Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kuli: Umno is racist!

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah declared today that:

Umno is now perceived by many to be racist because its leaders cannot articulate effectively to the masses about the pre-Independance social contract, nor can they defeat abuses of the New Economic Policy (NEP).

Umno has lost its intellectual capacity to address misgivings among Malaysians and this has led to a perception that it is a racist party.

To further compound this, Umno leaders have lost credibility in the eyes of the public following the stunning losses in the March 8 general election, party veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said.

Source: The Star


lochoe said...

nice thought!!

ask permision to share ur posting at :-)

sinkeh Gongkaukau said...

UMNO leaders cannot articulate correctly the social contract? I never had this impression. It was my strong impression that UMNO leaders were desperately playing the racial card hoping to strike a similar cord in the Malay masses to gain their support. These leaders appeared to be desperate enough to do just about anything to stay in power!

artchan said...

This KU LI just woke up or what?

Perceived as racist?

UMNO is racist...period...RACIST!!!!!

UMNO goon wants to burn down SCAH building
UMNO Youth Chief waving kris madly screaming racist statements year after year.
UMNO Youth Chief in 1987 wants to bathe the kris in blood
UMNO MPs scream balik China in Parliament.
UMNO Bkt Bendera say the non Malays are squatter...

the list goes on....

Anonymous said...

umno racist? damn right & it all started with that a88hole called razak!

moo_t said...

You know, umno prefer to be called racist than power corrupt. They can always argue they defend the Malay interest. But in fact, they are actually defend the top rank crony interest.

moo_t said...

Just additional point.

It will be a COMPLIMENT to Umno if you call them racist. I hope more people aware of this.

Anonymous said...

as long as they kept uttering 'balik cina', merdeka is only for the malay.

when told they are nothing but with a status of 'squatters', merdeka is definitely for the malay.

when the 'pendatang' after 100 years & pay the most taxes are still not allowed to pursue a decent degree locally, merdeka only for the malay.

when the elected mp keep raising the keris to intimidate the non-malay, only the malay have merdeka.

when other got to pay 10% more for housing, merdeka ias not for this people.

beats me, why pendatang & dll want to celebrate knowing that merdeka is only for the umno malays.


Anonymous said...

umno, mca,mic ,dap are all racist, so joint pkr/pas bro.

Jefus said...

This man became Finance Minister, challenged TDM for the top post, created a splinter party, rejoined UMNO and now he is saying UMNO is a racist political party with no intellectual capacity?

awwwww, come on,...... is time running short or what? gotta do it now or never izzit?

Maverick SM said...


You are welcome.

sinkeh Gongkaukau,

You observed well.


You hit the point.


You observed well but in reality, both are synonymous.


It doesn't matter what they utter; the reality persist. Whatever can happen will happen; the world of capitalism is real.


At a time of no choice, a not so bad choice is a better choice than a bad one.

AH said...

Haha, didn't Coolie bugger manipulate that Dungu Fart to declare that non Malay are given citizenship and should not ask for equality.

What a hypocrite !

Anonymous said...

You people are a joke. The bugger only said that UMNO is perceived to be racist.

So what is the problem of being racist? I am racist and proud of it. So are you people, the only problem is that you people are too hypocrite to accept the fact.

There is nothing wrong in being racist until we all grab for the parangs and go for each other. In all other situation, its just a reflection of human nature to flock together based on a commonality.

Think carefully, when the Hutus killed the Tutsi in Rwanda weren't both of them negros? Even in early China, you can get yourself killed for having a 'wrong' surname. Aren't they all Chinese? So if the Hutus were killing the Tutsi and the Chins killing the Hans, were extermination of their own kind, what is being racist?

Bottom line, the fight for supremacy and the power to rule has always been inherent in the human species. In the many ways we try to achieve it, but ultimately it is always determined by physical force, whether the actual use of it or the threat.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Ooi is a racist too and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Some call MCA a race-based political party and Gerakan, PKR and DAP multi-racial. I prefer to call them community based. Just like this 'e-community' on this blog site.

Could someone also please explain to me why DAP have been ruled by the Chinese and Indians, or PKR ruled by Malays and Indians?

Can someone also explain why the Americans want to put a black man as President when they are a minority in the US? Is the black man going to put the interest of the whites or the blacks first? People sometimes go overboard just to be 'politically correct.'

Governing is about democratic majority. History has shown that minority rules does not work.

And how does the minority win the majority in the first place? They say one is born every minute; go look in the mirror!

cool cat said...

Ku Li is a senior in UMNO.he used to have his own party which is called "semangat 46".then not long after that S46 is no more.

i think the reason Ku Li being so outspoken lately is because the UMNO nomination is just not faraway.therefore he have to "prove" himself that he's the Man for the president seat and trustworthy.

he wanted Pak Lah to look bad and he to look good in the eyes of UMNO people.

mohd said...


Ku Li dah makin lancang sekarang ni.mentang-mentanglah pemilihan UMNO dah nak dekat maka bersuaralah dia untuk meraih sokongan ahli UMNO nanti.

nak kata UMNO ni racist pon tak juga sebab ada parti lain yang menggunakan approacah "race based" seperti PAS,Gerakan,DAP,Hindraf dll.saya percaya mereka juga ada agenda tersendiri untuk ahli dan kaum mereka sendiri.

tak salah untuk menjaga orang dikalangan bangsa sendiri tapi biarlah berpada-pada.

Maverick SM said...


It's about saying what's preferred.

Cool Cat,

You have a good point.


Tak salah menjaga orang dikalangan bangsa dengan cara yang ini? Ini perangai betul? Ada baca Quran tak? Apa yang di sebut dalam Quran?