Thursday, September 18, 2008

Utusan is fearful to us

At the press conference in DAP headquarters today, Teresa Kok was asked by an Utusan reporter if she was willing to take a lie detector test to convince Malaysians that she had no part in the azan controversy.

Utusan never asked Khir Toyo to take the test.

Utusan never asked Ahmad Ismail to take a test.

Utusan never asked those who accused her to take the test.

Will Utusan also request Karpal Singh to take a test?

Would they have the influence to compel?

Karpal Singh has filed a RM10 million defamation suit against Utusan Malaysia for allegedly misquoting him on a matter related to Islam.

An article dated Aug 25 in the Malay daily reported that Karpal Singh was against Islam as the official religion in his opening speech at the 15th DAP Congress on Aug 24.

On Aug 26, Utusan carried a front-page apology to Karpal and retracted the report, admitting that it was a 'grave mistake.

Teresa Kok is also suing Utusan for RM30 million for libel and tarnishing her image.

We are fearful of those powerful guys there. Did they act like God, Judge and Jury and are so powerful? They are Tuan. You may get arrested under the ISA for some reports.

Aren't they becoming satanical and fearful?

We need to pray for peace.


teddy said...

When all of this going to stop? Too much bickering!!

moo_t said...

I have enough of this. Let's add a "Bad media credibility" column for Utusan in wikipedia. Just "criticism" is not enough.

Just put in all this incident and call them a propaganda paper.

Moo.... said...

First the 'sumpah' thingy and now the lie detector.

If this is the direction we are heading, then why do we need judges, lawyers, police and etc..

Please lah do not make a mockery of our laws. (not the in-laws or out-laws thingy)

La Cha Mau said...

To this particular reporter as well as to their entire board of directors. I put it to you that you are also in the process of proposing that BOTH Datuk Sri & Datin Sri undertake this lie detector test as well to proved conclusively that they were not involved. Is it conclusive? We think not(ask any CIA or FSB agent)...... otherwise that coffee boy would already have done that instead of swearing over the Holy Quran.

toolan said...

If the Utusan reporter asked such stupid questions, no wonder that paper are reporting crap!
This goes to the people who buys and read that paper, they are "eating" crap!
I guess in their vocub, there is no such thing as professional reporting and the very core of reporting business....being clear, precise and impatial.
By the way, I am still boycotting the MSM papers since last year.....

Anonymous said...

Take Utusan to the cleaners and teach them a bloody lesson.

abu said...

Utusan is the proxy voice of UMNO. That's why it's very hard to believe that the UMNO guys are sincere.

Anonymous said...


sue the bastards who fitnah in the holy month of ramadan. no second thoughts please. any further delay, the botoxman may go for another plastic surgery and you may never find him again.

CK said...

wow... im flabbergasted and speechless!!! and to think that i used to read mingguan malaysia and utusan malaysia during my school time.... unbelievable!!!

hasilox said...

Very convenient. Keep on hiding behind sumpah and lie detector.

Why these idiots never ask ICJ and spore to do that in the batu putih trial?

Sumpah and lie detector.
Satu lagi projek barisan nasional!

HuntressMoon said...

ah got used to it.
Utusan and Harian Metro took a picture of me along with the rest and labeled satanist. Plus, police and the media and especially the media reported that they found parangs, a buku latihan that contains satanic worship and picture of blood that we splash onto our bodies after we had sacrificed virgins and a black goat.
it is from that day onwards, i never trusted the media.

artchan said...

maybe the utusan editor is an anwar's mole, or najib's mole....main purpose is to create problemsssss for AAB by creating unrest with the racists reporting to get him out sooner?


In the end, me thiks AAB will be "fried" by his own people in UMNO.

bayi said...

I agree that AAB should look more at his enemies within than without.

Jefus said...

why all that drama, ....?

do what Lee Kuan Yew did, he brought Asian Wall Street Journal, Asiaweek and Far Easter Economic Review to their knees,..... use the law.

Sue sue sue!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

It's a fug tub country.... so sick of all these lies. Let them all DIE DIE DIE!!!

Anonymous said...

just an organisation with a bunch of despicable animals...

including that ex s'gor mb.

yes, sue them bastards.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

UMNO in collaboration with Utusan = EVIL. Memalukan nama Melayu dan Islam.

Raja Hanim

Maverick SM said...


I shared your sentiment.


I agrre.


You got the point.

la cha mau,

You got a point.


It's sad of Malaysia.


I'm not sure.


I am too.


You are funny and right.


It's news to me. I didn't read about that.


I am not sure.


I suppose so.


That's litigious.


cool down.

Raja Hanim,


Anonymous said...

teressa herself is no angel

Anonymous said...

Trsa khioq pandai berdolak daleh pasai sudah trasa tempias panglima majapahit. apa kabare wak.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Let them be .
No medication can fix them up.
Only money can control them.
Hattal them . Call on advertisers to stop using utusan.
Nobody can be a " tuan " when it is no longer profitable.

Jay Jay said...

Why worry? When Pakatan take over the government, we are going to ban the newspaper and put them all in jail!


UTUSAN means "Messenger / Despatcher" in English.

Being "Messenger / Despatcher" or by other term in Malay "Budak Kopi" it is expected that UTUSAN is also as BENGGAP as the Boss it is represnting and associating with.

Never expect UTUSAN able to think like the ordinary Malaysians because the position it holds and created for doesnt need for Brain Cells.

Hence, being DUMB and DAFT, UTUSAN will do anything nonsense to get attention.

Just ignore this "Messenger / Despatcher" as it will face extinction as time goes by, and much sooner with Pakatan Rakyat taking leadership of the country.

UTUSAN = Messenger = Despatcher = Budak Kopi = BENGGAP = No Brainer!

Anonymous said...

Utusan sales has improved lately!

Anonymous said...

well, she admitted she contradicted herself, conclusions, not many politicians can be trusted nowadays..