Friday, September 26, 2008

6,000 homeless for TNB cost saving

Energy, Water and Communication Minister Datuk Shahziman Mansor said just 2% of the Central Area Reinforcement project to upgrade the power transmission grid is held up because the Pakatan Selangor State Govt refuses to force the Kampung Sungai terentang village residents to give up their land for the benefit of TNB.

TNB's plan is to built the grid across the village which will only cost them RM12.2 million and to be completed within 3 months. The alternative route proposed by the Selangor Govt would add another 7km more than the original route and will take 2 years to complete at a cost of RM120 million.

Looking at the facts as above, TNB of course preferred to evict and acquire the land and forced the villages to be homeless but with a promise to compensate them in accordance with the land acquisition law (which may be enough to buy a dog house and a rotten egg).

The choice:

Make 6,000 homeless citizens who currently have their homes or Spent RM120 million?

Shahziman and TNB agreed that it is still cheaper to make the people homeless!


KIMHO8 said...

No compassion. No mercy.
Management decision.
Standard procedure.
How cruel this world is!
No money, no talk!

Fortunately, we still can see the courage and faith among our people.
Thanks God!

Anonymous said...

Tresa Kioq knows how to make a good dog house and boil rotten eggs.

hasilox said...

Did you just said dog and egg? I am going to lodge a poolice report! lol

It's cheaper to replace shahziman and TNB's management.

moo_t said...

This is disgusting.

RM 12.2 Millions building cost? How much money will be compensate to the 6000 villagers? If 10 millions are spend on the infra, each villagers will be given RM333.33 "compensation".

No wonder Amir Hafizi say Malay are cheap to be bought over.

moo_t said...

Dear Anonymous 10:29 AM, you are pathetic. Using anonymous and yet dare not to mentioned the name directly.

If you refer to Terasa Kok, too bad, she doesn't need to make dog house, nor she need to boil rotten egg. Unless you want to live in dog house and eat rotten egg.

Actually Terasa Kok should stick on dog food call, because many people spend more than RM5 per day feeding their dog(s).

Maverick SM said...


Courage and faith = Kamunting.


Please spare me from the turmoil!!!


Disgusting isn't the facts. It's oppression.

Anonymous said...

I doubt TNB even plans to compensate the villager properly, it will be a force sale of their land at a ridiculous price for state use.

might not even have a pay a cent if u invoke it under state reclaim land use.

Of course, TNB prefer this, free land what.

moo_t said...

Just did an simple analysis and blog about it.

IT seems Shahziman Mansor are lying here. The cost can NEVER be 12.2 millions. Just a simple calculation,RM10,000 compensation with RM10,000 land, it will cost RM120 millions. How the hell Shahziman Mansor derived the RM 12.2 millions number?

It is the same conclusion that Anonymous 1:05pm pointed out, Shahziman Mansor seems want to help TNB to transfer the compensation cost to Selangor government, drain the local government coffer and resources. Luckily, tempeh toyol are no longer there, so BN and TNB plan are foiled. :)

Maverick SM said...


I think the RM12.2mil is just the cost of TNB's work excluding the land compensation as it would be paid by the State Govt.

We must accept the fact that the Transmission grid is a necessary project. The question not answered is: why this piece of land? Why not accept the alternative route although it cost more as this is about corporate social responsibility?

Take note that the piece of land was originally a TNB land. How the people becomes the owner or whether they are squatters on TNB land is not make known.

In Malaysia we do not have Adverse Possession Law and though the people had squatted on the land for more than 12 years, under the land law, the land still belongs to TNB.

Thus, the essence in the current scenario is much about political wisdom and corporate social responsibility of an Institution that belongs to the government.

The main problem is: corporate social responsibility is not a fundamental corporate responsibility and not a regulation.

moo_t said...

Doc, I am not sure about the squatter status on the village. Because TNB talk so little about the "squatter land" for ALL COST.

Well, not much info reveal on TNB and even housing ministry (Ong Ka Chuan keep muting about this). I smell something fishy. History now are drag into the picture.

Apparently, the village is a kampung baru. I try to google it, hopefully this website give some hint why TNB avoid talking about squatter status.

If this is kampung baru, then how the hell the land acquire by TNB and become reserved land is pretty "intriguing".

I notice umno politikus play racism topics behind this issues. And obvious evidence shown here.

It seems Kampung Baru sungai terentang people fight for their own rights, as a citizen. OTH, Malay village affect by the TNB blatantly surrender their land, perhaps buying the umno politikus story and surrender it.

When all the sudden, Kampung Baru sungai terentang people fight for compensation, this umno politikus play up the game. I think they want to divert attention of the people that they deceive.

Now the Selangor land office is under PR government, perhaps Khalid Ibrahim is holding some cards we don't know. ;)

The Rawang representative mentioned people live there for 60 years.

moo_t said...

Further news searching show that, some of the villager possess the title of the land. Now that is a WTH scenario.

Most Malay village affect by the program are either misinform or no idea about CAR, I suspect it is a deception from umno. This is clear because umno politikus play racial card to divert attention of Malay villagers affect by the project.

KIMHO8 said...


Shame on us!

Maverick SM said...


Thank you for the fantastic research. I am delighted to understand better the current issue.


That's a good equation.

Anonymous said...

Just tell scrap metal buggers those screws holding transmission towers worth thousands!

Anonymous said...

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