Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Umno apologises over racist remark

"We apologise, Umno apologises although it is not our statement but it is a statement made by one of our division leaders. It is totally unwarranted and does not reflect the position and the attitude of Umno or the leadership of Umno. We regret it very much," Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is also Umno deputy president, said

Speaking to reporters after launching the Chery Multi Purpose Vehicle here, Najib said the Umno supreme council would also decide at its next meeting on the "appropriate action" to be taken against the division leader.

"The statement is his personal statement and is not the stand of Umno and the Government. We do not regard Malaysian citizens of Chinese, Indian or other descent as 'passengers'.

"They are Malaysian citizens who have full rights and we will definitely safeguard their interests and their dignity and I describe the statement as something that Umno and the Government very much regret," he said. - Bernama

Source: The Star

Najib's word is assuring and the Chinese must accept in with appreciation. Credit must be given where credit is due. The choice of words used by Najib is simply fair, reasonable and assuring. Let's leave this episode behind us and move forward towards securing peace and harmony. We must respect each other and respect human rights and the rule of natural justice. Let's be a united Malaysian Incorporated; let's prosper each other and share our love and goodwill.

I beg all Malaysians to leave this episode behind so that we can look forward for better days and better relationships - towards a Bangsa Malaysia we marched.

Related News!

Kelantan Umno today asked Gerakan to stop demanding that Umno and the BN penalise Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail over his "Pendatang" remarks about the Chinese community.

Tan Sri Annuar Musa, said the remarks by Ahmad Ismail were similar to the statements by several Gerakan leaders who had wanted Gerakan to leave the BN.

“Gerakan has of late issued statements which threatened harmony in the BN but Umno leaders have been patient. But the moderation of Umno leaders, particularly Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, should not be taken advantage of,” Annuar Musa said.

Source: NST

We learn new English terms everyday and we learn new language philosophy every now and then from Umno leaders. From Annuar Musa, we learn that the statement by Ahmad Ismail is connoted as similar to the statement by Gerakan delegates calling the Party to leave BN. This new vocabulary is unique and innovatively concocted by Umno leaders. Please don't take the trouble to check the dictionary.


Anonymous said...

It was not the 1st & it will not going to be the last... wanna a bet?

Just a word of sorry & regret and everything kautim?

Forgive & forget? My foot!


Anonymous said...

Nazib was present at the very ceramah sharing the same stage when Ahmad Ismail made the most despicable remark. Nazib should have corrected him there and then. It only convinced us of one thing, Nazib himself approved of such remark until it has now back fired and he is playing nice guy. How revolting!!!

abu said...

How to put the incident behind us when I don't feel assured that there won't be anymore such episodes?

Come next UMNO AGM, some young Turk hoping to win some brownie points will likely do the same.

Why must Najib apologise on behalf of Ahmad? Has Ahmad lost his voice or something?

UMNO is such a sham lah.

Anonymous said...

"We apologise, Umno apologises although it is not our statement.. It is totally unwarranted and does not reflect the position and the attitude of Umno or the leadership of Umno."

What freaking thing was he trying to convey... playing pussyfooting izzit?

As a captain/ceo of the co. you are responsible/accountable for your action & that of your people.

Mave, pardon my ignorant, with your 20 yrs in managing problems & a good nos of years as management guru... pls tell us what f**king leadership culture is that?


Anonymous said...

Accepting an apology coming from a racist party? I don't think so. Action speaks louder than words...that is if UMNO is sincere.

CK said...


it's one thing to forgive and forget but here, they did so many things before this that they dun even wanna mention about and this time around when what they did might be one of the factor tat cause them their loss in PP... i'm gonna buy tat. i'm gonna want more.

CK said...

i mean i'm NOT gonna buy tat. How can I miss tat???

toolan said...

Morning Mav,

Believe Najib's word? Isn't he the guy who wave the keris and talk about soaking in chinese blood ah? Or did I mistaken hm for someone else? Duh!!!
The Kelantan UMNO MP can go to hell, I am not a Muslim but I know Allah will burn his soul forever in hell(with no limbs and mouth)! He is defending racism and instead of fighting for equal and just, he indirectly supports it.

