Thursday, August 21, 2008

Distress & the "Evil" Bloggers.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has described the action of a blogger in calling on his blogsite followers to fly the national flag upside down as a sign of protest as evil.

He said flying the Jalur Gemilang upside down could not be regarded as an act of mischief alone but a despicable one.

Abdullah hoped the police would act on the matter.

Source: Malaysian Insiders and Malaysiakini

He look so handsome with this uniform. He does look a handsome scout.

Anyway, coming back to the upside down flag thing; I'm not sure how it can be evil. I didn't fly it that way; so he is not directing his anger at me. So, I'm not despicable nor disrespectful to him.

Was flying the flag upside down wrong and unlawful? I don't think so; as this is universally accorded as an act to show that a nation is in distress.

I agree with Kickdefella that Malaysia is truly in distress. In what way did I affirmed my opinion?

The cost of living had reached a state of distress. Not me, I can afford another fuel hike of RM0.78. I am a crony, so I'm okay. But millions of Malaysians are feeling the distress; they are struggling to make ends meet and we have a prime minister and a deputy prime minister who responded to our plights by telling the people to "Ubah Gaya Hidup." But their gaya hidup is already rock bottom and their debts due to inflation and rising costs are multiplying. Many are crying: "Macam mana nak ubah lagi? Jual ponggong? Jual darah? Tak da nak ubah lagi. Installment kereta dan rumah dah banyak bulan tak bayar; periuk nasi pun dah kosong; apa lagi nak ubah? selipa dan selimut pun dah gadai."

If the fuel hike isn't bad enough, dear PM, please asked Jeanne to go to the sundry shops and supermarket to check the price of rice, cooking oil, canned food and all other essential goods; the prices had shot up more than 50% and continually inflating. To add more distress, while income are diminishing fast we are further told that the water tariffs and electricity tariffs are rising. Toll rates may be adjusted too.

That's not distressful enough? Well, I could not comprehend how a prime minister could have pronounced that a backside player who had allowed himself to be screwed 8 times without complain, for whatever reason, could be called a victim of abuse and the prime minister had repeatedly said that the law must accord justice to him. If ever the law said that sodomy is unlawful, both players who had spent eight occasions of pleasure must be indicted and charged; it can't be only one. And how is it that a PM who carved the Islam Hadhari explains his controversial moral philosophy with regards to these two Muslims? I am perplexed and distressed by his reasons which is beyond any logical or moral comprehension.

Nurin is dead and that murderer is still at large. Sharlinie has yet to be found. Altantunya's case are getting muddied each passing day, and Balasubramaniam and Dr Mohamed had gone hiding. There's more than four Statutory Declarations made and such instruments are meant to be effective, not subjective. And the police are busy with protecting Saiful and Mat Rempits at Permatang Pauh, while at the same time they are now called to attend to "Evil" bloggers. But the murderers and criminals are out there smiling and planning new jobs. And the steel gratings and drain gratings on the roads and drains had vanished. The burglars could be coming to all homes to collect all the steel and iron gates. We can't ruled out that they would not take the gates at Putrajaya and Istana too.

Aren't we in distress?

I can understand the dilemma and distress the prime minister is going through. He is also busy fighting for his own political survival. His own party members wants him to retire. His deputy is also working hard to allow it to happen while at the same time being empathetic towards him.

Anwar is also giving a lot of problem to him; Anwar keeps telling and professing September 16 and this is surely stressful and causing sleepless nights for our PM (but he still sleeps because he is too tired).

Umno's convention is in December and there's much internal disorders within Umno. Mahathir had been consistent in his call for the PM to step down and Mahathir is still popular and influential.

Recession is arriving and should it reached our shores it could be devastating. The price of food stuff keeps rising; fortunately, crude price is coming down.

Sabah BN partners are giving our PM a hard time. Sarawak keeps inviting PM and DPM over for functions and at each function a billion Ringgit federal development fundings must be pledged. But where to find so much money needed? And BN has still owes RM218mil for election materials since 2004.

It must be extremely stressful, distressful and agonizing for our PM. Many PM in such distressing situation would have been warded into the psychiatric chambers and certifed mad. Fortunately, our PM can still tahan because he has sufficient sleep. But Raja Petra has been causing him consistent nightmares. RPK has intermittently reveals enigmas and progressively reveals new mystics and caused him much miseries.

So, I've decided not to fly the Jalur Gemilang upside down because I do not want to add to the mammoth agonies and miseries of our dear PM. Let's pray for our PM who is suffering psychiatric pains resembling raging infernos. The distress can possibly drive him insane, or, if not, it may drive him to suffer from insane delusion.

