Saturday, September 06, 2008

Civilization crashed. The Return to Social Anarchism

Allah love justice and fairness and would prefer to see noble mindedness even to non-Muslims.

Allah hates oppression, and would punish the despot though those acts were committed by Muslims to non-Muslims; Allah says in this respect:

Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo koonoo qawwameena lillahi shuhadaa bialqisti wala yajrimannakum shanaanu qawmin AAala alla taAAdiloo iAAdiloo huwa aqrabu lilttaqwa waittaqoo Allaha inna Allaha khabeerun bima taAAmaloona

O ye who believe! stand out firmly for God, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear God. For God is well-acquainted with all that ye do.

(Surah Al Maidah 5:8)

Caliph Umar on his deathbed said:

"I advise my successor to comply with the covenant made with those under the protection of the prophet, protect them from those who prosecute them and do not impose burden more than they can bear."

(ref: Dr Abdul Rahman, pp 20-21; The Status of the Dhimmi in Islamic Law).

We take our color from Allah, and who is better than Allah at coloring (Surah Al Baqarah 2: 138)

Since mankind came from the same stock, it should have one standard of unified values that is acceptable to all, These universal values must suit all people at all times in all places irrespective of religion, color or social background. These common values such as honesty, sincerity, justice and the like are the subjects of the common good of mankind (Surah Adh Dhariyat 51:56-60)

Defiant Ahmad demands apology

Penang Umno backs Ahmad, snubs Pak Lah

Backed by all 13 Umno divisions from Penang, the embattled Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail today fervently defended his stand not to apologise for his alleged racist remarks against the Chinese community.

Instead of apologising, the local Umno strongman today accused vernacular daily Sin Chiew Daily and its journalist for triggering the controversy by reporting his speech.

“The newspaper and reporter were the ones who should apologise to me, my family, my friends, Umno and all Malaysians for misrepresenting the facts and wrongly reporting my statements,” Ahmad Ismail said.

“What I said was a statement of facts which no one can refute," Ahmad defended his racist remarks.

“So it’s not wrong if I were to mention those historical facts in public,” he said.

“It is the Chinese leaders who are causing this controversy, not me. What’s wrong if a Malay leader touched, on or defended, Malay rights?” asked Ahmad.

Penang opposition leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim blasted the Sin Chew Daily journalist saying that “the reporter and the newspaper should be held responsible for inciting racial hatred and conflict”.

"What was written may lead to a racial riot. If such a thing happens, he is the first person that should be shot," Azhar said to loud cheers from Umno supporters who packed the meeting room at Menara Umno here. (Read it here: Penang opposition leader: Reporter should be shot )

Ahmad Ismail slammed Gerakan Koh Tsu Koon as a “great liar and opportunist”, and said Gerakan can always “get out from Barisan Nasional”.

Bukit Mertajam division chief Musa Syeikh Fadzir hit out at the Umno top leadership for apologising on behalf of the party without checking the facts with Ahmad.

“The national leadership can have its own stand, but Penang divisional leaders have theirs.

“We fully back Ahmad on this issue,” Musa told journalists, rejecting outright Najib's apologetic gesture.

But the most intimidating threat came from former Bayan Lepas assemblyperson Mohd Zain, who warned “non-Malays to be extra careful with their deeds and words”.

“Don’t disturb and push the Malays too much. Don’t think we are quiet.

“We can retaliate very aggressively,” he thumped home amidst applause from supporters.

At the same time, Ahmad argued that he was neither a racist nor anti-Chinese.

Source: Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider and The Star and NST: Ahmad: I don't owe anyone an apology

Say (O Muslims): We believe in Allah and that which was revealed unto Us and that which was revealed unto Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the tribes, and that which Moses and Jesus received, and that which the prophet received from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and unto Him we have surrendered (Al Baqarah 2: 136)

I have to pray; I am fearful. I thought these Malays in Umno are Muslims and believeth in the Quran and feared Allah. But from the statement they made yesterday and cited above, it tends towards the behavior of Satan - Iblis!

