Monday, October 27, 2008

The Tale of BayiSingh

Dear Pastor,

I walked down the busy footpath, knowing I was late for an important meeting. My eye fell upon one of those unfortunate, homeless vagabonds that are found in every city these days.

Wearing what can only be describes as rags, carrying every worldly possession in two plastic bags, my heart was touched by this person's condition.

Some people turned to stare. Others quickly looked away as if the sight would somehow contaminate them.

Recalling some long ago Sunday school admonition to "care for the sick, feed the hungry, and clothe the naked." I was moved by some powerful inner urge to reach out to this unfortunate person.

Yes, where some people saw only rags, I saw a hidden beauty.

A small voice inside my head called out,

"Reach out, reach out and touch this person."

So I did...........

I can't be in church this Sunday!

Source: BayiSingh


hassan said...

What a time to spend in hospital during Diwali!

See see don't touch lah!

next station said...

Wah...what do you do? Betul-betul kena kau kau. :)

Anonymous said...

Mav, bring the injured guy for massage. i'm sure it will cure both legs!- Mmudahlupa

Maverick SM said...


please do visit my friend BayiSingh in hospital. Please bring some oranges and apples along as it is deepavali.

Next Station,

He didn't do anything; he just reach out and touch the poor girl.


You very unsympathetic guy; please go visit BayiSingh and bring along some oranges and apples as it is deepavali.

yok hoong said...


happy deepavali. Good One, Ok.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Hahahha! I want her body!!!

Maverick SM said...

Yok Hoong,



You already have one!!!

Gukita said...

HOHOHO, What a treatment to receive when the `lady' seemed practically screamed to be `touched'...