Friday, September 05, 2008

Mufti Asri: Let not a robber replace a thief

Source: Minda Mufti

Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin has declined to clarify the meaning behind his controversial poem 'Cari Ganti (Looking for Successor)', a political satire on the state of the country's leadership that has sparked a nationwide guessing game.

"If I wrote who I had in mind for the poem, the poem would be much shorter," Mohd Asri said.

"If people were to reveal the names of the subjects of their poems, there would be less room for literary interpretation."

The first stanza of Mohd Asri's poem spoke of "the people's wealth being turned into stakes" between players of a game. And when the resulting hatred turned into flames, ‘all that is seditious will be swallowed (as the truth)', the poem went on to say.

In the third stanza, which created the most buzz, the mufti wrote: "When the country has come into disarray, it is better, Sir, for you to step down".

The religious scholar ended his poem with enigmatic words of advice that many believe were meant to focus on who the people should pick as a successor to Abdullah.

"Seek a successor who is of high character. Let not a robber replace a thief," Mohd Asri wrote.

Source: Malaysiakini


yakinboleh! said...

sedap sungguh pantun nukilan dari Mufti Perlis itu.tapi ditujukan pada siapa gamaknya?.adakah kepada Abdullah?Anwar?Najib?...ataupun Mahathir?

Masih menjadi tanda tanya kerana Mufti Perlis berkenaan enggan mengulas lebih lanjut.

sebelum mengundur diri izinkan saya berpantun yang berbunyi :

hari ini kita berpuasa,
hujung bulan ini Syawal tiba,
kalau pantun sebegitu rupa,
boleh jadi dituju pada sesiapa,

sekian.terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

wasnt he the same guy who declined the invitation to stand against Anwar?
this guy is noted as a maverick. and this pantun is no pantun. its direct as it can be without naming names.

artchan said...

MCA thinks this refers to ABdullah...umno thinks it refers to Koh Tsusu...Gerakan thinks it refers to OngKarting..

Aiyah....why can't Mohd Asri be more specific.

Now I cannot sleep...I have to think hard...Maybe never mind, I will go to sleep and wake up later and ask the 4th floor boys who Asri is referring to.

Anonymous said...

Dari dulu lagi puak2 lanun memerintah turun temurun, pasai yg cerdikpandai macam mufti pandai cakap shj tapi hampas pun tarak.

Anonymous said...

He is referring to us actually, we as a democratic nation chooses our leader. So let's choose wisely.

and who should be we choose? this you need to ask yourself, only one tip. a good leader, of course.

see, no mystery about it.

jeremy adnan said...

anonymous September 05, 2008 3:11 PM,

hey,u got a point there.perhaps the one Perlis Mufti referring is actually citizens of Malaysia.

but at tukartuib says the pantun could be for Samy Vellu!

well,there are many possibility since Perlis Mufti wanna keep mum about it.

the pantun from yakinboleh! is not so bad either.

penyair said...


sam yellu thinks it refers to kayyes and kayyes believes it refers to naalla.

Anonymous said...

Can you all please read between the lines, obviously it refers to UMNO lah, who else rule like a thief all this while, since Merdeka I guess, has taken the country's wealth in silence, but for the successor-nominated, he is not only a robber but probably also a c4 smuggler who will rob the country's wealth in broad daylight. Dr Asri's poem sound more like a puzzle. And the answer is anybody's guess. We just need to choose someone else for the leader to be.

KIMHO8 said...

Jika nak cari ganti yang berbudi tinggi.

Bolehkan bangsa dan agama akan diketepi?

Fikirlah dengan minda anda lagi teliti.

Supaya kesilapan tidak akan berulang lagi!

artchan said...

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