They said: "Don't disturb us and push us too much. Don't think we are quiet.'

Oh shit! Did we disturb them or did they disturb us and we had been quiet? We were threatened and they claim we were the ones threatening them! What sort of rational thinking were these guys? They were Muslims and they acknowledged the Quran is the word of Allah; but they talk as if the Quran is re-written in Satanic language? Did they fear Allah? or they prefer to instil fear in others? They were threatening! Don't you think what we read and heard from these guys caused us much anxieties and paranoia? We are under duress and under apprehension - this is an act of putting people in fear of violence and they should know that their course of conduct will cause the others so to fear on each of those occasions.

We are nailed to the wall! What do we do? Maybe the Muslim leaders from PAS, the true Islamic believers, will come to aid and relieve the oppressed; they believeth in Allah and feared God and would defend the oppressed; would they?.


Jefus said...

"I beg all Malaysians to leave this episode behind so that we can look forward for better days and better relationships - towards a Bangsa Malaysia we marched."

I had thought your magnimity was misplaced. And this being your turf, held my comments, but, now you yourself had said it, your latest post.

We are not dealing with intellects where you can shame, humble nor bring awareness to them,.... a different beast altogether, Mav...

Yan said...

After 40 years since the last riot, these people representing Penang BN UMNO still issuing threats? Previously, they have little or nothing to lose. These UMNOPUTRA's economic status & position is now way much better than 40 years ago. Haven't they thought they would be also suffering together (or even more) if something happened & our economy & everything melt down?

The MCA & Gerakan are still the same old kiasi running dogs. Btw, where is this Bukit Bintang MCA chicken doctor, never heard him utter a word now. (He blamed the BERSIH & HINDRAF demo for causing traffic jam & affecting the chinaman business) Don't blame BN for screwing us for the past 51 years and many more years to come. Or blame it for being pragmatic in voting Mahathir into power for 22 years? Non-Malays should have voted him & BN out during the reformasi days when most of the Malays turned against BN.

Anonymous said...

depa ni cuma 'loudspeaker' shj, 'akai' besark ada dbelakang, nampak shj ngok tapi pandai putar alam.


artchan said...

AAB gave a slap on Ahmad's wrist..Ahmad slapped AAB in his face.

And we want this kind of PM to lead the nation?, much less UMNO. The rest of the UMNO members will take heed from Ahmad's action and will literally tell AAB to go to hell.

Hasbullah Pit said...

Cuba kita fikirkan sejenak fasal Jambatan.

Zaman dulu, kerajaan buat jambatan?
(jambatan gantung)

Zaman sekarang ni Jambatan pun org harap kerajaan buatkan.

blurr33 said...

or is it just a 'drama'.. so that a 'racial-tension' would be seen thus making way to defer 16 Sept??

;D conspiracy theory always work for me..

but anyway.. it is sad, as always, to see so called leaders, acting this way, claiming they are protecting the Malays.. don't kacau us.. we are quite..bla bla. If they really do care, what happen to the Malays at the corner side of Penang island when they are in power for so long?? did they do something to help?? still ko kaya sorang2...
the truth is they are only speaking for their arse only.. ok lah not their arse, but surely it did not come from a rational mind..

BTW, i linked to your post in my entry. :D

Jefus said...

spelling oops - magnanimity

Anonymous said...

Stir some more la...

People acknowledge abit not enuf. People apologise osso not enuf. Now we looking at the shit straight in the face.

Bagus dan padan muka. In here all can talk big. Semua dah besar kepala cuz you have knowledge and access to internet to voice you opinion. The day innocent lives are lost cuz of your precious opinions is the day I clap my hands and salute you people.

Apa nak tunggu-tunggu? Maki hamun la kita Melayu lagi!

artchan said...

anon 143pm

We have enough assholes like Ahmad in the don't lump yourself with him.

As a human being irrespective of your race or religion or political beliefs, how can you clap when innocent lives are lost?

I will be very sad if anyone dies.

Anonymous said...

Maki hamun melayu?

