Monday, August 25, 2008

Tok Guru: PAS didn't want to build an Islamic Nation

Pas"s spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat declared:

"You will not find it stated in any book you buy from Pas that we want to build an Islamic nation".

The 77-year-old Tok Guru said in his address at the Bandar Perda mosque here where he was to lead the Muslim community in a -solat munajat-, special occasion prayers asking for God"s blessings in tomorrow"s by-election.

Source: Malaysian Insider


Anonymous said...

pok nik,

you are one confusing to respect PAS? stop being pencacai DAP and PKR la...

ex-pr member, sungai derhaka, ptg pauh

RedBag said...

So all these while you were promoting what?
Stop making stupid statements for the sake of your own embarrasment.

Anonymous said...

He should guide Anwar to read word by word the denying oath statement instead of misguiding and confuse his party members more.

Anonymous said...

I hope the prayer session will result in more new things in the coming months. May Allah protect us all.

Anonymous said...

see liau, heard the peh moh from a family of swindlers will win tomolow.

giving angpows, giving loans some more no need to pay back...

an hua better wash his backside & get ready to check-in hotel de-buluh.

btw, you people also ready for another petrol hike to... 3 linggit 5 kupang lo!!!

ho! ho! ho! hidup umno! hidup melayu!


mohd said...

i dont understand Nik Aziz and PAS.before this they say that they want to establish an Islamic nation implementing Islamic laws.Now they say the otherwise.

which one is the final statement?

i presume Nik Aziz made that statement to show that DAP should not worry about PAS insisting to form and implement Islamic laws if PR were to rule the federal govt.

ceria! said...

sekejap kata nak mewujudkan negara Islam yang mengamalkan undang-undang Islam,lepas tu sekarang pulak dah kata lain?

kalau dibaca di Malaysian Insider,Nik Aziz berkata yang PAS mahu menolong mewujudkan masyarakat yang berlandaskan prisipal Islam.

pening la pulak ini.mana satu yang betul ni?.

Anonymous said...

another fellow who thinks that the people are even stupid. trying to get chinese and malay votes.

just because he didn't put it in writings doesn't mean he don't think that way.

he said it many times already, and well recorded by the media. yes, we know what he wants, he don't need to write it down himself.

why not ask him to swear to God that he has no intention to form islamic state? other people swear, i don't believe, but for him I give him the benefit of doubt.

swear and prove it to us, and i will believe.

Anonymous said...

dia ini confused punya otak!! dulu kata itu, and sekarang kata ini.

Maverick SM said...


There are essence in his words.


Nik Aziz do not deviate from his ideology. It is we who failed to understand him.


Jangan pening; Tok Guru is a wise man.

Anonymous said...

yeah, just like we failed to understand why would osama wanted do what he did, and also why did hitler started ww2.

yupe, it's all our fault. we failed to understand even such simple things.