Monday, August 25, 2008

Nalla paid RM60mil to Anwar of Umno

NST Report Today:

Datuk S. Nallakaruppan is set to expose all on Parti Keadilan Rakyat's de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in court.

"I have five CDs and other evidence to tell Malaysia who Anwar is."

He said his wife had called to say that he had received a legal notice on his statement about Anwar on Sunday.

Bernama reported yesterday that Nallakaruppan claimed he had handed over RM60 million to Anwar, which he alleged had come from Magnum Corporation.

Source: NST: Nalla to 'expose all' on Anwar

Why did Nalla pay so much to Anwar in the 1990s?

Did he give the money to Anwar as a friend, to help a friend, or to bribe a deputy prime minister? If it is bribe, then why didn't he report to ACA then? Under the law, a person who pay bribe is guilty of corruption, and a person who accepts bribe is also guilty. Nalla must surely know that what he was doing was illegal and wrongful in law.

If he was innocent then, he should, by the rule of law, have reported the matter to ACA; but it seems he didn't. Then, the question of his motive and intention to pay such a big sum of money to an Umno deputy president and who was also the then deputy prime minister, comes to be probed. He must now provide the answers this mystery.

Nalla is also a religious and pious person. I wonder whether he would swear at the temple or cut the cock's head

This is the advice given by former Perak MB who is also the Perak Umno Liaison Committee chairman Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali:

"He can swear according to his belief. Maybe, if he is a Christian he can swear accordingly or if he wants to do it the Chinese way then he can potong ayam (slaughter a chicken) at a temple.

"But, if he is going to slaughter the chicken then I want Perak MCA organising secretary Dr Mah Hang Soon, state Gerakan chief Datuk Chang Ko Youn and state PPP chairman Datuk Lee Heng to bear witness to [the] swearing."

Source: NST: Tajol Rosli: I swear my hands are clean

Nowadays, swearing is the new fashion to declare and proof innocence. The courts will soon be redundant and obsolete. Muslims can swear by the Quran, Christians can swear by the Bible, Chinese can potong ayam and the Hindus, they can swear at either the Hindu temples or Chinese Temples.


Another Swearing News at Malaysiakini:

The season of swearing was extended today when 20 BN parliamentarians followed the trend.

At a hotel in Seberang Jaya this afternoon, Barisan Nasional Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein led the MPs in an oath-taking ceremony.

Hishammuddin, who is also the education minister, said the pledge was a sign of loyalty to the BN alliance.

"We sign the declaration and swore to remain loyal to Barisan Nasional. This is black and white proof to counter rumours that we will leave BN for another party," said the Umno Youth chief.

Hishammuddin urged the BN supporters to behave themselves as the whole world will be watching them.

Source: Malaysiakini


Let's all swear! Swear that you are honest.

Would Nalla swear that he honestly bribed Anwar?

I'll go look for a cock first ...



Zubli Zainordin said...

Nalla, if Anwar is wrong, your doing cannot be right.

Hishammuddin Hussein, 20 only? What about the rest?

Yan said...

Wah, so easy. By swearing, one could clear his or her guilt/conviction. Like you said, the Court would be redundant and I believe many prisons in Malaysia would have to close shop lah.
Then Malaysia is a most dangerous "crime free" country to live in.

Anonymous said...

why now only want to swear . u want a cock i got a cock for u to swear.
Why everyone is taking all kind of plots again anwar not against BN. Swear to me that the BN is clean.They are the worse dirty bunch and would do anything to stay in power.Swipe out the court and everybody swear and everybody in innocent .The stupid govt is making a mockery of swearing. Aiayh u nalla u also one of the dirty fellow around BN.

Maverick SM said...

Zubli zainordin,

Nalla said he is right; only Anwar is wrong. Pak Lah soon will be saying: Nalla is the victim and the police should grant him protection and immunity.


Ya, we will soon be the first crime free country in the world.

modern youth said...

oath is the in-thing right now! yeah!.

with the oats is beginning to be like a trend,i'm afraid that they will only just demean the value of oath itself.oath should not be taken for granted because it's serious.

the other trend that has been long going is "i-have-the-thing-and-evidence-to-put-you-down" attitude.Ezam and Nalla said that they have "something" in their possession that can smear Anwar's reputation,Anwar claims that he also have "something" against the govt.Meanwhile,RPK always got his hand on "something" on govt especially on Najib.

hasilox said...

OMFG. I swear bolehland is more comical than zimbabwe.

niamah said...

magnum, last time got one T K Lim. he was away when anwar was sacked in 1998.

no smoke no fire

anwar recently say he dont have crony,

politician remains a politician

observer said...

A lot of rich fellas be it malay, chinese or indian have benefitted from Anwar during his tenur as DPM. Some of them move on further to make money, some stay put , some migrated to Perth like his pol sec Nasaruddin. Anwar had enjoyed his time and power. He knows the feeling to be in power. Now he wants to feel it and have it back in what ever way and means.

