Saturday, October 18, 2008

One night in Kuching

I came to Kuching on 14th. for a 5-days seminar. I will only be back to KL on the 19th.

I had a strained neck and I can't turn my head. The pain is excruciating.

My buddy took me to a place called Foot Master for a massage. It's located at a 4-storey shophouse somewhere at BDC Commercial Centre.

You'll be surprise that the foot masseur can do a great job with the neck. Those masseurs were men and women from Sichuan China.

Of course I had a good time. The male guy did a pedicure and another did the foot massage.

It only cost me a total of RM65 (note: my buddy paid for it). I think it would have cost me more than RM100 back in KL.

The masseurs did a fantastic job. BTW, it was done along the hallway of the shop and there's no hanky panky; they are real professionals and highly skillful.

After the massage we walk downstairs and there was a hawker centre; so we might as well have a nice supper.

This foodstall caught my eye.

It's called Chung Tze Seafood.

I thought it was Chuang Tze, the Chinese philosopher.

Anyway, I ordered a fried mee from another stall.

The fried mee was not bad.

A karaoke at the front of the hawker stall caught my attention.

The stall was selling soveniors and it has the karaoke tools for customers to have some fun.

There's also a 50inches LCD TV monitor.

A lady who came with her friends to dine there went up and sang two songs. Her voice was fantastic. It must be fun to see people coming for supper here and enjoying some karaoke sessions.

This place is really unique. This is a fun place!


bayi said...

Thought you wanted to tell us you went ahead and sang a song! Didn't you want to try the karaoke?

tony said...

need more time to explore/discover kuching. WC to kch land of paradise. (part of STB promo slogan)

gongkaukau said...

sounds almost like the song "One Night in Bangkok" to me. :) Was that on your mind?

Maverick SM said...


I didn't have the guts and I was afraid the spectators would throw rotten eggs at me.


Ya, I will spent more time in Kuching to explore.


Ya, It does!

Anonymous said...

so its proven by `China dolls' that
massaging the foot can cure the neck! Fantastic. i'll try to strain my neck before i go back- Mmudahlupa

Maverick SM said...


You can go with me the next time.