Mana berani. The non-malays got guts to do that meh?

Those with balls to speak up, all sudah kena masuk kumunting!


Anonymous said...

Bn can kiss goodbye to the dream of recapturing Penang.
dumbo, Gerakan, what are you waiting for? you are not welcome. Why are you so thick skin and continue to stay in BN? So are you, PPP? Waiting for crumbs falling off the UMNO Dining table?

Ceritalah said...

2 different party 2 different stand on Islam even both are Muslim... In PAS they emphasise Islam 1st Race 2nd but in UMNO is MALAY 1st, 2nd Malay 3rd Islam.... Are they fear of Allah punishment? I dun think so...They dare to swear (even it unislamic), corruption, and power abuse... If he would like to threaten us, let it be... Allahuakbar....We fear ONLY ALLAH and no other else...

Anonymous said...

“Don’t disturb and push the Malays too much. Don’t think we are quiet.

“We can retaliate very aggressively,” he thumped home amidst applause from supporters.





Maverick SM said...


My ideal thoughts are not shared amongst us Malaysians and instead we chose to be antagonistic and push them to the walls; in retaliation the dominant party decided to utilized the undue process and exert coercion and threats which if both sides pursue the hardline it would likely result in anarchy.

Magnanimity is the only way forward and no one stands to benefit from the antagonism. The people would suffer as a result of political turmoil.


WE have to view the political reality beyond simplistic ideology and if the forces acted in disharmony then anarchy is the means to an end. The people must not be rash; rationality is the only course forward.


Harap kita semua guna otak pada waktu yang begini.


We fail the appreciate Pak Lah. We fail to analyze the external conspiring forces at work.

Hasbullah Pit,

Betul; tapi otak kita masih ada pada kepala.


We need to look beyond the conspirators and their game played.


It's not about guts; it's about paying a price in exchange of ego.


Let's be rational for any misplaced acts will lead to anarchy wheere both sides are the losers.


We do not fear such threats. The price to be paid is both party will have to foot. WE hope that both sides see the unwise act and choose co-existence and harmony.

Anonymous said...

The non-bumis pls provoke the bumiputera again and again....we're waiting and very itching for a "ramah mesra"!


Anonymous said...

Provoke the malay? Damn it... named us one non-malay mp or lawmaker (BN & PR) who had criticised the malay & muslims.

Or gave us one instance that these non-malay mps want to bathe their sword with malay bloods.

Having an inferiority complex (a persistent sense of inadequacy or a tendency to self-diminishment, sometimes resulting in excessive aggressiveness) must be a burden...

Maverick SM said...


Don't talk cock. You are brainless asshole. Go pray to Allah and ask for forgiveness. Read your Quran if you are a Muslim and see what it says. I am sad to know that a Muslim don't even know what the Quran says about the virtue and behavior of a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

BNBC already running away before anything happen yet, look like they're the brain behind this mess.Hope somebody shoot down or bomb their plane.

hasilox said...

Who screw the malays more in bolehland? No other than the self-proclaimed malays' protector.

Just go and dig into ahmad's file. Try find out his contribution to the malay community, if any. While doing that, check azhar's as well please. Don't be surprised that most, if not all, are enriching themselves at the expense of the malays.

artchan said...

bukit kelapa...

UMNO is not Malays..UMNO does not respresent all Malays. UMNo buggers are enriching themselves at the expense of Malay rights.

And you don't see it? The non malays and the malays in my workplace work as hard and we share the same problems of making ends meet. UMNO putras are robbing all malay projects for themselves, and enriching themselves.

Wake up lah..Ahmad is stirring shit..he is not thinking of malay rights..he is thinking of Division chief post means no more contracts for him and his machais....right thinking Malays should ask him to go to hell.

We cannot allow anyone..esp a kurang ajar division head to create racial unrest.

Maverick SM said...


The irony is that these Umno leaders were the ones who made the ordinary Malays poor and the blame is poured scornfully on the Chinese.


Umno is Malay; it represents all Malays. That aside, the wealth pillaged is not for all Malays; it's for these leaders. The Malays can continue to remain poor; they don't care.

