Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Khairy - The voice of Multi-Racial Youth!

The best gift for Non-Malays from Umno Youth

Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin officially announced he is going for the top Umno Youth post based on “friendship and unity” as his platform to win delegates’ support.

Khairy said he would be contesting the Umno Youth chief post "not only as a Malay but as a MALAYSIAN" who wished to have the voice of the MULTI-RACIAL YOUTH heard and acted upon.

Khairy made the announcement at his service centre near here at about 4.20pm before a packed press conference.

Khairy said he also hoped to reach out more to young people, in particular, the non-Malays, and find new ways to explain issues deemed sensitive such as Malay rights and the social contract.

“I not only hope to make Umno Youth more vibrant but want to get all youth wings in the component parties to speak in one voice.

“We need a new way of articulating ourselves. I am not contesting as a leader of a Malay youth movement alone but a youth leader for all Malaysians,” Khairy said, adding that "the Barisan youth movement should not be exclusive but “inclusive”.

Khairy said although Umno Youth formed the backbone of the Barisan Nasional youth movement, it would continue to engage the component parties in decision-making.

Source: Malaysiakini and The Star

My God, thank you very much! This is certainly a rare surprise for non-Malays. We had over the years, hardly hear such words from an aspiring Umno Youth Chief.

Over the decades, those aspiring to be Umno Youth Chief uses the race rhetorics to clamour to win support within the party. They often would incite and uses harsh words and often threatening words to show their communal commitment and to display ferocity.

This time we have one man who espoused that his ideological platform is to be the voice of a multi-racial Malaysian, and not just as a Malay leader.

Khairy emphasized that the Umno Youth movement under his leadership will be inclusive and not exclusive. That is certainly applaudable of a man, whom I have rated as a racist, who now have expounded with clarity his current political ideology and philosophy.

I salute him. I hope he is not Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin. Will he? Let's give him the benefit of doubt until we observed otherwise.



Anonymous said...


come on, you still want to trust him another time?

i don't believe the guy anymore.

"find new ways to explain issues deemed sensitive such as Malay rights and the social contract."

this is going to a talk only thing.

he is going to explain, and if you don't like it, you can go back China. that's what he meant.

the social contract thing is this:- "these pendatang was give citizenship, so don't expect anything more nor any equal rights". tak suka, then he will bring out his keris and show off.

Just sit back and watch.

Anonymous said...


"Why do you think we believe what you said?
Few of your words ever enter our head.
We're tired of hypocrite freaks,
With tongues in their cheeks,
Turning their eyes as they speak.
They make us sick and tired!"

E. Enigma

Dan-yel said...

Oh dear God... This is the biggest surprise ever Maverick! Finally we rein in the dog, to do as it ought to be and go where it should go. Never mind he's a hypocrite or what, the bottom line is that Malaysian citizenry are dictating his and other politicians' future. This kind of people power as evident here is a lot better guarantee for our democracy than to seek for a pure honest man for the top job.

basho said...


Khairy is a political animal and is merely responding to the enormous success that multi-racialism has had for the opposition. The racism of UMNO is intellectually and morally bankrupt. He knows that but he was willing to go along with it if it pushed him up the ladder. Now he realizes that that racism does not have a future, hence the change.

CK said...

i understand ur stand but im not gonna trust him.

to me, he's the same category as the ahmad and zakaria and the bung fella. you see their face, you feel like you wanna sma#$ them. call me shallow but yes, i judge them by look.

Anonymous said...


isnt he the same guy who raise his keris with kerishamudin in thge last few UMNO assemblies. this is another "cakap tak serupa bikin"!

HuntressMoon said...

aww come on.. really?
There is no such thing as ONE MALAYSIAN. if UMNO tries to connect all races into one party. In the first place, why have MIC, MCA political party in racey category?

What happens if a person have 3 races combined, he is malay, indian mixed chinese. He does not qualify either of the party because he is not pure breed.

Maverick SM said...


Thanks for the nice poem.


I tend to agree with you and share your thoughts.


I agree! I also believed that a new paradigm has set in and that Khairy is responding to it and shifting according.


I think trust is not relevant. We must also accept a paradigm shift and be less judgmental. Anwar was a racist before 1998, now he is preaching multi-racialism; and we accept that.


Hahaha...that's a good point to ponder.

One Malaysian may begin from this first step; if ever.

Jefus said...

my, my,.....

look at how realities on the ground make toads sing like canaries,....

Mav, cannot be so charitable la,...

