Thursday, September 18, 2008

Candle-light vigil for Sheih

Yes, Sheih asked some of us to turn the flag upside down.
Did all of us do it?
Some of us did, some of us didn't.
None went out on the streets to burn down buildings and loot the Mydin hypermarkets.
So what was so seditious about it?
On the contrary, Sheih's "in distress" posting make us all think of the Jalur Gemilang and take it less for granted.

Source: From Rocky's Bru

I shared and agree with Brother Rocky's statement.


Note: I did not asked permission from Brother Rocky to post this piece. Sorry, Bro Rocky.



KIMHO8 said...

Because they hate the civilisation.

Anonymous said...

UMNO cant live with a thinking society.

they only want a stupid and following society.

Rocky's Bru said...

No permission required, bro! On the contrary, I owe you thanks for honoring me with this posting. May Sheih stay strong and well ...

HuntressMoon said...
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HuntressMoon said...

you do not need to turn the flag upside down. I am very proud of our Malaysian flag. you just need to turn our government right side up, as they have been sitting upside down for so long, the blood is rushing to their heads which causes them to ignorant of everything

Anonymous said...

I didn't ask permission-not i did not asked. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Bodowi must change to Anwarheti because that's the mentality M'sian now. Everything needs to changed upside down and backside up.

Anonymous said...

...asked some of us?

Maverick SM said...


Let's remain sane and rational.


This matter is not Umno but the government and internal affairs.

Rocky's Bru,

Thanks and you deserved the honor.


I agree! 100%.

Anonymous said...

no need to turn the flag upside down, just show the flag and give an arrow for the direction to view it.

it is really up to u how u want to see it. simple as that.


Anonymous said...

turn it up side down... seditious?

what about an idiot pm dragging the country economy & public security through the mud?

he should be hung upside down.