Anonymous said...

We are not giving in... not until hell freezes over.

-nomore racism

Mr. Pig said...

I can forgive, but I can't forget yet. I'm 99% sure there will be a repeat by some other clown someday.

As unforgettable it may be, I do agree with you Mav. We should move on otherwise we'll get caught up with our own pent-up thoughts and angers.

Moo.. said...

Just imagine that if a son makes a mistake and the parent apoloises over the mistake and do you think the other siblings will make the same mistake again in future???

agnos said...

while it is good for Najib to apologize on behalf of the party i think it is not good enuf.

remember the things said in the recent bar council forum when the participants are there to "discuss" thing in a professional manner - only to be interrupted by arrogant buggers?

for too long the BN government has been practicing selective prosecution.

an apology is definitely good but fell way short off the mark.

it is action that will calm the nation spirit.

the moron who utter such words must be brought to task.

there is no excuse that he say such thing because of certain circumstances - like the lame excuse given by the equally lame PM.

Anonymous said...

You people got a problem being called 'pendatang?' Aren't we all? I happened to have Bugis blood in me. So I'm 'lanun.' Big deal!

Stop being a cry baby and learn to shut up. Stick and stones may break you bones, but only words written in legislations are more lethal. Otherwise aren't most of us who are married here motherf**kers.

Nothing wrong being a 'pendatang' since we all citizens of this country. Better than being called an 'abo' in certain country.

artchan said...

How come others are not given a chance to apologise..RPK was slapped with sedition charge..how come he was not given a chance to apologise?

In 1987, Najib at TPCA wanted to bathe the kris in blood. He was not charged with sedition...and he also did not apologise.

How come the UMNO youth delegates who were screaming seditious statements..were let off?

Is there such a thing as personal opinion, therefore it is not seditious?

Of all the people, Najib apologise for that sonofabitch?

fergie said...

What a laugh!!! Why shud Najib apologise NOW??? Isn't it s little too late .. he was at the scene of the crime and did absolutely NOTHING! I like what "Abu" said "Has Ahmad lost his voice?" That is really funny haha!!!

Yan said...

Dear Sir, you accepted DPM's apology & said:"I beg all Malaysians to leave this episode behind.." but I beg to differ.
Kindly read Lim Kit Siang's 5 reasons why the apology is inadequate, especially the apology was reported only in the non-Malay media & was blackout in the Malay media. Any evil intension??

Anonymous said...

Malaysia BN government must be consistent in enforcing the rule of law in our country if she want to get the respect and credibility from her rakyat.

Ahmad Ismail had breached the sedition law and hence must be charged irrespective of whether he came from ruling parties such as UMNO, opposition parties or individual, including blogger.

Race and religion are sensitive issues and any degrading remarks uttered must be quickly dealt with and sent a strong signal to all rakyat, especially those from ruling parties that it is unacceptable to utter such remark and and had breached the sedition law.

BN government should not swept the issue under its carpet and let the rule of law take its course. Ahamd Ismail must face the music and responsible for what he had said.

Anonymous said...

unforgiven, he must be penalised properly and prosecuted in accordance with law.

only by sacrificing Ahmad as a goat, can UNMO claim itself being having integrity and can woo the other races.

else, another 50 years and we still go nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maverick,

I would suggest that you also read the analyses in 'People's Parliament' and 'I am Malaysian'.

pancaroba said...

what UMNO deal now is the same thing happened to PKR before when one of their mp made a racial remark at the Bar Council forum.

the difference is UMNO/BN dont really make such a big deal outta that.but now the opposition seems to make a fuss outta what's happening to UMNO now.

about racial issue,dont forget because we should remember in order to learn and we must forgive that we and everyone else can carry with life.

the opposition especiaally from DAP didnt made such an issue towards the PKR mp but made a big deal outta Datuk Ahmad Ismail.

then again,we all should learn from this.racial sensitivity is not to be play around as we wish.

pancaroba said...

what UMNO deal now is the same thing happened to PKR before when one of their mp made a racial remark at the Bar Council forum.

the difference is UMNO/BN dont really make such a big deal outta that.but now the opposition seems to make a fuss outta what's happening to UMNO now.

about racial issue,dont forget because we should remember in order to learn and we must forgive that we and everyone else can carry with life.

the opposition especiaally from DAP didnt made such an issue towards the PKR mp but made a big deal outta Datuk Ahmad Ismail.

then again,we all should learn from this.racial sensitivity is not to be play around as we wish.

kittykat46 said...

