Friday, September 26, 2008

The dog got insulted by the egg

Report lodged against Teresa Kok for insulting egg

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 24, 2008) : The Seputeh Umno Youth division lodged a police report today against Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, claiming she had insulted the Royal Malaysian Police and the egg, which is an essential food of the underprivileged.

The division’s deputy head Alawi Dahalin and several other members lodged the report at the Brickfields police station.

Alawi said he had heard Kok complain about the food she was given while detained under the ISA, at a press conference at the DAP headquarters in Petaling Jaya, shown on the night news on TV on Sept 20, a day after she was released from custody.

He said Kok had said the food she was served was "fit only for dogs".

"By saying this, she had insulted the police and the poor. Eggs are an important food for low-income earners and the poor. As an elected representative of the people she should not have said that," he said.


What an insult to Malaysians from Umno. Is that statement insulting the police and the poor? Those guys have replaced their brains with their kidneys and their thoughts are shit organs. The world populace are reading our Malaysians intelligence level and we have so many of those aligned with the oligarchy making such farcical, frivolous, ignoramus, imbecile, inane, loony, ludicrous, patsy, porcine, preposterous, sycophantic, tawdry, twaddle, incendiary, rigmarole ... you can find so many words to characterized them!!! No wonder this nation is down in the abyss!


KIMHO8 said...

Teresa is 100% correct!

Dog food can be much more expensive than eggs. Just check it at the pet shop. Some dogs are luckier than human.

Egg yolk has too much cholesterol in it. It will kill someone if they have illness or above middle age.

HopefulPessimist said...

what the hell!

no wonder the police has no time finding nurin jazlin's killer, they had to entertain the stupidity of these morons.

Avatar said...

Don't these people have anything else better to do?


CK said...

sometimes i wonder if silence is the better treatment of tis kind of moronic stupid act. but again, wif the msm controlled, tis will be made so big.

speechless. i would just let them continue to be stupid. god bless

Anonymous said...

Tresa koiq loves to suck dogs'eggs!

Jefus said...

"farcical, frivolous, ignoramus, imbecile, inane, loony, ludicrous, patsy, porcine, preposterous, sycophantic, tawdry, twaddle, incendiary, rigmarole ... you can find so many words to characterized them!!!"

my goodness, look who didn't take his happy pill today,....

this is getting to be a circus! only too many i said, the discussion will fizzle into some brain dead issue and the root matter forgotten.

haven't this been the same with everything else, for example ( charging parents with neglect when the child was lost,... )

Anonymous said...

Who is going tolodge a police report against umno for mismanaging the econmy?

FDI outflow exceeds inflow. Malaysia tops ASEAN in capital flights.

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) World Investment Report 2008 released today, FDI outflow in Malaysia surpassed inflow by RM8.99 billion in 2007.

Malaysian outflow had surged by 81.9% to RM38 billion in 2007 from RM20.89 billion the year before.

On the other hand, inflow increased by only 39% to RM29.07 billion versus RM20.91 billion in 2006.

Interestingly, among the 10-member Asean countries, Malaysia was glaring as the only country to record a negative flow, Malaysiakini reports.

This took place despite the fact that the Southeast Asian region recorded its highest ever FDI inflow - which jumped 81.1% to RM209.2 billion in 2007 from RM115.5 billion in 2006.

Anonymous said...

now you see why FDI is fleeing the country. this place is turning into a circus.

they are not even fit to be called clowns, more like monkeys and orang utans to me.

and don't bother to lodge a report against me for 'insulting you and your family, cos you can say humans came from monkeys'.

have a nice day.


Maverick SM said...


You are expressive!!!LOL


You are right.


Ya, they had; this is the better thing.


Silence is concurrence to the moronism; they construed. Objection or divergence are threats to national security.


Our police system and the legal system is now a new circus.

KongKor said...

Now, even eggs get insulted" Wakaka, me no faham inglish"

Is this the end result of the education system in Malaysia? Seems that the system produces more clowns than anything else.

Way to go, UMNO in bolehland. 3 cheers

MAT said...

Aiya Mav, what do you expect from umno Seputeh? They are just a bunch of idiots and morons !

Maverick SM said...


This makes our educational system more interesting. Now we understand better on dog food and eggs.


That's sedition. Be careful; just a friendly advice.

bayi said...

What next? An SD? :)

Maverick SM said...


Our system of administration is cocked and stuck in the mud. SD, police report, ISA, national security and OSA are all in shambles, beyond any intellectual discernment.

Anonymous said...

teresa kok be investigated for insulting eggs? hey, ISA be used again coz because of this insult, fewer people are eating eggs, therefore causing economic losses to the farming industry, therefore causing higher unemployment, and therefore SHE IS AN ECONOMIC THREAT and therefore....ISA MAY BE USED ON HER. (Based on fictituous interview with Al-BLUR FULL OF HAIR)

Anonymous said...

Tresa kioq's and dog's egg fit for food because free of melamine.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wow! I learnt so many new words from this post. :)