Monday, August 25, 2008

Identity card for sale?

Special promotional offers!

Those with i/c can consider trading it for cash.

Sent in your i/c and you can get some cash in Permatang Pauh!

See! It's real! Money for anyone who would lent his i/c.

Caveat: only those registered to vote in Permatang Pauh are eligible.

Note: This is not vote buying. This is willing buyer, willing seller.

Malay votes can be transacted? Capitalism at work!


Anonymous said...

Not surprise, that's how BN survived all these years... started by Tun M...

Anonymous said...

Not surprise, that's how BN survived all these years... started by Tun M...

Anonymous said...

Not surprise, that's how BN survived all these years... started by Tun M...

toolan said...

Wah, they seem to have increase the amount compare to 0308......where can!

Not only that, have you read about the latest document release by RPK on DPM role in securing Gading Sari Aviation deal? Link here :

Goodness, this is like climaxing beyond words! Some might say better than sex!

Anonymous said...

Sold off their souls & their childrens future to the devils... for few hundred ringgits.

Then what?

Blame it on the chinese, indians & dll for taking away their so-called rights.


buttercity said...

hope that YB in my constituent resign or die. then, lots of free goodies coming.. hehe..


Anonymous said...

ACA mana lu?

tangkaplah BN atau tak BN.

Anonymous said...

are these your photos?
good work, mave.

Moo... said...

Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka.... from the 50 years the abuse of the country from UMNO and BN.

modern youth said...

if this is what it seems,then people should report it to the authority.dont just post this on blogs.the one who captured this photos should be up on his feet and report it.

Anonymous said...


i dont mind selling mine...

since i m getting outta this freaking country with a f8cking BN!

rashid said...

wait a minute!.

where did the photos was taken?

who took the pictures?

what time it was taken?

I dont see any flag or sign of BN or PR in the photos.

we need more infos rather than just a few photos.check out for more infos before pointing our fingers to anyone.

Anonymous said...

not sure about you, but i think najib is probably just being a 'nice guy'.

he helps victims of sodomy, helps a uni drop-out to get a govt scholarship, help company to secure contract without tender.

not to mention he also help the military to dispose expired C4 (plus unwanted person as well), helps malaysia to buy a submarine, helps to clean immegresion record of dead foreigner in the country.

he is a trully working DPM, unlike the sleepy PM. i think he is probably the best DPM the world has ever seen.

we should be grateful for having such a nice DPM and stop critising him.

Anonymous said...

Very dangerous of you making such accusation on the photos as rashid mentioned.

end said...

sebenarnya ini gambar-gambar apa?.ada nampak banyak kad pengenalan atas meja.betul ke ini proses "sewaan" kad pengenalan?

seperti kata Rashid,banyak lagi info yang harus diberikan dan bukannya menambah lagi kekeliruan dan persoalan.nanti tak pasal-pasal ada yang kena tuduh dan menuduh.

Jefus said...


need smoking gun, with finger prints on it,....

its all circumstantial,....this.

Maverick SM said...


Thanks for the link.


Don't blame anyone. Let's go on in life.


That's a good hope.

Jed Yoong,

No, the photos are from other blogs. I forgot to acknowledge them.

My sincere apologies to the owners of the photos and I can't remember where I got them.



Modern Youth,

Well, you didn't read the whole thing. These BN workers were giving cash loans to the voters of Permatang Pauh; it's nothing wrong legally.


Yours not from Permatang Pauh.


There are more photos which I did not post but I also forget where I got it from.


You can read the articles of those photos from other blogs of which I forget to quote and acknowledge.


Hahahaha.... it's fun.