Friday, October 10, 2008

Malaysia hails achievements in THES Ranking

Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin said it is something to be proud of that a number of Malaysian Universities have attained such high positions in the THE-QS University Rankings of 2008.

University Malaya achieved 246 ranking (from 230 last year); UKM surged up to rank 250 (from 309)in 2007), UPM is ranked 320 (from 360) and UTM is 356 (from 415). USM is 307 (from 313 in 2007).

UiTM is .... somewhere not too far down there; not at the bottom; quite high up from the bottom 1,000.

It clearly shows that Malaysian universities is able to sustain the top 500 position as compared to many other universities from Cambodia, Phillipines, Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Iraq, Timbaktu, Tua Sua Ka, Lau Pi Sai, etc. We only lost to Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford.

The Higher Education Ministry will asked the government for some money to celebrate the higher rankings and achievements of our universities. Maybe, some billboards will be put up to promote our success.

The universities achieved such high ranking despite the fact that the criteria used for the ranking is discriminatory and unfair - the survey did not take into considerations the special privileges which should be, in all normality, accorded to us.

The university Vice-Chancellors all agreed that they have improved and such improvement showed that the universities' strategic plan, implementation and hard work are showing great results.

"We are looking to the future and we will transofrm the universities into world-class in 10-50 years, if not, not more than 100 years time."


Anonymous said...

UKM (Universiti Kemunting M'sia) is 2nd, next to Guantanamo. in world ranking. VC, albabi the pintu.

CK said...

malaysia uni boleh...... pi ciak sai lah!!!!

dun attack me. i'm from USM so i can criticize my own uni ok?

thegoz said...

While our universities are definitely cobbled up with flawed systems such as the quota an so on. It is worthy to note that the ranking system is too flawed. You can be no. 100 in that ranking and be no. 1 on another list with a different perspective. There are lots of other perspectives which are not included in the ranking system done by THES as it revolves around generalism.

I think you are aware that USM is an apex university. It is not chosen by the government or lobbied by some politicians to be chosen so. A free panel from Germany had chosen USM to be an apex university. What that means is USM targets to be in top 100 within 5 years and top 50 in the next 10 years. I'm among the sceptic myself, by I honestly think this is a good start.

The reason why our universities are quite bad are not really because of the students are bad but its because they are some how attached to the government in a way that slows progress down and impedes competitiveness. USM being an apex university means its supposedly be free from that.

we'll see from here. i believe, u too hope for the best. ;)

Sifu Mirza said...

hi mav...

jez wanna borrow datuk s.m salim song title...

"apa nak jadi...apa nak jadi.."

KIMHO8 said...

Ah-yo-yo,100yrs so long ah~!
Is better to restart or retard?

msiaman said...

It is this syiok sendiri attitude that kills the drive for excellence.

CK said...

sifu mirza,

the next line should be

"sudah teruk, nak pretend lagi" instead of the original

"sudah tua, nak kahwin lagi"

suka_aman said...

dont expect that we can compares our uni to other reowned unis such as Harvard,Yale,Oxford and Campbridge.

those unis have been around many years longer than all the unis here in Malaysia.

there will be always someone that's better than us always.Harvard,Yale,Oxford and Cambridge may have the place as the best universities in the world but are all the faculties in these universities really are the best among the best?

Anonymous said...

no they are not the best in all, and i bet our local uni got some good points too? someone just need to point that out.

i am from the local uni, and i know our standard is actually not bad, compared to oversea grad, at least at undergrad level.

hasilox said...

Khaled is right! It's something to be proud of, considering all the universities are led by imbeciles.

Can anyone name a boleh institution which is not? I am still angry at paklala for doing so little about this. He even let jeanne into the idiotic fray. grrrrr

Be proud. With a new mongolia PM, we should have a higher number, probably put dow jones index to shame :P

youth attack said...

for our unis to have the same standard as Campbridge may takes us 50 years or even 100 years.

our educational system aint the same as in Europe and America.

Highschools in America is more less like our unis here where students have to switch classes for different subjects.our primary and secondary schools here have teachers that go from a classroom to another and students just wait for the teacher to come.