The "apology" has been totally blacked out from the government controlled Malay media.

What does that tell you ?

Its not sincere....

Anonymous said...

no wonder people want to read blogs instead of MSM.

pls justify your statement.
who from PKR said what and when. do let us know.

if there is a rotten egg in PRK, it's fair that we identify the racist.

mohd said...

better late than never.

i think it's adequate for Najib to ask apology from the Chinese community over the loudmouth Ahmad Ismail.it's supposed to be Ahmad who should apologize and not Najib.

some people may perceive it as shallow but still i think it's quite gentleman for Najib to do so eventhough it was not him that made the racial remark.Najib had made it clear that it was personal statement by Ahmad and doesnt reflects the party standing.

if people wanna go mad at Ahmad,be mad as well at PKR mp,Zulkifli,who also did a racial remark during the Bar Council forum issue.

pancaroba said...

hallo anonymous!

the PKR people was Zulkifli Nordin.remember him?.he made the statement "babi balik cina" during the Bar Council forum.

but then he was "nowhere to be found" until about a week or so after that he showed up again.with no remorse about his statement.

and if i'm not mistaken it was Anwar who apologized on his behalf.

correct me if i'm wrong.

Yazid said...

Yep. Zulkifli Nordin, Bung Mokhtar, Datuk Ahmad, etc.. belong to the ultra-chauvanist group.

Anonymous said...

Zulkifli Nordin didn't utter that word, what I know is an UMNO guy said that...

Anonymous said...

The malays are fcuked-up, the chinese are fcuked-up, the indians are fcuked-up...

One fcuked-up country runs by one big bunch of fcuked-up people.

Hoi you dickheads just shut the fcuk-up!

Anonymous said...

To All My Muslim Brothers in Malaysia,


And To All My Non-muslim Brothers,



CK said...

i dunno abt the black-out of the apology in Malay media.

so... NOW it can't be any clearer can it?

Anonymous said...

anon 1:22,

you sound like a fcuk guy yourself? or just an intellectual disable person?

anyway, as malaysian, we symphatise your condition regardless.

La Cha Mau said...

Are you biased and prejudiced, Maverick SM? You have chosen to edit Najib's comments to suit your needs. The opening lines of your post only comes after what he had actually said.

Najib said that he and UMNO apologise ONLY if non-malays are offended.

What the FAK? You think we Malays are not offended....

pancaroba said...

really ahh not Zulkifli who uttered it?.but still Zulkifli was involved,right?.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.03,

ya i'm fcuked-up with mentally fcuked-up people like youself too & i'm not symphatise with your fcuked-up condition as well.

Anonymous said...

Is that even an apologies in the first place? i know they like to say

1. Ok, sorry that you have misinterpreted my message.
2. Sorry if you have offended though i was not my intention.
3. Sorry, but the media has mis-used my words.
4. Sorry to chinese for the keris, but also sorry to Malay cos I didn't manage to protect ketuanan.

I mean these kind of 'half past ten ' & insincere apologies, i think we are all quite familiar.

You don't hear the germans saying, 'sorry about holocust, only if you are affected by it, or your family', or 'sorry for holocust, and also sorry to the germans cos we didn't protect our supremacy race'

And I thought UNMO was sincerely for the first time, now I know again they give these kind of half-sincere apologies.

la cha mau,

I don't understand why Malay are offended? cos the statement is not directed towards them?

and why Mave is biased? in face I think he is too kind cos he didn't
put in the opening lines.

Anonymous said...


Wow, your blog seems to attract quite a pretty broad range of homosapien.

