Saturday, October 18, 2008

The conference of Rulers Special Statement

Conference of Rulers issues special statement

The 215th meeting of the Conference of Rulers, held at Istana Maziah here, issued a special press statement yesterday on several matters enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Following is the statement published by NST:

"Press statement issued by the Keeper of the Rulers' Seal on the role of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Malay rulers regarding the special privileges, position, eminence or greatness of the Malay rulers, Islam, Malay as the national language, the special position of the Malays, and genuine interests of the other communities in accordance with the Federal Constitution.

Source: NST

The following are the statement published by The Star:

Rulers defend social contract

The statement by the Keeper of the Rulers’ Seal, Engku Tan Sri Ibrahim Engku Ngah, was issued after the 215th meeting of the Conference of Rulers on Thursday.

He said the Malay Rulers held the constitutional role of safeguarding their “special privileges, position, eminence and greatness, as well as to safeguard Islam, Malay as the national language, and the genuine interests of the other communities in Malaysia.”

He said the Rulers warned that there should never be any attempt to test or challenge issues related to the social contract.

“The actions of certain quarters in disputing and questioning these matters, which formed the primary basis for the formation of Malaysia and are enshrined in the Federal Constitution, had caused provocation and uneasiness among the people.

“In retaliation, several quarters particularly Malay leaders whether in the government or non-governmental organisations as well as individuals had expressed their dissatisfaction and anger against those who had made the statements, reports and organised the forums.

“Among the reasons identified for these to have occurred is the cursory knowledge of those concerned regarding the historical background as to why these provisions were enshrined in the Federal Constitution and the influence of their attempts to implicate the principles of impartiality and justice without regard for the historical background and social condition of this country.

“Unless this phenomenon is arrested immediately, it can lead to disunity and racial strife that can undermine the peace and harmony which has all this while brought progress, development and success to the nation,” he added.

“As such, it is necessary for the Conference of Rulers to emphasise and remind all quarters of these constitutional provisions besides giving emphasis to the assurance of safeguarding the genuine rights of other communities.”

The Rulers also called on the Malays to be united saying “it has to be emphasised that this agenda is more important and foremost than political or factional interests”.

“Non-Malays should not worry because their rights are guaranteed under the Constitution,” he said.

Source: The Star

Today NST frontpaged this:

That Statement From The Conference of Rulers

A timely reminder … A warning to some … A message for all … Above all … A Call To Reason

Most Malaysians saw it as a message of unity, peace and harmony … Of the need to RESPECT the Federal Constitution and each other … Respect the rights of all communities … A reminder of the things we risked losing.

They all agreed that the position of the Malay rulers, the privileges of the Malays, the status of Islam and Bahasa Malaysia had not been questioned by the rakyat but a few politicians for their narrow interests.

…But they all agreed that it was a warning not to exploit the social contract for political mileage …

For the Malay Solidarity Council, the statement was precisely what they have been campaigning for in light of what they see as an increasing tide of challenges to Malay special privileges.

"Society has just gone overboard in arguing about the social contract and this statement is something that is needed to stop all these disputes," said council chairman Tan Sri Ismail Hussin.

The council represents about 200 Malay NGOs which in May convened a special congress, which in turn sent a petition to the rulers asking that they put a stop to attempts to dispute Malay privileges.

Source: NST

PAS vice president Datuk Husam Musa said: "I believe it was intended for the race based political parties and also media like Utusan Malaysia, which has been promoting racial hatred, through their reports and even short stories."

Source: The Malaysian Insider

Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said no community should assume that the statement referred to one of them specifically.

Historian Professor Tan Sri Khoo Kay Khim described the statement as a reminder to all Malaysians of the centrality of the Constitution and the Rukun Negara.

Bar Council president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan agreed that the statement reaffirmed the importance of the Federal Constitution and was a reminder of the guarantees accorded to all Malaysians.

"It reminds citizens that the guarantees were a result of well-considered negotiations, resulting in the social contract which we as citizens must respect. It is a much needed message of unity, peace and harmony," said Ambiga.

Source: NST

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said: “Umno is not a ‘bully’ party, there is no such thing as bully, we are all friends. Do you think Ka Ting allows himself to be bullied? You think Samy Vellu can be bullied? You think Koh Tsu Koon wants to be bullied?"

