Friday, September 26, 2008

He looks like a leader

Today Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin praised Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as a leader who placed the party’s interests above his own.

Muhyiddin special praises comes after Pak Lah announced that Umno's AGM and supreme council elections have been pushed to March 2009 to “facilitate an early transition.”

Muhyiddin's Praises:

“I express my high regard and respect for the president. Pak Lah has magnanimously taken everything into consideration.

“He looks like a leader ..."

Source: The Star

He looks like a leader? Muhyiddin should have added: "He also sounds like a leader and he may be the leader."

Sadly, Muhyiddin did not comply to the Lingham's line.


Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Muhiddin should have said: What Pak Lah did was something the rakyat wanted all this while. I am sure the rakyat will be thankful for hearing their request.

moo_t said...

a leader who placed the party’s interests above his own.

umno place party above the people, wait, isn't it sound like a colonise master? (e.g. he place the queens interest above his own)

The people are SNAFU.

If I am Pak Lah, I will reject Muhyiddin "praised" and kick his ass.

Anonymous said...

Lingam said,
he looks like a leader, sounds like a leader but he's not a leader

suealeen said...

looks like only!

btw, selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin, semoga selamat di jalanraya!

kg.. tomorrow i come!

Jefus said...

"I have not made any decision as far as this particular point is concerned," he said. "The decision is mine, you can go on guessing. As far as I'm concerned I love the party."


is this country above self? it is clear, he is clinging on threads of hope that he may prolong his tenure, throwing the country's fortunes to the wind.

what you cannot do in five years, you cannot in five months with the party against you. time to pack,...the other guy will switch off the lights

##### said...

Muhyiddin memang seronok la kalau Pak Lah berundur awal.laluan Muhyiddin untuk jadi presiden pula akan terbentang.

hasilox said...

Not a koizumi. Not a gorbachev. Can paklah be a lee teng hui?

Maverick SM said...


Let's wait for PM's announcement on 9th Oct. He may spring some surprises.


Selamat Hari Raya. Have fun and enjoy your holidays.


You haven't seen and hear the last of him. Wait for surprises.


Pak Lah will be much more shrewd than those.

Anonymous said...

Can paklah be a lee teng hui? Nope, rather he's a Czar Nicholas II shot down by his own people

teresengal said...

Dia seronoklah dengar cerita tu. Boleh naik pangkat cepat sikit. Kalau tak, meti dia tak habis2 menyalak tu..

Maverick SM said...


Betul ke?