Friday, September 26, 2008

Top Ten Karaoke Song

I just received some sms-es from so many people;

Subject Title: 2008 Karaoke Survey Results.

Top Ten songs were selected for the final:

No. 1 song: Mahathir's My Way

No.2 song: Pak Lah's Dream, Dream, Dream

No.3 song: Najib's Your Cheating Heart

No. 4 song: IGP's I'll Be Watching You

No. 5 song: Anwar's Wind of Change

No. 6 song: Saiful's I Swear

No. 7 song: Syed Hamid's What a Kind of Fool I'm

No. 8 song: Teresa Kok's The Dilemma of a Loud Speaker (duet with Khir Toyo)

No. 9 song: Murugiah's Investigating Dog's Poor Food (from a New Album just released)

No. 10 song: Rezeki dengan Se Orang Perempuan Cina (unknown singer)

And the winner is: Syed Hamid's What a Kind of Fool I'm

NOTE: Two songs were disqualified as it could posed a threat to national security: "Why ISA" and "The Passion of Making Police Reports".



bayi said...


enjit2semut said...

and the winner is...zzzzzzzzz

Yan said...

Sir, you're at it again! I'm really like your blog!

BTW, Mahathir's MY WAY is an oldie & already outdated. He cann't have it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Song No. 11: KJ's "Useless Father in law"

Song No. 12: Koh Tsu Kun's "Yaeterday once more"

Maverick SM said...


siok sendiri saja.


That zzzz is not the winner.


Thank you. BTW, Mahathir's My Way is now a remix.