Pak Lah said: “People say that Umno is a party that likes to bully. I actually have no idea how to bully. There is no such thing as bullying.’’


The Malaysian Insider commentary said:

"Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi must be suffering from amnesia.

"That is the most charitable conclusion to draw after he said today that the perception of Umno being a bully in the Barisan Nasional was off the mark. Wasn’t it only a month ago that Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail exhibited supreme arrogance when he showed no remorse for calling Malaysian Chinese immigrants at a rally in the run-up to the Permatang Pauh by-election.

"And when Gerakan stood up to him, he behaved just like a schoolyard bully.

"He asked for Gerakan to be kicked out of the BN. Not surprising that that the incident did not register with Abdullah as he addressed the MCA for the last time as the chairman of BN and president of Umno.

"He and the party’s supreme council members only took disciplinary action against the Bukit Bendera politician after being pushed into a corner. Even then, it was half-hearted attempt to apply balm on the raw feelings of the non-Malays.

"Is this PM so out of touch with reality that he does not understand how frustrated BN leaders have become in dealing with arrogant Umno politicians."

Source: The Malaysian Insider



msiaman said...

He and his lack of control over the UMNO warlords that caused the bullying to happen. He is no different from a complacent parent that close all eyes on happenings with their own kids.

From the UMNO convension, Bukit Bendera and Penang episodes with the charged up UMNO bunch lead by the infamous SIL. No bullying? Who were they targeting? Aliens brought back by our Cosmonaut?

msiaman said...

Anyway, people don't pay much attention to this outgoing sleepy head anymore. I mean, what credibility does he have? Almost every time goes against his own words.

People will expect just the opposite of what he said rather than believing his statements.

Maverick SM said...


You have a point. I think the political landscape is in a evolutionary phase and the global crisis and events would lend credence to the need to change and evolve.

Billy said...

I only wish that their royal highnesses would come out hitting hard instead of beating around the bush with their statement. Who are they referring to that have been questioning the social contract? Cite examples of who, where, where and how. This kind of ambiquity will somehow vapourise into thin air within a couple of days and all would be forgotten. Haul up the culprits to the palace and have their severely reprimanded. I am only to happy to bet my bottom dollar that the advice would go unheeded and something is bound to happen in the near future.
Personally, I do not know what this social contract is all about. All I know is the supremacy of the Federal Constitution which has been raped over and over again till it is almost losing its worth. The only social contract I know is the UMNO social contract, and by being it so, we non-Malays therefore cannot question it.

Mike said...

To Billy, don't question the Rulers statement. Its up to you to analyse the statement.

To Msiaman, don't be happy about the outgoing PM. It is not the work of caring M'sians but the evil hand of TDM and his cohorts, so we have to be more worried guys. As a person, Pak Lah is the best umno has.

We hope the Rulers will think of something good for the country, so we can live peaceful and prosperous lives.

Pak Lah was trying to clean-up Umno/BN when he first took over but he miserably failed. The same dirty institution he tried to clean-up is now kicking him out. So please dont celebrate yet.

The only way to change the government of the day is, borrowing words from Bob Marley's song, " Total destruction The only solution"

Anonymous said...

you've the right to question anything and the right to chose wherever you want to live in this world and remain alive or RiPK.

Maverick SM said...


I think we can be rational about it and view the statement in a much positive light. I personally think it is validly and clearly said and it need not be pointing fingers to make a point.


You do have a point. Somehow, I think Pak Lah has failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't be nicer if Rulers can decide to call change of Government based on highest MP supporting for change and better governance. but again, Rulers also survives on commoners tax payers monies. pretty sad indeed for the rakyats.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't be nicer if Rulers can decide to call change of Government based on highest MP supporting for change and better governance. but again, Rulers also survives on commoners tax payers monies. pretty sad indeed for the rakyats.

Jefus said...


Don't you think that the social contract will be reviewed if not now, then sometime in the future as the population demographics change? ie, the minorities will be less represented due to the diminishing numbers in the coming generations due to ZPG or migration?

We are realistically standing on shifting sands and what our forefathers did not forsee was the rapid change in the population distribution. Purposefully engineered?

Anonymous said...

Jawa kontrak terAkhir adala.

Maverick SM said...


Yes, the world evolve and politics evolve too. Everything will go through the process of evolution and nothing stays constant.