Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trillion Dollar Cheque

It is difficult to imagine someone giving you a cheque for an amount exceeding $1 Trillion Dollar. And even if you did received one of this, it would also be fallacious to believed that that cheque would be honored and truthful.

However, such cheques are real and common; only in Zimbabwe.

Last month when I was flying from Kuching back to KL I happen to sit beside Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe. We have a good chat and it was great fun when he told me that he has more than $1 Trillion in his wallet. He showed me: it was one piece of $1 Trillion Dollar note and another piece of $500 million dollar note. He was carrying with him $1.5 Trillion!!! LOL!



Dont be suprised, people like you and me can also issue Trillion Ringgit cheques if the current politicians rule the country, Zimbabwe style.

It wont take long, only 5 years maximum and it can happen in 2013! When Bombers are Finance Minister, anything is Bulehhh...

Malaysian are Trillionaires...

Avatar said...

Oh my God! Hyperinflation...sigh

KIMHO8 said...

We should be lucky if all of us are trillionaires!

No more DEB & dot dot dot because every of us are so damn richhhhhh!

??? government, ??? economy!

Maverick SM said...


I hope not! We will be shit down the drain.


That's not hyper! That's super-hyper!


Ya, we should be lucky if we can survive this turmoil.

CK said...


wow... celebrity bump into celebrity wor...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mave,

Zimbabwe's inflation is now running around 100,000%. They've just minted a new 500 million dollar bill in May 2008. It’s equal to about USD2.00 (Should be less than USD1.50 now)

What does all these astronomical figures meant to the average joe?

Check this out:-

That's the sad fact when you choose a leader based on his race rather than his capabilities. If Malaysia maintains the present status quo, mark my word, a time will come when we will all be billionaires!



moo_t said...

Dear qwerty, the info are outdated.

To get updated info, check wikipedia

According to wikipedia, July 2008, the 2nd issue ZWD$, 758 Quadrillion = 1 US$

Zimbabwe now issue 3rd dollar notes that removed 10 zeroes in Aug 1,2008. Now 3rd ZWD$ exchange rate 130,000 ZWD = 1 US$ ;)

So Zimbabwe people are rushing to change the 2nd ZWD note to 3rd ZWD note. Intriguing.

moo_t said...

China is the country that experience MOST hyperinflation in history - at least 9 times ,under different government, and some of it collapse. This happen due uncontrollable issues of money, or government produce inferior money that can easily counterfeit.

So I never believe all human will learn lesson from history.

And not too long ago, Malaysia are infested by RM1 counterfeit coins.

La Cha Mau said...

Correction Maverick. That's not a Trillion. That cheque was made out for one QUINTRILLION, seventy two TRILLION, four hundred and eighteen BILLION and three MILLION only.

Maverick SM said...


Nice and kind words from you, my dear buddy. I hope to meet you some day.


Thanks for the info and link.


Thanks for the update.

Do you not think that the empirical facts of inflation here is equally 9 times?

La Cha Mau,

Thanks for the correction. Ya, I didn't read the zeros ... too many.