And Darwin was spot on - can take a man out of the monkey but can never take the monkey out of a man.

If our elected representatives and lawmakers continue harping on sensitive issues and instead of unity we could end up with adversity in diversity.


La Cha Mau said...

Anon @ 4.21pm

If you don't understand, please visit blog of The People's Parliament. Perhaps, you may get get a clearer picture.

As far as I am concerned, Malays are also offended because Datuk Ahmad has insulted the wife of the PM. She is NOT a malay and therefore according to the Datuk, she is a PENDATANG.

Bernard said...

May I draw all participants to the following blog, which if the contents are true, just means that UMNO are trying to sweep this whole episode under the carpet so that "business as usual" can resume!

Sorry, but I don't buy the apology one bit!


I just caught this news on Malaysiakini
Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is also Umno deputy president has issued a public apology over a remark made by Bukit Bendera Umno division head Datuk Ahmad Ismail (picture right) during the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election last month. However, leaders of various political parties here said that the apology by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak should have come from Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail himself.

Ahmad Ismail himself remains unrepentent. PM Abdullah Badawi (picture above left) tried to come to Ahmad Ismail's defence saying that Ahmad did not mean what he said and added that the remark was made 'in the heat of the moment'. However, the Chinese community and even BN Chinese based component parties were not satisfied. Faced with theprospect of giving up the Federal Government to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan Rakyat Alliance, DPM Najib Razak has apologized on behalf of Ahmad for Umno.

This Scribe was curious as to why the BN/Umno leadership were so afraid to take action against Ahamd Ismail for his deditious remark. After doing a Sherlock Holmes, this Scribe begin to get the big picture. It appears that Ahmad Ismail is a big time Umno warlord in Penang.
Ahmad Ismail was cleared of bankruptcy by the Insolvency Department in 2006. Ahmad Ismail is the figure linked to the controversial PORR project in Penang. He is the director of Peninsular Metroworks Sdn. Bhd., the concessionaire for the project. Ahmad is an influential Umno divisional leader and former Penang Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon was beholden to him for support. That was why Koh was powerless when Ahmad Ismail a mere Umno division leader could wield so much influence over him and accused him of not paying attention to the Malays in Penang.The CM’s former constituency of Tanjong Bungah happens to be in the Bukit Bendera division.

It gets more interesting here, The Scribe discovered that PM Abdullah Badawi was named as a director of Yayasan Bumiputra Pulau Pinang, who owns 34% of the PMW share via two wholly-owned companies, Kumpulan Pinang and Kumpulan Perhubungan. Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is linked to the Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR) project’s concessionaire company, Peninsular Metroworks Sdn. Bhd. (PMW) According to corporate information obtained from the Companies Commission of Malaysia, Abdullah (I.C. No.391126-07-5077) was first appointed director of the Yayasan Bumiputra Pulau Pinang Sdn. Bhd. His name is still listed as a director.Yayasan Bumiputra now controls 34.78 percent of PMW through its two subsidiary companies; Kumpulan Pinang Holding Sdn. Bhd. and Kumpulan Perhubungan Sdn. Bhd.

This was a result of restructuring of the ownership equity in PMW. The shareholders areas follows:
Kumpulan Pinang Holding Sdn. Bhd. (222310-D) 10,000 share

Lingkaran Tanjung Sdn. Bhd. (676910-W) 340,000 share

Setegap Berhad (107232-X) 12,750 share

Kumpulan Perhubungan Sdn. Bhd. (60597-A) 1,190,000 share

Nadi Senandung Sdn. Bhd. (381079-U) 1,897,250 share

Setegap Berhad is a construction company listed on Bursa Malaysia.Lingkaran Tanjung (formerly known as Jasminata Sdn. Bhd) was registered on 30.12.2004 and its registered address is at Suite 2.01, Tingkat 2, Wisma K.P.Loh, No 42 Jalan Besar, Kajang, Selangor. There is no information on the nature of its business and its financial standing. Sources said the directors are related to Datuk Ahmad Ismail.