Anonymous said...

Innocent lives lost I cry. (Yes, that include the Chinese, Indian or any other human being.) But if the lives lost are those big mouth here, I clap my hands.

Stir shit and you get shit.

Anon 1:43 pm

Anonymous said...

The non-malays in this country are well been looked after, So what the f**k are they complaining about? Look around, you have chinese n indians temples,chinese n indian schools with grants and subsidies from the govmn. They also have big businesses in this country thro' the govmn. So again what the f**k you people are complaining? MCA politician said 300000 chinese died in ww2 for malaya?? Is this a fact?? It can be argued that the chinese died not for malaya but to establish their dominance thro PKM. When the western power, portuguse attacked Malacca were there any non-malay defending Malacca?? The last GE12 BN lost due to failure of BN to address the corruption issues, where the non-malays profitted more than the malays.Its not a question of racist. And what Ahmad said is not racist merely stating the fact of the matter. So what the f88k s**t the you people complaining about. said...

Rugikah minta maaf?-Malaysiakini
Oleh Fuad Rahim

KETUA Umno Bahagian Bukit Bendera, Datuk Ahmad Ismail cukup popular sekarang. Walaupun dia tidak sepopular Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Ketua Pembangkang dan ‘pasangannya’ Azmin Ali, tetapi serangan beberapa parti komponen BN dan pembangkang terhadap kenyataannya, menyebabkan dia ‘menjadi orang yang cukup popular’.

Ketika Timbalan Pengerusi BN, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak memohon maaf bagi pihak Ahmad, masih ada pihak yang kurang berpuashati. Mereka mahu Ahmad sendiri membuat permohonan maaf secara terbuka.

Najib ketika bercakap bagi pihak Umno secara terbuka memohon maaf terhadap kenyataan tersebut dan berharap orang bukan Melayu tidak terlalu terganggu dengan kenyataan Ahmad yang disifatkan Najib bersifat peribadi.

Serentak dengan itu, Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, meminta Ahmad tampil membuat penjelasan kerana apa yang dikatakan Ahmad, terhadap orang-orang Cina di Malaysia kurang disenangi pelbagai pihak, khususnya Gerakan dan MCA.

Kata Ahmad, dia tetap berpegang teguh dengan pendiriannya tidak akan meminta maaf walaupun diminta pelbagai pihak.

Apa yang pelik, mantan PM, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad tampil dalam blognya, mempersoalkan mengapa orang Melayu sering dituntut memohon maaf sekiranya mengeluarkan perkataan dan catitan yang boleh ditafsirkan sebagai perkauman.

Menurut Ahmad, walaupun dia menghormati permintaan Perdana Menteri, dia tidak perlu berbuat demikian kerana yakin tidak bersalah seperti yang didakwa.

Ahmad didakwa berkata pada 25 Ogos 2008; “masyarakat Cina hanyalah penduduk sementara di negara ini dan oleh itu adalah mustahil untuk mendapat hak yang sama.”

Sebenarnya Dr.. Mahathir tidak perlu campur urusan Ahmad ini kerana beliau seharusnya lebih focus kepada isu-isu lain yang lebih penting. Ahmad sebagai seorang anggota parti, suka atau tidak dia terikat dengan Perlembagaan dan peraturan.

Apabila kenyataannya menyebabkan parti menghadapi masalah, Ahmad sebenarnya tidak akan kerugian apa-apa kalau patuh ke atas arahan pucuk pimpinan, walaupun Ahmad mendakwa banyak mendapat sms dari rakan-rakan yang menyokong pendiriannya itu.

Jika Dr. Mahathir sekali pun masih menerajui parti, beliau sendiri tidak akan mahu menghadapi masalah-masalah seperti ini bagi menjamin rasa hormat menghormati sesama anggota komponen.

Sebenarnya Ahmad tidak perlu mengeluarkan kata-kata sedemikian, walaupun bukan niatnya untuk menghina sesiapa, tetapi apabila ia sudah dijadikan isu dan salah faham, maka Ahmad perlulah berjiwa besar dengan memohon maaf apa yang disalah tafsirkan.

