Sunday, August 03, 2008

MRR2 cracks again - Third Time closure of Flyover!

Middle Ring Road II Cracks Again!

This is the 3rd time!

After repairing it for RM70 million and engaging the German experts on the strengthening job, the fear of this concrete structural failures is back!

Today the police have to closed the flyover in Kepong to all traffic and the road below it after cracks appeared on a pillar.

City Deputy Traffic Chief DSP Ng Fook Long said today that police closed that section of the MRR2 at 10.30am following a directive from the Public Works Department (JKR) and Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), adding that the cracks had appeared on Pillar 28.

A driver of the RapidKL bus service, Zainuddin Mohamad Taib, 37, said he was informed by another driver that he saw small stones falling from the flyover as he passed under it at 3.30 am. He said the police were informed.

This is the third time the 1.7-km MRR2 Kepong flyover has been closed because of cracks.

It was first closed in August 2004 and then for the second time in February 2006 for repairs.

(Source: NST and TheStar)

Halcrow Group Ltd, the British consultant appointed by the government to investigate the defects reported that it was a design flaw and improper anchorage of crossbeams on the concrete columns that caused cracks in 31 pillars of the MRR2.

This report was disclosed by the then Works Minister Samy Vellu at a press conference in Parliament on the 30th Sept. 2004.

Halcrow’s report was prepared by its bridge engineering director Roger J. Buckby and submitted to the Work’s Minister.

Samy Vellu had in August 2004 shot down questions of a design fault. With Halcrow’s report, he finally admitted that it was the contractor’s fault as this is a Design and Built Contract awarded under the DB/T (2002) Contract Form.

The Halcrow report states that:

“The main cause of excessive cracking in the crosshead to the T-shaped pier is a deficiency in the design and the anchorage of the columns reinforced into the crosshead."

"There is also a deficiency in the design of the transverse reinforcement in the top of the crossheads to resist splitting forces between bearings. The horizontal cracking in the crosshead directly above the columns is a direct result of the inadequate anchorage of the column bars into the crosshead.”

Tan Sri Zaini Omar was the then Director-General of JKR who was in-charged of this project. He had since then retired and is now involved in the UEM-Penang 2nd Bridge Project and the Water Commission.

The Cabinet then decided to appoint German Leonhardt Andra & Partner as the engineering consultant and Bridgex Sdn Bhd as the repair specialists to repair work on the Middle Ring Road 2 in Kepong. (Read here and here)

As reported on NST Feb. 22nd 2006, Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said the decision was reached at the Cabinet meeting and the ministry’s secretary-general is discussing with the consultants on the conceptual layout of the work plan, which will be ready by the end of March 2006.

"They have assured us that the repair work on 31 pillars would be completed in 4 1/2 months," Samy said.

The cost is expected to be more than RM40 million. Samy Vellu said the cost was initially estimated to be around RM18 million but it has more than doubled after it was decided that all the 31 pillars need to be repaired simultaneously.

The flyover was finally re-opened on December 8th 2006 to traffic.

Samy Vellu said the remedial work, which began in March was completed on schedule, that is, December 2006. Samy may have forgotten that he had earlier stated that it will take 4 1/2 months from march, which should have been August, to be exact. Nevertheless, December wasn't that late.

On the February 1st, 2007, It was reported in TheStar that total repair cost was more than RM70 million, and not RM40 million.

THE Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has revealed that repairs to the MRR2 flyover in Kepong cost more than RM70mil.

The then PAC chairman Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said the figure was high compared with its construction cost – RM120mil.

He was quoted as saying that this reflected “shoddy design and construction concepts” that were approved by the Government when projects were given to contractors.

“There is no point in spending more and not being able to use it,” he said, adding that it was difficult to pinpoint who was responsible for the mistakes in such a project.

“As an example, the MRR2 project has the contractor and concessionaire constantly pointing fingers at each other. The problems were with the design and construction.”

Till today we do not understand why Shahrir Samad said it was difficult to point who was responsible for the mistakes in this project. This project is a Design-Built Contract under DB/T Standard Forms of Contract.

As stated in Clause 2.2 of the Contract: "The Contractor shall be fully responsible for the design, execution and maintenance of the Work/portion of the Works for which the design have been accepted by the Government, and shall absolutely guarantee the Government independent of fault that the design, materials and workmanship for the Works or portion of the works is suitable for the known requirement of the Government."

Under Clause 2.3.2, it is stated that the Contractor shall check the design and accept responsibility.

In Clause 2.6, it is stated that: "The Contractor shall take full and unequivocal responsibility for the safety of the design and for the adequacy, stability and safety of all site operations and methods of construction.

And in Clause 2.7.1, the Contractor shall be liable for any damage to the Works occassioned by him in the course of any operations carried out by him.

