Sunday, August 31, 2008

Perak PR celebrates Merdeka

Pakatan Rakyat government of Perak celebrated Merdeka today.

The PR state government is still intact and had not collapsed as predicted. by former BN Menteri Besar Tajol Rosli Ghazali who promised that the Barisan Nasional government would dethrone the present Pakatan Rakyat govt and take control of the state. Ezam had also concurred with Tajol Rosli and both of them had work so hard to get a few state assemblymen arrested for alleged corruption, probably because they refused to crosssover.

BN knows how to woe over the assemblymen from PKR and including those from PAS. Those PKR were, after all, former Umno members and they had the same characteristics and behaviors and shared the same culture and values of Umno: they can be bought with money. - money, irrespective of God which is needed only when specific objectives are to be met. We do not know why these these PKR ADUNs did not bite the BN money-bait; instead, they claimed they were setup by the ACA-inspired Umno demagogues. We don't know, but old habits are calcified within: 'xiang san yi kai, peng sing nan yi.'

One thing is for certain: BN can never buy over those Chinese stateassemblymen from DAP; they are hardcore DAP cadres and they have self-integrity; they love money but they would earned it. They have not acquired the culture of corruption and bribery, as yet; they were part of the long traditional culture of paying, paying to those in Umno and MCA, and little napoleons.

Now, we will wait for September 16 to see if Anwar and Tajol Rosli are both liars.


Faizi Chong Abdullah said...

The way I see it, DSAI's early announcement of the September 16 date may or may not come true. But it is a fantastic strategy. This has thrown BN, in particular UMNO, into disarray. UMNO can keep denying that Sept 16 will never happen, and in all probability it may be true, but as the date draws nearer, there is tremendous pressure on the top leaders and their sidekicks. DSAI has partly achieved what he has set out to achieve. And as for the UMNO leaders and their lackeys, the Chinese have this great saying that translates into smething like this: "The night is long and nightmares aplenty!"

sinkeh Gongkaukau said...

If ACA keeps asserting its independence, the way the two PKR assembly were arrested and the speed at which the case was brought to court smells a rat. Look at the number of charges against the two PKR guys. 16 charges! The governmnet intends to nails them one way or another!

Let the ACA nail a number of ministers and it would have won over many of the current skeptics.

Sheriff-of-Stupidity(SoS) said...

The reality of the situation is this: if September 16 comes and goes and nothing happens, people don't see Anuar as a liar. It is simply a vision that could not be fulfilled yet.

But the rakyat would jump at the slightest happening and blame it on the BN leaders, whether it is true or not, because the credibility gap among BN leaders is so great that it would now require a miracle to close the gap.

Their saving factor is that BN still controls the federal government and has a lot of goodies to dish out. Cut this off and the government will collapse. The fact that 0803 and PP election results have done nothing for the UMNO leaders to realise their follies will hasten their downfall and continue to widen this credibility gap.

The Ministers simply don't walk what they talk!

Bro said...

16 Sept. DSAI Angkat Sumpah Sebagai PM Malaysia
15 Sept. DSAI mohon restu Agong.
15 Sept. DSAI mengadap DYMM AGONG.
15 Sept. DSAI mengisytiharkan pembentukan PAKATAN sebagai
Kerajaan baru di TV1,TV2,TV3,Bernama TV,Awani Astro
secara siaran langsung
12 Sept. Sidang Tergempar mengusulkan DSAI membentuk
'Caretaker Government''
10 Sept. PM mengumumkan perletakan jawatan.
9 Sept. Sidang Tergempar Parlimen di panggil.
8 Sept. 5 Menteri & Timbalan BN Letak Jawatan
7 Sept. 10 Ahli Parlimen BN umum pindah kerusi Parlimen ke PAKATAN
6 Sept. Semua komponen BN dari Semenanjung keluar BN kecuali MCA/MIC
5 Sept.Parti Komponen BN dari Sabah & Sarawak isytihar keluar BN

Anonymous said...

Sept 15 - kaki-tidur & kaki-pompaun eat sh*t & die.

Sept 16 - all east malaysia mp aligned with pr.

Sept 17 - new cabinet line-up from pr.

& every body live happily there after...

this is just my merdeka wish... can or not?


Maverick SM said...

Faizi Chong Abdullah,

You have a good observatory theory and analysis. Thanks.

sinkeh Gongkaukau,

The ACA is doing their best; and PKR Excos are in deept shit; same with civil servants from Custom, Immigration and Tourism; Puspacom is also searched. What about Najib, Pak Lah, Rafidah, and others? ACA don't do anything? That's the concern.


I think Anwar has his integrity to protect and PR's integrity depends on his.


You have a great time-table.


Can; but Sept 15, what's that?

artchan said...

sept 16 or me it does not really matters.

March 08 hit BN so hard..they will never recover..and UMNO will make AAB pay for it.

A little too late...If father in law goes..son in law will be kicked out by their own.

Maverick SM said...


Pak Lah is here to stay; he knows the how.

abu said...


I fully agree that AAB is here to stay. The final loser is the DPM. He thinks he is going to take over. He thinks there is a time table. He thinks a lot of other things he can also kowtim.

The PM may sleep and snooze. It is the DPM who is having the nightmares! Hehehehe...

Tell me I am wrong...

Maverick SM said...


I agree with you.

CK said...


it's JIANG SAN, not xiang san, in fact, should it be shan or san?

Maverick SM said...


I am not familiar with Pin Yin. I think it is Jiang Shan.

artchan said...

Poor Najib...all his ball lickings and so called support for AAB and not rocking the boat etc etc..was for nothing.

Mav,...You mean Najib got suckered by AAB..?

Maverick SM said...


Soon,everyone will learn that sleepyhead is smart.

the sound of bear said...

i respect to any politicians who keep standing strong and supporting their party regardless being lured to join another party or if the party is in deep problem.

but human will always be human.what distinguish between one human after another is their determination and stay true to his principal and the other have no problem demeaning his/her integrity for self-achievement and self-satisfaction.

Maverick SM said...

the sound of bear,

I agree with your points. said...

MB Perak diminta jangan ketepi kepentingan orang Melayu

Badan Perhubungan UMNO Perak meminta Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaludin supaya tidak mengetepikan kepentingan orang Melayu dan Islam walaupun negeri itu diperintah pembangkang.

Setiausaha Kerjanya Datuk Hasbullah Osman berkata tindakannya meluluskan 400 hektar tanah kepada sembilan sekolah persendirian Cina menjadi tanda tanya apabila kerajaan negeri yang diterajui Menteri Besar dari parti Pas itu gagal melihat kepentingan untuk membantu orang Melayu selepas negeri itu diperintah pembangkang.

Hasbullah yang juga Anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri kawasan Temenggor dalam Parlimen Gerik berkata Mohamad Nizar perlu memikirkan kepentingan orang Melayu walaupun tindakan meluluskan tanah itu bukan satu kesalahan.

Beliau ditemui selepas menyampaikan bantuan bubur lambuk kepada masyarakat Islam di Pekan Pengkalan Hulu petang semalam.

Semalam, Ketua Pemuda UMNO Perak, Zainol Fadzi Paharudin menyatakan kekesalan dengan tindakan kerajaan Perak berhubung perkara itu dan meminta Menteri Besar itu bersikap adil dalam membantu rakyat.

Beliau berkata rakyat akan menuduh kepimpinan negeri terutama Menteri Besar tidak tahu mentadbir negeri dengan hanya membantu satu pihak dan mengabaikan pihak lain.