Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blogs Beware! Crackdown soon!

Next up: Govt crackdown on bloggers!

This possibility looms large after the government reached a sober assessment that it could all end in tears for the Barisan Nasional at the next general election if tough action is not taken to hold owners of blogs accountable.

This conclusion was reached during a meeting last week involving several Cabinet ministers and senior government officials, including Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Government officials noted that some 400,000 new voters are registered each year. Assuming that the next polls are in five years, there would be two million new voters the next time the BN seeks a fresh mandate. A large chunk of these two million voters are likely to obtain their news and information from websites and blogs, and not from the mainstream media.

Several ministers noted that if the government followed its current policy of allowing allegations by bloggers to go unchallenged, this would create the perception that the information being posted is accurate.

"There is a growing consensus in government that laws should be used to take action against those who defame and spread disinformation.

"If not, we are going to have a situation where everyone will be free to make all sorts of allegations with no downside at all. There is a fear that the trust level with BN would be very low if nothing is done, '' said a senior government official familiar with details of the meeting.

The prevailing mood in the government against the alternative media is one of frustration. After decades of being able to control newspapers and television stations through a raft of legislation, government officials and politicians are finding that their tools are useless in setting boundaries for new media.

Source: Malaysian Insider

Dear Bloggers, please write only good things about the government and also write good things about the ministers. This is very important as the government is angry with bloggers and would not hesitate to act against those who do not respect them.

So, let's support the govt and praise them even when they do wrong; after all, they are the government which we had elected.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! ya think BN can last until next GE?

Fat chance!

Its raining cats & dogs... frogs are croaking & will jump like crazy!


cakapaje said...

Hey bro, been a long time since I dropped in; hope things are good with you.

As for writing good about the gomen, haven't they enough arse-lickers at the msm - do pardon the rude word above.

sheriff said...

Crackdown or not, BN is a sunset party. Permatang Pauh just confirmed this. A definite new trend and direction is born under Pakatan Rakyat!

Gongkaukau said...

Najib should abandon the "sodomised" fler. He is useless now.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bodowi and Chkicken Li, we rather go to jail than not speak up.

Go on crack down, I am very sure the ralyat will be angrier.

You guys after all can go swear in Mosque and Quran than what is being posted in the blogsphere is false.

So what is the big deal.

bayi said...

The government is not aligned with the changing trends of the prevailing times. Hence, the frustration. Using old models to tackle new situations doesn't necessarily work anymore. Phase out obsolete ministers and replace them with more dynamic younger ones with more openness.

Purple Haze said...

BN is going the way of the once powerful Congress Party in India, KMT in Taiwan, LDP in Japan.

Once seemingly all-powerful, now just a large political party.

toolan said...

Good evening Mav,

So looks like you have to also start to "poh Lam pah"......ha, ha, ha!

Carry balls.......but somehow you don't strike me as one who will stroke ones balls lah!!!!

Good night and well done to the people of Parmatang Pauh....

Kipas said...

Congrats to Pakatan Rakyat on their overwhelming success.

As for the crackdown... write only good things for the next govt, not this one. Sick and tired of all the 'wayang kulit'.

artchan said...

I don't think they will parade Saifool anymore...he is used and wasted..no more use to UMNO. Poor chap.

To Saifool..it must have been good wahile it lasted. To bass in the glory of his moneyhole

rcchia said...

If you do (write only good things about the gomen), then I guess all blogs will be very short and infrequent :-)

Writing fiction or novel may be more exciting

Mr. Pig said...

Cracking down on bloggers won't make much of a difference on the people's sentiments.

I believe in calling a spade a spade. Good or bad, it's our right to know, be it from BN or Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

they dont want to hear and see what the ordinary masses want and need. all they are concern is their continuation of power and wealth accumulation thru plundering of state assets. they can try to contain the messenger but they can never close the conduit completely. BN, its the message stupid. and of course, the economics, stupid.

Maverick SM said...


Well, as you said: fat chance.


Hi, you were lost in transition?


I think you are right.


Najib need that gay.


It takes time to learn; though a long time.

Purple Haze,

Good analogy.


Ya, ya ... I want to poh lam pah now ...hehehehe


You say rightly!


Well, after all he is rich now.


I agree with you.

Mr. Pig,

But your views are not shared values.

ewoon said...

as George Orwell had opined and forewarned ... what else is new.

The truth is blogs are beating MSM to the punch as the fourth column and the powers-that-be are unhappy that they cannot control their version of the 'truth' anymore. Of course there are blogs that are 'questionable' but to use the excuse that they are the purveyors of lies and wild allegations to shut them all down is downright oppression. People are not stupid. They will cross check for the truth and form their own opinions.

Taking this view to the extreme, what is there to stop the authority from seeing a kitchen knife as a weapon of destruction and take steps to ban it altogether? Then, what next?

As an addendum, i have no bones to pick with the people who work in the MSM (we all have to cari makan what) but for them to continuously quietly accept the dumbing down by the authority is going against the grain.

The more the authority force the issue that blogs are detestable all the more blogs will become the must-have forbidden fruit. When will they ever learn?


Maverick SM said...


Good erudition.