Jefus said...

the difference between him and DSAI is baptism by fire, he had a huge umbrella all this time where as DSAI had his fortunes reversed, walked thru political wilderness,.... and have seen businessmen abandon his entourage in droves,....alot of difference.

two different individuals in the same politcal pond.

abdullah said...

I prefer the dead to Curry Jamaludin. Heaven! To raise the dead is easier than to reform this obnoxious being.

toolan said...

No, I don't trust him. Until the day he vomit back out all those money he "telan" and start from scratch again, from the people level, then and then only can he claim that he is championing for all Malaysian irregardless of race.
Therefore, until that day happened, what he says now is just lip service for support. To me he is no different from Lah Lah, just younger!

Anonymous said...

why when Anuar say , u belive but when Khairy said , cakap tak serupa bikin. Remember both are them are come from the same mold. Every human being made mistake and care for themself but the mst important is when the aware of thier weakness , they will speak the truth. Believe or not is not thier call , it sis the listener or follwer choise. For me , whatever Anuar / Khairy say is for the sek of thier position and at same time they want thier politik carear still on. Otherwise gone
So , if a person realized and want to change like Khairy , let them do it and as a member of UMNO , let the delegate decide. We chose the delegate and the delegate will chose the leader and the leader will chose the superior and finaly we are the one decide thier future. Very simple , we only ben manipulate by someone who like to manipulate the politic for thier own benefit. If u are the UMNO , u can talk bcz are are decider but if are not UMNO (PKR/DAP) don't waste ur time on UMNO issue bcz u have no right to decide what they want to do. Rtaher then waste ur time with UMNO issue , it is better spend the time for ur party improvement. Pls understand the defination of Value Added & Non Value added. Do not much focus on politic and forhet about ur own task.Every single second ur spend must be triple benefit u must gain. " Dom't waste ur time in those wasted years , faced up & realize that ur are living in the golden years " Towards Nation with " ONE MIND ONE DESTINY " Ariyos .... Proud to be Malaysian

RaZ said...

Hahahha you f**kers can talk all you want but you people are not the ones to vote.

Bottom line, its all politics. Must look for the right angle, just as any man would do when he wanna f**k a gal.

fergie said...

I thought this chap said he was going to resign if Anwar won in PP??? Now he wants to contest for top post? Another "liar" or "flip-flop"?

Yan said...

Like father-in-law, like son-in-law. Cakap tak serupa bikin. He hasn't prove it by his action. Say, as recently as the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign, did he stress on multi-racism as PKR? UMNO itself is a racist party i.e for Malay only, just like MCA & MIC for Chinese & Indian respectively.

I won't believe him as long as he is still in UMNO or until he has proven it with his action.

Anonymous said...

Why they still think that they need to explain the social contract?
The non-malays are fed-up with the social contract. No need to explain lah khairy... now that you want to contest, you want non-malays to support you? pooorahhh...


Anonymous said...


benefit of doubt until we observed otherwise?

wasnt he the same guy who said if the malays are weak, the chinese will exploit the situation?
wasnt he in the same league with kerishamudin in keris waving during UMNO assemblies?

asked him to cut the bull. its a bloody show and he will still be Ketuanan Melayu backer thru and thru.

You asked me whats wrong with being a Ketuanan Melayu backer. I am not going to argue on this subject which is now being debated extensively by others. But, what i cant stand is his Hypocrisy.

Gan said...


Professional politician who had it handed to him on a silver platter is quite capable of singing the right tune for the right moment.

I believe, it is his current right moment.

Helen said...

Yes, this is a good platform for him to reach out to those Mat Rempit.

Voice of a multi-racial Malaysian? I only hear the voice of a politician.

Psst sorry to dwell on this but I can't help it.. I noticed this post is posted at 10.38pm. Aren't you occupied? (according to your 'schedule') Multi-tasking eh? lol

Anonymous said...

Dear Maverick, if you believed a word of what KJ said, I have a bridge I want to sell you - for a song.

KIMHO8 said...

What is the difference of crispy roasted pork which made from Khinzir Jantan and Khinzir Betina?

Khun Pana said...

I just want to say this.
" Umno Pemuda Biadap "

KIMHO8 said...


Do you eat pork?
I love the crispy roasted pork from Bercham. Good!

Anonymous said...

You believe what that wet-behind-the-ears mamak said? He would trade in his fat old wife once his papa-in-law is shown the door

Anonymous said...

As I have commented in the past weeks in other blogs I would certainly prefer Khairy to Toyo or even Muhkriz. Say what you like it better to have a Leader like Khairy who knows how to repent than a shameful hardcore loudmouthed 1st generation Mamak from Penang!