Major shareholder, Nadi Senandung is principally controlled by Datuk Ahmad Ismail via a dormant company, Cedar Heights Sdn. Bhd. (267289-U). From the web of ownership structure and list of directors, it has confirmed DAP’s allegation that the PORR project is a classic example of Umno’s crony capitalism. Peninsular Metro-Works Sdn Bhd, would be given not just the profitable toll collection for 30-years, but also properties belonging to Penangites amounting to 31 hectares of prime Penang State land (why?). It would also gained 202 hectares of reclaimed land off Gurney Drive. The value of the total package? It’s approximately RM5 billion, not just the RM2 billion we’ve been led to believe.

Nadi group's power structure: Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail > Goh & Foo >> Loo or Chua. If the PORR concession is awarded to PMWSB, Nadi which controls 54.5% of PMWSB will effectively control the Board and the PORR project. But Cedar's Board will make the decisions, because Cedar controls 85% of Nadi. Cedar, in turn, is controlled by Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail (30%), City (29.3%), and Nagasari (20%). Among these three Cedar shareholders, Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail holds the largest power because, if disagreement arises, he only has to forge an alliance or agreement with either one of City or Nagasari to exceed 50% voting rights (To be precise, In the case of an alliance with Nagasari he will need another two shares).

In contrast, if either of City or Nagasari disagrees with him, each will need two other alliances, including one major shareholder, to reach 50% voting rights. Between the last two, City is far more powerful than Nagasari, because of its 29.3% vs Nagasari's 20%, but also because the latter's shareholders are split into two equal-weight of 47.5% (Loo and Chua), while City is owned by Goh and Foo of the same address, which is assumed to mean close relations or associates who would be expected to vote together. City's two major shareholders are also directors at Cedar.

It doesn't matter that the total attributable stake to Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail (13.9%) is smaller than to Goh Choon Aun and Foo Quin Yar (together 21.2%), or Setegap's 25.5%, or KPHSB's 20%. Simply because Cedar will dominate the Board of Nadi, which will dominate the Board of PMWSB, those who dominate Cedar will hold sway.

The State and Federal civil servants will have to answer the questions: How do you expect 20%-shareholder KPHSB to play a more useful role in the financially much more demanding PORR project and Peninsular Metro-Works Sdn Bhd, considering KPHSB's apparent inability to contribute to Jelutong Expressway? And if there is a high risk that Peninsular Metro-Works Sdn Bhd will not be adequately supported by its financially weak shareholders, why should PMWSB be awarded the PORR concession, particularly without an open, competitive bidding process?

That's the reason why PM Badawi, Najib and the rest of the BN/Umno leadership are just giving Ahmad Ismail a slap on the wrist over this seditious remark. Don't be surprised if Liow Tiong Lai, Ong Ka Ting, Ong Ka Chuan Ng Yen Yen, Chor Chee Heung, Koh Tsu Koon, Chia Kwang Chye et al will come and say to the Chinese community to accept Najib's and Umno's apology while heaping praises on the Umno leadership for their 'courage' in apologizing.

sinkeh pendatang said...

UMNO Kelantan threatens Gerakan? In fact it would pay fantastic dividends for either MCA or Gerakan to be the first major party to leave BN. And Gerakan should seriously consider this option.

UMNO Kelantan doesn't understand that it is UMNO that is the major liability of BN right now.

Anonymous said...

Heard from the grapevine, this Ahmad thing is just a red herring...

With all the ACA & police reports against him & his machais throughout the country, don't even think about 2010, he won't last a week in office... thats for sure & he will take down UMNO along with him.

Guess all the small fries that ACA hauled up, finally starts to spill the beans.



KIMHO8 said...

Without 308 and Permatang Pauh.
Do you think he will give this lousy apology or another slap even more slaps to non Malays?

Who is evil then?

Anonymous said...

MCA, GERAKAN, MIC you're welcome to joint PR on sept16, UMNO will really feels sorry!

Anonymous said...

how come they do not kill 'messenger' now? tak ada consistency lah.

HuntressMoon said...

how come Badawi tak terasa? he married a pendatang anyway.

