Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Distress notice

I am still sick and somewhat immobilized.

So, not in the mood to blog.

But I still have to go for various corporate duties and meetings as required.

Hope my body can take me through the routines.

Sorry folks!


HuntressMoon said...

get well soon mave, the weather changes have been extreme since last year. I remember falling ill every month but now i rarely do.

the trick is drink more water and 100 plus and every morning and night, rinse with Listerine.
note: Listerine did not pay me to mention.

zewt said...

get well soon.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Hope you get well soon, Maverick!

Vanilla said...

Bed is where you should stay, rest well... get well soon.

HopefulPessimist said...

I know how you feel Mave. I'm not well too. Stuck in bed today. Hope you're feeling so much better than I am. Take care.

Meeky said...

Hope u recover as soon as possible. Am missing your postings already.

psc said...

take imodium for your diarrhoea.
chicken soup is helpful.
get well soon.

Maverick SM said...


Thanks Huntress and I will go buy 100plus now.


Thanks, my friend.


Hi dear, I also hope so.


I will try to stay in bed as much as possible.


That's awful to know we are the same health.


Sorry Meeky and I hope to get well soon.


Thanks and I will take chicken soup.

Anonymous said...

hope u get well soon. Take care. - Mmudahlupa

hasilox said...

Distress? No upside down flag ya. After kena tangkap :P

Get well soon.

Maverick SM said...




No upside down flag; scared of ISA arrest and sedition charge; no money to pay the legal fees.

Anonymous said...

If all the people are like you, sick also no want to see doctor, all the docs in this country will have to tutup depa punya klinik and their wives and children will starve to death. Apa ini, kedekut sangat?

seefei said...

Try some vitamin C. get well soon!

Maverick SM said...


I will; thanks.