Maverick SM said...


As a Malaysian it is our hope for co-existence and shared values. A right ideology which is a shared value is right and should be supported. Being negative and paranoid is not a solution.


You have your own opinion.


What you said is merely conjectural and unsupported by empirical evidence.


I don't remember he said that.


If you think that your believed will do good to the society, just carry on; for such ideological ingrained thoughts isn't promoting a better society.


I don't agree with you. You are making a conjectural representation which is without basis.


You have a point which is fair.


I was doing my task concurrently with this writing.


The difference is irrelevant.

ntkezaliman said...

when he made the announcement to contest for the top youth post,which side was he..jackel or hyde

Anonymous said...

Beware the trojan horse bearing gifts. Come, come into my parlour, said the spider to the flies.

mamaspecial said...


itu rombau punya worang; empat patah dia cakap, LIMA bohong tau!

lagi mau kasi chan sama dia... yennadey?!!

Al said...

Hi All ...
Can't trust this fellow at all ... he's the f*#@er that is selling the nation out at our expense ... for his own aspiration. His only strength at the moment is FIL. Come time FIL no longer premero uno, he should be properly placed ... I hope! Come on people ... wake up ... I do hope and pray that the people in UMNO will do the right thing ... don't put him in office.

Anonymous said...

Benefit of the doubt ? How naive can you get? What? You born only yesterday ka?

toolan said...

Fergie - I agree with you, he did say this, that is why I will not trust him.....a younger flip flop.

Mav, he did say this during the by-election and I think I have also highlighted to you are not getting old are you?

Lastly, there will never be any prove or evident to prove this SSIL "telan" money but let's not be naive on this....
I remember watching a very old video clip on youtube when Pak Lah was just appointed as PM, I can see a very young KJ at the back standing at a corner behind Pak Lah, he looks like just some bodyguard or PR guy or a usher boy only at that time, I am surprise how fast he climb the ladder! Who would have thought this kid looking youngman at that time would be now going for UMNO Youth and also PM son-in law......

Maverick SM said...


I don't know. What I am proud is that he says he is contesting as a leader for all Malaysians.


I prefer to be positive.


It's about not about trust; it's about hope.


The concern of our social fabric is disunity and disintegration; not personal traits or individual's wealth. As long as your perception and conception is allowed to be complexed and complicates, you remain paranoid and directionless.

toolan said...

Hi Mav,

Yes, agree on that, the problem now is disunity and disintegration...
But I do not believe KJ to be able to deliver what he is projecting. Furthermore, he is the type that we say in Chinese "Follow the wind directions". Furthermore, KJ is actually Pak Lah's blue eye boy but not very popular amongst the other UMNO leaders.
You are right that one should always observe and give one benefit of doubt but with KJ, it is pretty difficult. He is of different views and ideology last year and the year before, I can still remember clearly in my mind when I watched him in action in the UMNO General Assembly live telecast. Those things he said.
But I am not here to argue with you on that as time will tell but I truly hope that I am wrong.....(this time)

By the way, heard Teresa Kok is released, anyone got confirmation on that?

>| said...

... a youth leader for all Malaysians

hmmm... now where hv i heard something like this uttered before...leader for all Malaysians... leader for all Malaysians

Did some1 recorded the FIL's speech and stuck it up SIL's ass ah?

Maverick SM said...


ya, Teresa Kok is released and Utusan Malaysia wants her to do a Lie Detector Test. Utusan is now the God. I wonder whether why Utusan never asked Khir Toyo, Syed Hamid, Saiful and their own reporters to take the same test. I thought they were Muslims; but now I wonder if they understand what they are speaking and what the Quran said how they should behave.

artchan said...

you believe that your own risk.

Bloody racist monkey..cannot be trusted

toolan said...

Thanks for the info Mav, good to know she is out. Now I hope the culprits that did this to her are brought to justice(if justice still exists)....

Anonymous said...

Khairy "multi-racial"? Pigs will fly before that happens! I don't trust that bugger. Let Keng Yaik or Samy Vellu be the leader of the Youth. At least I believe that both are not so youthful, they have the time (now that Penang and Sg Siput respectively kicked them out) and both are a 100% 24 carat serpents.

Gukita said...

KJ????? Tale of the Century

Maverick SM said...


My opinion is: Khairy is taking the reality route. I think his political philosophy has evolved.



Ya, I agree it is a tale of the century. But I firmly believed that he is taking a pragmatic stand and his political philosophy has evolved since March08.