Monday, September 08, 2008

Picture for today


Anonymous said...

Was waiting for 5/13,
Was waiting for 6/13, nothing
Was waiting for 7/13, boring
Was waiting for 8/13, zzzzzzzzzz
9/13 coming oledi!

Hello got or nought? no balls ke?

Anonymous said...

Maverick, is that U?

But as a buddhist, my mum ( bless her soul ) instilled in me... buddhism is the only true religion & there is no god that is greater than Bhuddha!

BUDDHA is the only true GOD. He is the greatest BEING in this universe & there after!


CK said...

haha.... tat is 100% true!!!

Kittykat Honey said...

hey can't even spell right,no wonder we're all screwed up..

artchan said...

The tearing up of Koh Tsu koon picture should make it as picture of the day!

Anonymous said...


but i think putting your picture would be better.

artchan said...


thank you..but no..i am camera shy and not going for any election in MCA or UMNO or Gerakan. Those wanting to be in the news are behaving so is because they want to play the communal card to get noticed and maybe elected. Look at the face of the dickhead tearing up Gerakan chief can take him out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of him.