Heard also some chinese business men who previously help to fund BN now have swayed to PKR. Who spoiled the politician and country further? Who gain and who loose? Who promote corruption in the Government agencies? No pain no gain! That's what actually happening on ground.

Anonymous said...

Actually what Nalla is doing is just to take advantage of a new law "declared" or "created" by our (sad but true) legally trained Home Minister who said that police cannot charge a person whom reported a crime even though he (the person reporting) himself have committed the crime.

Remember what Syed Albar said when explaining why Saiful was not charged for (allegedly) committing voluntary sodomy.

toolan said...

Hi Mav,

Now this is what I call a pot calling the kettle black. Pls lah, Mr.Nalla, before you start crucifying Anwar, pls take some time and do some soul searching yourself first.
Secondly, I think those who were at Anwar's "camp" in his heydays know what is going on you don't need to prove anything. But we also know for a fact BN is almost consider a "gone case" since 0308 and most importantly Lah Lah, since taking over the helm did nothing to prove that he is a better man than Anwar. Lah Lah says this and that but look at our current sorry state. Ah, you might argue that this reforms takes a long time but I am not saying this because Lah Lah promised to reform last month, or last year! This was 5 years ago! Even if there were a tiny little sign that he is heading the right direction, I think most of us won't be so frustrated and disappointed.
Bottom line is, now that you are in the wrong "camp", you are jumping up and down like an Indian rubber ball!

Maverick SM said...

Modern Youth,

What they are revealing are fantastic - both sides were ex-Umno and they are undressing themselves to tell us the Old Umno and the New Umno are corrupt Muslims.


Don't swear on Zimbabwe; they are better off.


Ya, TK Lim is back.


You may be right.


We citizens are now told of the truth. Lets hear more of the truth from both sides and see how screwed up our nation of politicians are.

ang war said...

Soh Chee Wen

juliatan said...

We didn't win any gold at the Olympic Games but we have won 100"Platinum" medals here:-

1) Guinness Book of Records - most number of oath-taking in most number of places within the shortest possible time
2) Most foul tactics in the history of modern elections in Malaysia
3) Most crimes and wrong-doings revealed as done by top politicians
4) Most fantastic stories ( better than Alfred Hitchcock and Ripley's Beleive It or Not )circulating around concerning politicians
I can write all night into the morning and the list will continue...What has become of our beloved country? We need a superfast change and a change for the better. It is now or never.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

then what is ACA waiting for, go and fcuk this nalla... why only anwar had been attacked? waiting for pm/najib command then only will do the investigation?

Khun Pana said...

Aiyo Nalla, what you did was CBT !
Took millions from Magnum Corp and gave some to Anwar?
Theres no crime there by Anwar right?
But Nalla have to be investigate for CBT . Nalla set a trap for Anwar but sendiri yang kena.
ACA people are a hopeless bunch, can't even investigate VK Lingam properly.

RedBag said...

The creadibility of oath and SD now has been tarnished by certain people that are too selfish in chasing their own agendas..

galadriel said...

Poor chicken. Orang sumpah menyumpah, tak pasal pasal ayam yang kena sembelih.

Anonymous said...

not suprising, there are a lot of rotten apples in UNMO back then and still it is going on now.

yes, i believe Anwar is guilty of corruption as describe by Nalla, but a lot of worse shit is going on in UNMNO that we don't know yet.

all i can say is that Anwar got a second chance to bertaubat in jail, and hopefully that he had turn over a new leaf, not that he has left the devil party.

yes, i would still give him a second chance to prove himself for this nation.

observer said...

I hope cleansing the currupt UMNO will make a better UMNO like the old 1946 spirit formation. There are good people in UMNO still. Except the 'melaun attitude' are the one running it.

Anonymous said...

All of you talk cock only. Anwar, Nalla, Pak Lah.. all the same shit.

And you people osso same shit. Conned by different people. Serious! I swear by it! Buahahhahha

Anonymous said...

I think we can blame the Indians again this time. Malaysian, whole life follow Indians. Started with Bala's SD (legal oath.) Then our Muqabah (religious oath) following by swearing in public and ultimately swearing en masse!

Tsk tsk tsk. What is Malaysia coming to? Malu-la!

Maverick SM said...

ang war,

Nothing to do with Soh Chee Wen. He is my boss.


Ya, you have a great platinum listing.


ACA waiting for instruction.

Khun Pana,

You got the point.


You are right.


hahahaha... you empathized with the chicken too.


There are good people in Umno; I am certain - there's many , such as, Khairy, Hishamuddin, Reezal, etc.

Anonymous said...

Tok Kok Sing Song is UMNO-BN way of life.