Let's pray for our PM and DPM, and let's also pray that the ghost of Altantunya will not disturb him nor disturb his close aide. This is the 7th Chinese calendar month which the Chinese believed is the month when the ghosts go roaming around earth. The Chinese must help burn more incense and hell notes to Altantunya, Nurin and many others whose souls had not reached heaven's gate as yet. Their spirit may still be on earth and we need to take care of them.

Dear PM, I fly the flag for our nation.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

But the true Merdeka is the day when all Malaysians respect each other as Bangsa Malaysia.


A Truly Distressed Malaysian said...

Well narrated. Look at all the events that have turned topsy turvy. How not to be distressed?

Cry, my beloved country!

CK said...

he "hope" the police will act on it??? get real!!! one phone call away kan?

in this distressed state of the nation, i hav no eye see.

responding to your last sentence, i really wish tat day will come.

semuanya ok said...

Every small thing that don't work according to his plan, no problem. Get the police!

Get Musa. No wonder he also masuk hospital. Jantung dia pun tak boleh tahan.

artchan said...

Does Police DiRaja work for the King or UMNO?

coolbert said...

If we bloggers are 'evil', that's surely because we bloggers live in a country that's lead by a dead-head.

A country lead by a dead-head will eventually head towards a dead end. Could you please step down NOW, Mr PM?

moo_t said...

1st world infra 3rd world mentality.

AAB are either lame to get a speech writer that write stupid things, or done it on intention to misguide the people.

Either case, it show Malaysia are in distress.

Maverick SM said...

A Truly Distressed Malaysian,

Ya, we share the same thoughts.


That day may not come. We have a dream.

Semuanya ok,

Ya, polis sahaja.


Umno president.


be cool!


We are 4th world.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what so merdeka about this country!!!

Fly it upside-down, inside-out or back-side up... who care!!!

We have lost all the jalur gemilang, when the the government do nothing but keep heaping miseries on the people.


wisdomthinker said...

Wow mave,

HAHA. Nice. I respect you for not being too agressive unlike the sheih which flying the flag upside down. I realise although it was to show the distress but I think that is not the appropriate way of showing his frustation. I believe that this flag is belong to all ouf us as the citizens of Malaysia, not Pak Lah's flag.

wisdomthinker said...

Wow mave,

HAHA. Nice. I respect you for not being too agressive unlike the sheih which flying the flag upside down. I realise although it was to show the distress but I think that is not the appropriate way of showing his frustation. I believe that this flag is belong to all ouf us as the citizens of Malaysia, not Pak Lah's flag.

fergie said...

I think our polis should dispense with the word "Diraja" .. they only heed the call of UMNO! Children murdered/missing .. tidak apa .. get robbed they tell us "you Chinese got so much money, share share la".. country gone to the dogs and we aren't in distress? He must have just woken from his slumber. Hidup Anak Bangsa Malaysia!!!! We have to unite for a better future for our children and grandchildren cos no-one is bothered about us.

azlan said...

"Raising the flag upside down is the military sign that is used by Army world wide when they are in distress. It is hoisted when there are no further options and the next available option is to surrender. When someone raises the flag upside down, it can be seen by the enemies and foes and for strategic reason soldiers in combat don’t usually put up the flag in such manner. If it is seen by the enemy, they may just decisive decision that could ruin any chance of fighting back. For that reason, it is done as a last resort."

if you guys wanna read the rest from this quote u can do so at

anaklangkawi said...

why we need to raise the flag upside down?

i think the blogger just want to be famous that's all.. Myabe next time he/she can become an MP or ADUn due to this..

:) that's how PR choose their candidate what..

Maverick SM said...


You must be distressful.


Thanks for the compliments and I do agree with you that the flag belongs to the citizens.


Let's not touch on the word "diraja". It's sensitive and it's about Ketuanan.


I understand the expressions which is known. However, Malaysia is a unique country with a Boleh Ideology unlike America.


You could be right. I'm aspiring to be a politician; so I don't follow though I'm not against.

Anonymous said...

emm... all resident staying at kampung bahru are thinking to remain what kampung bahru looks right now. lots and lots of excuse.... reason... ok... i 'm really respect bout it.

but, lets changed to another view, in a situation that a developers, offer RM1000/sf to buy their land.. will you think the resident will sell it?

yaya.... don't tell me you won't sell it.
Malaysia are currently facing a big challenge from all over the world... the only thing that we can still lure the investor to pend money in our country is property.
Cheap is not the reason foreigner come to malaysia... philippines cheaper, or indonesia also cheaper... or ..... myammar, vietnam...

i'm not offence to bumi or anti malays, or insulting....

but... the world is change... is good if we can change and keeping our culture together, but if we can't do that both... we can only leave the culture behind.. and makes more fortune for the country, in order to compete with others.