Ah I am used to it already la with such words. Even my Primary school teacher used to call us Pendatang and asks us to go back to China when we were only 9 years old, studying in ASSUNTA.

Normalla.. But no cheese against her, she is suffering from cancer now. I walked past her house one day and asked her..


HuntressMoon said...


Basically, I believe that they are politically assisnating Najib. Just like how Anwar used to do it to Ghaffar Baba, Thamby Chik and Sanusi Junid.
I don't get it why Najib is just keeping quiet and letting the UMNO boys take advantages over him? or is he up to something.

Nevertheless, Najib is suppose to be the next PM. Are they trying to kill off Najib because Badawi has someone else in mind? Please don't tell me its his son in law? i so immigrate to another country edi.

mob1900 said...

This coming out from Anuar Musang, the biggest Kepala Samseng in Sabah, was wondering what 'Harmony' was he refering to in Barisan Najis?

Maverick SM said...

Dear Commenters,

I have said my views and if you think I'm bias, then you can keep your opinion.

If you think what I said is not agreeable, you are entitled to your own opinion.

What I wrote is what I think and believed in.

sorindian said...

the funny thing is if a Chinese or Indian say something like Ahmad said about Malays, ALL people in Umno WILL cry for blood and the guy will get ISA and jailed, his family will be interrogated by Police. OTOH, the chinese community just ask for an apology?
such is the double standard in Malaysia. how come we got 2 types of bangsar malaysia, one can talk and do anything and get away with it and the other live timidly like a frighten mouse? this Ahmad guy should at least be kick out of Umno and banned from politics!

GobloKing said...


Mav is definitely entitled to his own views - seeing as it is his blog. However ! (the famous "however")...:)

The problem dear Mav is that - nobody cares about Ahmad or Ali.

But we care that it is the LEADERS themselves who started this "free-for-all right to abuse the minority

What fun is it for the many in UMNO to trample on the few?

For myself
I do not have to accept the apologies of a hypocrite

I do not want apologies.

I want ACTION to redress the wrongs & for MY country to treat me as an Equal

I do not want to continue living on eggshells in the event the Mighty may turn against the Puny

And don't nobody continue to tell me "You Chinamen got rich from exploiting the Malays"

For 1 Lim Goh Tong (or Francis Yeoh), there are 500,000 struggling Chinese

Our families worked damn hard to get to where we were..and not from exploiting Malaysians & Malaysia

So dear Great Leaders - If you think your 1 word can address the wrongs of 2 generations - THINK AGAIN!

hasilox said...

Ahmad is just a tip of the sicko umno's iceberg


tepung chop said...

Sikap sesetengah pemimpin dalam UMNO tidak menggambarkan pendirian seluruh parti.

Khun Pana said...

i loves it when this ahmad fella bitch slaps najid and the bodohwi!
Ahmad have nothing to lose by not apologizing. After all bodohwi is the lame duck PM and najib is seated wobbly in umno.
ahmad made it loud and clear that day and made it loud and clear now. NO APOLOGY to anyone!
Gerakan and the mca can now officially kiss GoodBye to all their supporters .
Let's us see things the other way.
Anwar just won P.Pauh and bitch slaps umno.
ahmad said something very racial and bitch slaps the entire bn !
It was clearly very racial but it helps to hasten the demise of bn.
Theres Good and Bad out of this issue.
Now lets get back to PR, will they the PR slaps their MP from KULIM?
Lets wait and see.

Uttana said...

Bukan semua yang ada di dalam UMNO tu berperangai seperti Ahmad. Maka tidak adil sekiranya kita 'generalize' semua ahli UMNO.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

The comments here are so entertaining. Haha!

sam yellu said...

Why is Ahmad not saying anything?

Polis suruh dia pergi ke balai pun dia tak pergi. Tapi polis pun tak tangkapnya.

Anonymous said...

Ahmad ada pengaruh dia, cuma nak test tengok.

artchan said...

UMNO apologises..but Ahmad says go to hell with MCA and Gerakan. Even calls Tsu Koon immature.

MCA and Gerakan should just leave..where got face anymore?

PPP also should go..remember Ali Rustam said so.!