Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sex is Merchandised

What does the picture of the girls tells you?

They are protesting against Sex Tourism.

The message: Sex is not a Merchandise!

Is that true?

Well, see below and relate it:


artchan said...


first we have sodo-mee, then this oral me.

Anonymous said...

then followed by f..k meee.

bayi said...

Is this product recommended by dental surgeons? :)

Anonymous said...

Is the Oral-me, suci and halal??

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

"Is the Oral-me, suci and halal??"


Mr. Pig said...

Quick, where do they sell this? Surely it'll be good for my oral health... or is it my wife's oral health? Hahaha.

sheriff said...

I doubt it is a toothpaste product!

La Cha Mau said...

Sheriff, it's confirmed that the toothpaste is a dental product including toothbrushes with that name.

However, the toothpaste should be used to lubricate the labia minora before you use their soft-bristles toothbrush to gently stimulate the clitoris. The act produces an extremely pleasant heated sensation that is indescribable.

Maverick SM said...


Ya, Sodo and now oral! That's nice, isn't it?


Ya it is recommended by Dr. Mohamed.


It is certified halal! Tapi tak tahu suci ka tidak!

Mr. Pig,

You can buy it at HKL.


It is toothpaste!

La Cha Mau,

You twist the whole subject; naughty guy!

Anonymous said...

You fucker, who do you mean by Dr Mohamed? you have to be careful of your words!


artchan said...

anon 719am.

you know this Dr?

White said...

first in history.
Wonder what are the benefits of using this toothpaste?...

Maverick SM said...


Even if he knows, the Dr is recommending a toothpaste that carries a name which attracts attention. It takes a person with a dirty mind to fucked up his own mind.


The benefit of the paste is certainly beneficial - it will keep your teeth clean and the mouth will smell good.