Under Clause 2.8.4, if there is any failure, either during the execution of the Works or during the Defect Liability Period, any remedial or other work or repair shall, in the opinion of the Project Director (JKR D-G) be urgently necessary for the safety of the Works or the public, and the Contractor fails to immediately do such work or repair, the Government may employ and pay other persons to carry out such work or repair as the PD may consider necessary; and the costs and charges properly incurred by the Government in so doing shall be recoverable from the Contractor by the Government.

The Government paid for the RM70 million from taxpayers' money and had never recovered any.

Now, we don't know how much more it will cost; and there is the imminent possibility that the structure will have to be further strengthened by another RM70 million; Oops! the costs has now increased sharply since 2006. Ask JKR and you will know.

By the way, we now have a new Works Minister (Dato' Ir Mohd Zin Bin Mohamed) and a new PWD Director-General (Datuk Seri Professor Ir Dr Judin bin Abdul Karim). Both are certified Chartered Engineers. Let's hope they will come up with an effective solution. Who is going to pay? Contractors or Government again?


Package 11 of the MRR2 which covers a 4km stretch and cost RM238.8mil to build.

MRR2 was built by Bumihiway (M) Sdn Bhd, Sukmin Sdn Bhd and Konsortium Kontraktor Melayu (Wilayah).

Picture Source: TheStar Gallery


yok hoong said...


when was the last time that cronies have to pay for their shoddy work.
its more like govt gonna give more contracts to these cronies. you dont called them cronies for nothing.
islam hadhari or not, the wastage and plundering continue until there's a change in govt.

moo_t said...

Are engineering cause the design flaws? Or corruption that cause the "design flaw". ;)

ROFL. we hear the same things about KLSE Bursa computer hard disk crash bring down whole system story. ROFL, system flaw?

When the architecture design enter the age of CAD (Computer Aid Design), all architecture value already went through the computer algorithm. A all the building collapse are always cause by various negligence or human changing the design. Discovery channel run through a whole series of "engineering Disaster" , it is always human negligence somewhere. For Malaysia, so called engineering disaster are ALWAYS cause by changing material.

The best example, are Proton infamous power windows problem.

When I see so called "deficiency on support", it only means somebody fooling around with the original design to CUT CORNER.

In fact, NOBODY are held responsibilities on the MRR2 crack explain everything!

moo_t said...

Actually, Malaysia government are HOPELESSLY wasteful appointing expensive external consultant to investigate such things.

In fact, Malaysia has TONS of competent specialist to do it.

However, Malaysia specialist that do the investigation ALWAYS blow out the REAL cause, and pin point WHO should responsible, unlike the external consultant, that help "beautify" the investigation.

That's why since Mahathir era, there is habit to get external consultant to do the "dirty works".

Maverick SM said...

Yok Hoong,

That I wouldn't know!


In this case it is not about changing materials. It was design error and workmanship.

We do have experts but we don't believed in them; they prefer the Europeans or Americans and what they say, we believed; except when they say about democracy and equality and the Rule of Law. Other than that, we Malaysians believed the Mat Sallehs.

Purple Haze said...

Your article puts it out very plainly to whom the responsibility lies. It has also been ascertained how much all those repairs cost.

Shouldn't the Attorney General initiate legal proceedings to recover the costs to the government ?

suealeen said...

i was there in the afternoon. as i was about to go out, there's a news in buletin 1.30 (this time can be reliable.. hahahaha!) mentioned about it. as we've already planned, we just went out. luckily my bro-in-law knows every inch of the road. so he took the alternative but still can pass through the pillar.

the pillar just before the exit to kepong. everyone was trying to capture the moment when the crane was lifting up. it's definitely a longggg jam! but not really long until you wait for monday morning... it was said that it'll only can be fully used after 3 weeks (or even more).

bayi said...

Looking at the trend, it would appear that the eventual repairs will cost more than the original construction sum. Other cracks are likely to appear in future. The Works Minister responsible should be called in to be queried.

toolan said...

Morning Mav,

What great news on a Monday morning, don't you think so? No wonder the jam was so bad around the Bdr Utama and Mutiara Damansara stretch(LDP leading to Kepong). This explains it.

I am too TOOLAN to make anymore comments but one word sums it up.....
INCOMPETENT!!!! That is what you get when we have INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT putting their incompetent ministers to oversee projects. All they do is first make sure their pockets are fully "stuffed" first!!


Moo.. said...

After all the repairs being done still crack?

Who to blame?

Already blame on bad design already. Cannot blame on poor workmanship and material becos will be implicated for corruption.

Now, blame on act of god??????? ha ha ha ha

denzook said...

penang bridge built since 1987 and still solids....

nvm-lah, 70mil or 120mil is just peanuts to malaysia, esp after subsidy is lowered. be cool....

Same said...

Hola a todos, les dejo mis sitios web. Conozcan un poco de Cuba.

Un abrazo a todos

Anonymous said...

One day the highway will collapse and crush Semi Value to tosai!


hasilox said...

