Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A day in a year

Today is my birthday. Only one person (a friend) sent me an HB2U sms. While writing this line, another came from my son.

But today is a bad day. Last night my arse leaks the whole night and I had not had a good sleep. I am sick, probably due to food poisoning (I didn't eat anything unusual yesterday; just normal meal) and exhaustion; and I had a meeting today to attend. My body is damn weak and my mind is too tired.

I had to prepare myself and go for the meeting now.



Avatar said...

Dear Maverick,

Happy Birthday! And have a speedy recovery.


Moo.. said...

Happy birthday and many happy returns.

Mr. Pig said...

Dear Dr. Y,

Happy Birthday to you. Wishing you "Fook Yu Doong Hoi, Sao Bei Nam San" (Cantonese for... something auspicious in celebrating birthday; dunno actual meaning, haha).

Cheers with beers to you.

agnos said...

hi mav - happy b-day. prob u didnt get enuf malt that's why stomach upset! :-)

all d best.

Maverick SM said...




Thank you.

Mr. Pig,

You no invite me for dinner - sek tai chan? Thanks, anyway.


Maybe I should go for a malt today; Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, me is your, u may call a blog stalker, n decided to come out n "WISH U A HAPPI HAPPI BIRTHDAY"

HopefulPessimist said...

Hey Mave,

Happy Birthday. Many happy returns. :)

Hope with so many birthday wishes in here will make you feel a bit better.
Get well soon!

Take care

Bunnies said...

Happy boofday to yuuuu.. Happy Boofday too yuuuuu.. Happy Boofday to yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuoouuu... Happy Boofday to uuuuuu...

Aiyah.. cancel the damn meeting and rest la... going for meeting in a leaky situation is asking for trouble!!

KIMHO8 said...

Happy birthday to
our birthday boy!

Have a good rest today. Get some oral rehydration solution for yourself.

Don't worry about work, another new fresh start on tomorrow.

You will get well very very soon!

nat said...

hb2u! :)

seefei said...

Happy Birthday Marvie! Get well soon!

Jefus said...


Happy B'day, many happy returns for the day.

Is probably the KLCI, giving you the runs,.......try not looking at the Bursa today, maybe that will help.

Anonymous said...

Don't let Bung Mokhtar of Kinabatangan know that your arse is leaking or he will comment on your "punggung pun boleh bocor" in Parliament

GobloKing said...

Hippo Birdy 2 ewe !!
May the sun shine on your face!
May the roads rise up to meet you!
& May Malaysia survive the financial crisis!

As a seasoned food-poisoned person to another - take

electrolytes by the litres (powder sachets dissolved in boiled water) should see you not being tired (GUARANTEED) within 2 hours

Immodium to stop the shitting (& save toilet paper & water to flush)

Charcoal tablets to absorb the gas (so you won't be blaming the dog all the time!)

Anonymous said...

DR Yeo


william yeoh said...

hi dad, again wish u hapi bday, speedy recovery..look for doctors if u need to. best wishes..

AnakPenang said...

HB2U and Many Happy Returns!!

KongKor said...

As the saying goes, "one year older, one year wiser" Happy Birthday, Mav

moo_t said...

A-P birthday :)

Maverick SM said...

Hi Anon 10:45am,

Thank you so much for the nice words.


Thank you, Miss Hopeful and I also wish to have some hope in life.


I love the birthday song you sung. Thank you.


Thanks; I have yet to have any medication nor solution. I just came back from work and they are piling up.


Thank you.


Terima Kasih.


Thanks, Jeffery. The KLCI will do no harm to me as I have sold down all stocks on 11th Jan. 2008.


Thank you very much, GobloKing. I will try to get those you recommended by tomorrow.

Anon 3:09pm,

Thank you. Who's that? Reveal yourself as you call me by my name.


Thanks, son.


Thank you AnakPenang.


Ya, I'm one year older now. Thanks for the good wishes.


Thank you Moo_t.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mave,


As the Irish would say:-

May your pockets be heavy,
Your heart be light,
And may good luck pursue you
Each morning and night!



bayisingh said...


Hapi bertdey! Luckily I switched on the PC or I would have missed the occasion.

No SMS, cos dun have ur mobile number!

CCP said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Yeoh

cakapaje said...

Hey Maverik,

Happy Birthday!

Maverick SM said...


Thanks. How is your goldmine in Africa?


Thank you very much.


Thanks Shahrir. Nice of you.

Berisman said...

Happy birthday,my friend:-)
Take care and God bless.


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Happy Birthday Mave!!!!! I sent you an ecard, but I dont have your email. Can you gimme your email and I'll send you one =D

lucia said...

another year younger... how young are you, mave? ;)


stay happy always (even despite the leak).

Pauline said...

Happy Birthday to you!

From Phang & Pauline

Maverick SM said...


Thank you very much. So kind of you.


Thank you Pak Adib.

Constant Dramatic One,

Thank you, honey.


Thank you, sweetie.


Thanks to you and Phang. So sweet of you both.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...


Maverick SM said...


Thanks honey.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you 're feeling better now .......... no more giving birth to a nation.

Cheers from One Long Dick.

Maverick SM said...

One Long Dick,

Thanks. And where are you now?