Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ministerial block-head

Minister of Energy, Water and Communications Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said:

"The decision to block access to Malaysia-Today website was not politically motivated and was not a government directive. Instead it was done as the website had contravened Section 211 and 233(1) of the Communications and Multimedia Act."

"There's no specific directive from me or the government to block any website. I leave it to MCMC to run things on their own. I only told them that any action taken by them must be in accordance with the Act."

It is okay to be stupid and it is okay if ministers are stupid; but don't transfer and inflict the people with your disease, dear minister. We were not born yesterday and we were not blind and without brains. We know why and we understand the phobias, paranoia and frustrations of the reality and facts that were in the public domain. We can differentiate stupidity and lies with intelligible knowledge and facts.

Quote: "Outside of the ministers' stupidities, Malaysian Ministers have one of the highest IQ."


Anonymous said...

Why can't the MCMC has some spine to stand up to the minister's challenges? Especially when there is the 10-point bill of guarantee to fall back.

Maybe its part of the mamak's legacy to mess around with the judiciary.

We all know that the BN ministers are idiots, racist, nincompoops & pretenders.

There r few exceptions too!

We also have a lot of dept heads, VCs, that r of the same mould. Jaga nasi periuk s'ja!

Competency be damned. Bodekism is the top requirement to stay on top.


Simply because birds of same feather flop in group. U scratch my back I scratch yours.

So how does M'sia move forward IF both groups are not removed?

Remove the top might be easy BUT to remove the 2nd echelon, due to their numbers, will definitely induce the cry of ketuanan.

So how?

35 yrs of NEP & BTN have produced a cancer tumors that's too intwined with the psychic of the Malay M'sian.

Can they take the surgical cut?

My 51st Merdeka quest & wish!


Sheriff-of-Stupidity(SoS) said...

Joke #1 of the decade:

The decision is not politically motivated...

This is quoted by every minister for everything they do!

Joke #2 of the decade:

It is not a populist move...

Also quoted by ministers to defend government actions to shore up its sagging popularity. But it is a populist move is DSAI says he will cut petrol prices!

Judge for yourself, everyone. The government is patronising us lah! So condescending...

agnos said...

plausible deniability is an art mastered by BN goons esp those seated at the higher level.

have any msian minister ever stood up and admitted a bad decision and bow out like a gentlemen?

never happened. but what can the rakyat expect? one cant be a court jester and a intelligentsia at the same time.

their sole responsibility is to pander to the higher ups and fart around and make somersault announcement so that they looks like they are working, sounds like they are working and hope nobody else notices that they dont know what they are doing.

msiaman said...

They accuse the opposition or anti-establishment blogs of harboring commenters of throwing the stone and hide their hands. What about the idiots at MCMC and MM Ministry? But this one is clearing volleyed from them and they want to deny responsibilities.

Bunch of idiots we have in the authorities and government. No wonder the country is going no where....

Kata Tak Nak said...

I would like to answer a question by anonymous on why don't the mcmc people have spine?

Don't you know that it is an offence in this country to have spine?

Mr. Pig said...

Is it just me, or is everyone also not able to access the new Malaysia Today website at Looks like MCMC going all corners to block it off completely.

What a way to celebrate National Day... by losing our independence of thought, losing our freedom to express ourselves and losing our right to agree and disagree.


bayi said...

Hahaha....KTN, you are a riot, as usual! I love your replies!

Maverick SM said...


You have great observation and thoughts.


That's a great joke quoted.


Good point.


The country is going somewhere - somewhere down there.

Kata Tak Nak,

You are absolutely right and on the spot.

Mr. Pig,

Go Google search and you'll get there.

Jefus said...

"Dr Mahathir, in his posting dated Aug 29 on his blog, said that when a government made a promise and reneged on it, "then not only would the government lose credibility but also any respect the public may have for it.""

link here

every promise the government has made will now be questioned,....

Maverick SM said...


Thanks and Khairy also said the same.