Bak kata pepatah, mengalah bukan bererti kalah. Untuk apa Ahmad mahu menegakkan kenyataannya itu, akibatnya kita sesama sendiri dalam komponen BN akan bertelagah?
Persefahaman yang sudah terjalin sekian lama perlu dijaga dan dibaja. Apa yang Dr. Mahathir sebutkan bahawa memorandum Hindraf kepada Perdana Menteri United Kingdom yang berunsur perkauman dan bersifat hasutan bukan sesuatu yang perlu orang-orang Melayu tiru.

Penghinaan Wee Meng Chee terhadap Bendera Malaysia dan lagu Negaraku walaupun mengecewakan orang-orang Melayu tetapi ia bukanlah sesuatu yang perlu dilawan dengan kenyataan-kenyataan keras dan tidak mendatangkan faedah.

Langkah Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda Umno, Datuk Hishammuddin Tun Hussein memohon maaf kerana menimbulkan salah faham isu mengucup keris perlulah diambil sebagai contoh bahawa kita orang-orang Melayu tidak sanggup berbalah hanya kerana isu kecil, yang menyebabkan pembangkang akan mengambil kesempatan.

Dalam sebuah negara berbilang bangsa, sebenarnya memang ada orang-orang Melayu sendiri yang lebih ektrim membela bangsa lain kerana mahu mengejar populariti

Paling ketara sekarang, beberapa pemimpin Pas bukan sahaja boleh duduk sepentas menyerang kepimpinan Umno dan BN, malahan mereka ketika berdakap (Mohamad Sabu dan Guan Eng) pasti akan menyerang Umno – kononnya DAP lebih membela Melayu dari Umno.

Malahan, Mohamad Sabu berkali-kali meminta sejarah negara ditulis semula bagi memadamkan peranan Umno dan Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra sebagai Bapa Kemerdekaan.

Malahan, Anwar sendiri berkali-kali mengatakan negara ini bukan Umno yang punya – sedangkan tiada seorang pun pemimpin Umno menjerit membuat dakwaan mengatakan Malaysia dipunyai oleh Umno.

Semua cakap-cakap ini, termasuk apa yang disentuh Dr. Mahathir sebenarnya tidak lain dari mahu ‘menyerang Pak Lah’ yang tiba-tiba menjadi musuh mereka. Pak Lah masih belum menyerang Dr. Mahathir walaupun Dr. Mahathir sudah menyerang Pak Lah sejak empat tahun lalu.

Begitu juga dengan Anwar, ketika dia menyerang Pak Lah dengan pelbagai isu, termasuk menggunakan media cetak milik partinya, namun Pak Lah tidak membuka mulut lagi memburuk-burukkan Anwar walaupun Pak Lah yang pernah menjadi Menteri Dalam Negeri, tahu banyak aktiviti terang dan gelap yang dilakukan Anwar.

Begitu juga Mohamad Sabu yang kini menjadi Naib Presiden Pas, menggunakan pentas-pentas ceramahnya untuk menyerang Pak Lah selain kenyataan demi kenyataan dalam Harakah, belum sekali Pak Lah membalas balik.

Jesteru, Ahmad Ismail diharapkan tidak termakan permainan politik pembangkang dengan ‘ingkar’ permintaan Pak Lah dan Najib yang lebih mementingkan keharmonian kaum dari politik sempit perkauman.
Mudah-mudahan, Ahmad akan dapat bertemu Pak Lah dan Najib untuk membuat penjelasan, selain bersedia mendengar nasihat dari dua pemimpin utama negara ini.

Ketika Ahmad merasakan dia tidak melakukan apa-apa kesalahan, dia juga perlulah mendengar nasihat Perdana Menteri, seorang pemimpin yang memang selama ini cukup dihormati oleh Ahmad kerana keikhlasan, kejujuran dan lembah-lembut orangnya.

Ahmad tentunya boleh melakukan!