work. Unfortunately, you had been naive and listens to all those craps of the political promoters and connectors.

APEK BAYAT said...


Lets look at the bigger picture.

P44 by election is just around the corner. Do u think those ACA guys or whoever involve directly or indirectly in the arrest care whether or not those excos really commit such act or took the bribe. I dont think so.

What is the most important right now is PR excos are "caught in the act" & the news is published in the front page of the MSM. Who cares whether they are guilty or not. What important is they are PKR MP and "caught in the act". What does this tell you. PKR MP is cannot be trusted. Therefore, dont vote for PKR or DONT VOTE ANWAR.

Cant you Mave? The timing is the most important thing right now. So many coincidence right now.

1. Saiful swearing.
2. The Imam that witness the swearing, Ramlang Porigi is an Umno member of Permatang Pauh.
3. PKR Exco members arrested.
4. What else..???

Cant you see? All they (BN aka UMNO) want to do right now is to tell all voters in Permatang Pauh that Anwar and all PKR cannot be trusted. That is the objective.

Since when ACA become very efficient? Why so many cases which had been reported before, involving UMNO/BN's members, there were no action been taken?

Something fishy laaa. Takkan laa those exco very stupid. How ACA can smell this kind of thing if there is no informer or "set up". Kamu ingat org yg memberi rasuah mahu bagitahu BPR yg dia nak bagi rasuah sama itu Perak exco kah?


Anonymous said...

According to Mat Saman Kati’s blog [], the attempt was made several times:
Apparently, the main operator behind the entrapment is a guy name Imran, sent directly from BPR Putrajaya.

First in the form of a business proposal involving the building of a shipyard in Bagan Datoh. Imran made all the necessary paperwork but the two excos refused to entertain the proposal because it does not fall under their portfolio.

Then Imran wanted to donate RM5000 for the Permatang Pauh elections. So, they met up with Jamaluddin which happens to be the PKR State treasurer. But, Jamaluddin refused to accept and asked them to donate directly to PKR Permatang Pauh
Finally, on the day when Usaili and Osman was about to meet up to go to Permatang Pauh, Imran sprung his trap.

The two waited at the Kluang Cafe, Ipoh Raya and they were actually waiting for Jamaluddin but Jamaluddin couldn’t make it
Imran, realizing Jamaluddin wasn’t going to show up, came up to the Usaili and Osman with a woman carrying a suitcase.

He sat and left the suitcase on the table. The moment Imran left, the BPR came and arrested the Usaili and Osman.

The BPR ordered Osman to open the suitcase but Osman refuse. So, one BPR personell opened the suitcase and there is RM100k in the suitcase.

Jamaluddin was never there during the entire incident. In fact, he was already in Permatang Pauh. He came back and then was arrested and remanded.

He was then charged with accepting bribe of RM5k for the money he refused to accept initially from the BPR/UMNO operative from Putrajaya name Imran.
At first they said tangkap exco in hotel, Now actually at Cafe...Now it is very clear, it was a 'set up' to 'fix' the exco.

toolan said...

Hi Mav,

Precisely, and I just keep telling myself take this as an experience learning thing.
That is why now, whatever that comes out from this PM and his gang, how to believe somemore? I know you always tell people to look at things with a open heart but sorry bro, once bitten twice shy(especially with him, how many times I have tried with open heart already). I truly believe now with him in the helm, non-bumi's are always dispensable and second class citizens.
He can tell me one thing but practices another thing......Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin lah!

Maverick SM said...

Apek Bayat,

This is all about politics - power, wealth and position.


I understand.