Was those really design flaws? Can they be flaws by design. There is no better way to skim more money on repair.

Maverick SM said...

Purple Haze,

The A-G can't take this action unless JKR and the Works Minister filed in their report of negligence or default by the contractor.

This is a civil suit for damages of compensatory nature.


Ya, the jam will be bad from today.


I don't think so as it is only one pier No.28.


Try to take alternative route.


I think the crack was on the fibre repairs done by the repair specialist.


Maybe, maybe!


It was reported by Halcrow that it is design flaws and it is highly probable.

artchan said...

"I will sue anyone that says the MRR is not safe"

I don't remember his name...(and he spoke like a gangster).and was a senior minister in AAB cabinet..and that bugg*r even lost Sg Siput in the last election.

Will AAB hold him accountable? After all it was during his watch.

Anonymous said...

Besides all these cronies, scheme, there is also an element of maruah bangsa!

“the external consultant, that help "beautify" the investigation.” has one other + point – lacking the understanding of the Bolihland social structure.

To many of those Mat Sallehs, they see M’sian as a whole, there is NOT racial breakdown. Any engineering breakdowns are just pure human factors – race doesn’t come into play.

“Malaysia specialist that do the investigation ALWAYS blow out the REAL cause, and pin point WHO should responsible” – that’s because the M’sian specialists KNOW the real reasons.

Cronyism means leakages, it’s a human greed. Happened everywhere.

Engineering design is an exact science. With all factors properly taken into account, nothing will go wrong within that design parameters! Thus THIS design faults can be accounted by the failure of the engineers’ trainings, PLUS the engineers’ professional ethic.

ARE those engineers responsible for THAT project really up to the minimum required standards of been called engineers? Or they’re just ‘Ingenieur’ in name ONLY.

Those who are in the known, know there are plenty.

Long story short, this is the failure of the government education policy of mass production of professionals based on RACE, by subjugating the quality to the dustbin.

There are bloods in the hands of these politikus. Bloods of all Malaysians!

Fair said...

No Value (FKA Semi Value) got a lot to explain even though the bugger is no more the minister as the bridge was constructed during his tenure of office as Public Works Minister.

bike said...

check the company that handled the project and also the repair.the company might did a lousy job in handling the project that might get peoples life at stake.

ella-mae said...


one of the dandelions wrote a silly about about the MRR2.

Anonymous said...

Who else to blame, if not our Semi-value?

He is trying to clean up his ass be4 retired, that's why he still trying desperately to stay in politics.

*dead chicken blocking the pot cover!*

Francis said...

Now I fully understand how I am being fucked all the time. When I use the highway, I pay. I got fucked once. When repair works carried out, the government pays and that is part of my money, I got fucked a second times. So when will these fuckers stop fucking me around.

Sorry got to use this affirmative to express my feeling. I don't know about you.

CK said...

it's the whole incompetent ppl given projects thingy again. also with repair being done again and again, still no one is taking the blame? beyond repair, i mean the country.

HuntressMoon said...

shocking, that was what my dad says everytime he passes that highway. it is not done properly, look at the angle. the same as he mentioned about the flyover overseeing Duta Nusantara. He says the way they position the bridge is stupid.

Hopefully the bridge in Seremban 2 that my dad is doing does not happen the same.

kittykat46 said...

From the looks of it the concrete is spalling off the rebar. That's a clear symptom the structure is stressed beyond its maximum load, at that point.

I'm not a civil engineer by profession, but I sure did study a lot of stress analysis in my student days. When portions of a structure are overloaded, sometimes you get to a point of catastrophic failure, where the cracks in a structure become self-propagating, and everything just gives way, sometimes in a matter of seconds.

I wonder how safe is this structure, even with the outermost lanes closed off ?

As I understand it, the earlier repair work was based on wrapping ultra-strong carbon fibre around the structure to help carry some of the load. If the basic design was flawed, how much difference can retro-fitting around the surface help ? Not very much, I suspect.

Maverick SM said...


Who dare to talk so big? Who, who?


That Samy won't care a damn now.


That company is a first time contractor.


Thanks and I will visit.


It's not about blame; it's about safety of the public and the cost of failure.


Sorry to know that we all are ****.


You have a good point.


The Seremban 2 Bridge is ok ...will be okay.


You got it right - the repair was done using carbon fibre to strengthened the beam and the failure is now the carbon fibre.

denzook said...

i saw the news. if MP to give comment, they would say "small matter only, only cebisan konkrete, ada banyak lagi pillar support"...."ini teknologi german, not easy collapse"...



FU*K that Samy Vellu, Zaini and Shahir Idiot. These are hopeless Basta*d that responsible for all these nonsense breakdown.

Now we in Ghost Festival Month, am sure MRR2 got living Ghost wanting real Blood; these 3 Idiots should be buried in concrete in one of the 31 Pillars.