Thursday, September 18, 2008

Transition enigmatic paradox

Finance is and always remain a department that holds the key to the gravy train; and as such, the coterie follows religiously. But when the coffer is empty, it isn't a privilege job.

Defence is traditionally a non-management department at times of peace and tranquility. Those in this jobs role are mostly doing standby and doing training on the job.The only probable privilege is the legal secret of the vault room. That makes procurement mystic. However, this department is strategic at a time of complexities and uncertainties. It holds the key to coup and the tart. It is now religiously pursued like a virgin with twin axles - dig out dirt and/or Tsun Tze.

Don't judge the book at its cover. Don't think sleepy tiger is toothless.

"Don't play play," said Gurmit Singh


Jefus said...

ooops, I never heard of Prime Minister for Life, before, I have however heard of President for Life General so and so but,.....

times, they are a changing,.. (Bob Dylan)

Avatar said...

That 'Phua Chu Kang' phrase put in this context sounds ominous indeed.

Anonymous said...

don't expect Najib is be better than a sleepy tiger. Najib might be more awake that AAB, but guess who is he going to have for dinner? the rakyat?

Yan said...

Sir, you're right. This supposed sleeping tiger is damn dangerous.
He will eat up Anwar or us quietly without us realizing it. Or should I say too late by the time we woke up seeing most of them being ISAed?

He is actually both a "sleeping" & "smiling" tiger, a dangerous breed we ever had.

gojira said...

i came as a suprise when Addullah and Najid swapped their position.

but Najib had been in Ministry of Defence for so many years.and now Najid had to do the task of keeping the finance side of our country in good condition.

about Abdullah as the new defense minister,who knows of what will happen next in our defense system.but i hope it'a all for the good of the country.

jeremy adnan said...

terkejut juga saya dengan berita ini!.

ada yang bersetuju dan ada juga yang tidak bersetuju dengan pertukaran jawatan ini.

Najib tidak boleh buat apa-apa sekarang terhadap Pak Lah kerana Pak Lah dah buka ruang pada Najib.jika Najib betray Pak Lah,Najib juga yang akan rugi nanti.

Pak Lah pula mahu mengekalkan dan menjaga kedudukan dia.tiada apa yang salah tentang.semua pemimpin mahu kekal berada dalam jawatan mereka.cuma harapnya selepas ini Pak Lah dapat melakukan kerja dengan lebih efisyen dan tegas.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot...

Foreseen lots of questions coming from the opposition on the budgetary readings, change his soiled underwear with Najib.

In 5 shorts years, screwed-up the country economy & public security, blamed it on Anwar.


Helen said...

Yeah, yeah... this is gonna be the sequel to Crouching tiger, hidden dragon. lol

KIMHO8 said...

A1-Hantu-Punya PM to be.
Time for us to pray for our own.
Good luck to everyone!
Good luck to Malaysia!

KIMHO8 said...


I think you can be a better PM than those buggers.

At least, You will make triple precaution, 3 Durex per sex!

only said...

now Anwar wants the Parliament to meet by Sept 23rd.

he had already sent a letter to the Prime Minister on Thursday requesting him to call an emergency Parliament session no later that Sept 23 to deliberate on a vote of no-confidence against Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s leadership.(how ironic that Anwar is asking the permission from the ppl that he wanna kick out).

The letter was jointly signed by him as the PKR leader, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang and DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang, he said at a press conference at the PKR headquarters here Thursday afternoon.

check it here for more news.

but what is bugging me is that he wont reveal the name unless the so-called defect mps given the chance to vote against Datuk Seri Abdullah.heck,the mps dont even have to defect in order to vote against Pak Lah.they still can stay in BN and vote against Pak Lah.

and if the no-confidence vote is a failure (means Pak Lah wins the vote) then Anwar gonna say the mps that should defect to PKR had been back together with BN?

i'm really skeptical with all this "melompat" thing.

RaZ said...


Yups. No rush. He can put in a motion well within the notice period for the vote of no confidence.

No need all the drama. No need to lompat. If the 31 BN men votes with him then he got the government.

Or maybe not. King can call for fresh election. Maybe that is not what he wants!

Anak Merdeka said...

All these muslim politicians seem to have forgotten that we are now in the midst of Ramadhan. When Hari Raya finally comes around, we can sit back and enjoy the greatest hypocrisy show in good ol' Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

if military takes over, Bodowi still in charge till 2010, smart Bodowi.

Jay Jay said...

Clever Abdullah.

In the pretext of passing responsibilities to Najib, he is actually consolidating his position with him now being the PM cum Defence Minister.

Not only that, with the current sluggish world economy, he now has excuse to delay the passing of baton should Najib not performing in his new porfolio.

Maverick SM said...


I can't configure.


Do you like Phua Chu Kang?


Thanks for our shared thoughts.


Good point.

Jeremy Adnan,

Saya setuju.


Let's think and discern.


That's a good movie.


Let's pray for peace and harmony.

Ya, I love durex.


Let Anwar do what he thinks is good for the people.


You are right.

Anak Merdeka,

They did not forget. They knows.

Maverick SM said...

Jay Jay,

You have good intuitions.

sudah cakap kasi bikin said...

Inilah mungkin sebabnya mereka melakukan pertukaran. Dapat melihat Najib memikul tanggungjawab yang lebih besar dan berat untuk meneliti samada dia sudah bersedia untuk memegang tampuk pemerintahan nanti.