Anonymous said...

in football, we are now in the same league as laos, cambodia and phillipines when we used to wallop them with cricket scorelines.
in sepak takraw, we are no longer the kings.
in hockey, we are slowly but surely going down the same route as football.
in education, ha2 its the same trend.
and damn these politicians from UMNO who are still trying to hoodwink the people that the ketuanan policy is the way to o. For this, a special thanks must be given to mahatir for initiating, propagating and nurturing thsi decadent policy.

Jefus said...

i know a guy who hires fresh grads as clerks, runners,.... b'cos they can't get other jobs.

its not funny when you are part of the casualty.

KIMHO8 said...

Most of the Filipino and Indonesian maids are degree holders too. Don't play-play!

Cruzeiro said...

The THES method has to be flawed - that's what makes them look bad!!

Nevertheless considering the many affirmative handicaps that need to be taken into account (like the targetted 60,000 kangkung PhD by 2015 under the "MyKangkungBrain" project), M'sian Uni are top of the world, man!

You see - they provide "employment opportunities" for the many professional theses writers who have been deprived of academic opportunities ....

Hidup Umno!

glosari said...

saya menghormati UM.dari dulu saya teringin hendak belajar di UM tapi tiada peluang.takpela.bukan rezeki saya kerana saya pun bukannya pelajar yang pintar.

tapi saya percaya UM dan universiti yang lain di Malaysia boleh menjadi lebih baik dan bagus dari sekarang.yang buat tak bagus bila banyak sangat kepencingan yang berlaku dalam universiti (pelajar,hal ehwal dalaman,dll).

ada juga yang saya dapat tahu pensyarah tidak menghormati dekan!.

Anonymous said...

Benchmarking : Singapore NUS was 30, and NTU 77. Perhaps this may inspire Malaysian universities to aim higher.

Birds Talking Too said...

Still wan to talk about churming out 60,000 PhD's in 12 years?

Brainless Ministers!

Birds Talking Too

Anonymous said...

dismantle U P U immediately! aspiring students to apply D I R E C T .

each and every varsity/faculty to set their own admission criteria.

for courses with limited seats - all aspiring students must be made to sit for the common E N T R A N C E - E X A M whether you are a ~ tra or non ~tra

of course we must not deny anyone who has the minimum qualification ( which can be arbitrary anyway)their tertiary education. thus there must be some affirmative public varsities reserve for some affirmative purpose.

ah...some intelligent suggestions from product of 246th ranked UM!

hassan said...

I would suggest the gomen declare a public holiday to celebrate! :)

MIT-grad said...

Improve a few standings and now talk like we are Yale standard already.

moo_t said...

Doc, MoE, politikus and the local university deans think THES ranking are like money. The bigger the number, the merrier. :)

toolan said...

Evening Mav,

You are right, all Malaysians should paint the town red this weekend and all jump with joy...Hoorraahhhh!!

This is the standard these so call top people that is put in charge of our local Uni's, actually these are the standard and mentality of these typical so call top honcho's.....don't you feel like hanging yourself?
Incompetent TOOLAN!

Anonymous said...

60,000 PHDs? looks more like with 60,000 Permanent Head Damage. With the kind of quality exhibited, most will end up working as janitors and jagas in hospitals ( or rather Tanjung Rambutan hospital). Mnisters of such dubious calibre really brings his ministry into disrepute. I really yearn for the yesteryears where Q really stands for Quality.

Mr. X said...

New Polls on UMNO: -
1. Should Members of Barisan Nasional converge to form a Single MULTIRACIAL Party?
2. Who do you want as the new Youth Chief for UMNO?
3. Who do you want as the new Deputy President for UMNO?

Maverick SM said...


ciak sai is okay ah???


You really think so? I teach in the university.


I like the song.


100 is a nice number.


No lah; I write to siok sendiri.


But we got Boleh Spirit mah.


Let's talk about Uni, not Najib.

Youth Attack,

While the elite universities are surging ahead we are contemplating with a consolation that they are much older unis.


I also.


I agree; any method used which does not give Malaysia an appropriate ranking higher than Oxford or Cambridge must be flawed and unreliable.


Saya pun hormati sampai mati.

Birds Talking Too,

We can manufacture them.


I agree.


But we are better than Yale.


I think so.


No, I am celebrating our success.

Mr X,

Thanks but I don't vote in Umno.

toolan said...

Mav - "pooop"....."pouring champagne into glasses"....cheerssss!

Anonymous said...

no need ranking la, SPM failed also can become Chief Minister and billionaires.