Saturday, October 11, 2008

Philosophy for this Week

Najib says:

"Adopt Chinese Principles for Greater Harmony"

Adopt Quanxi & Mianzi
in our daily living.

Relationship & Give Face

The essence in Chinese Philosophy is not relationship and give face; it is about trust and Integrity, honoring promises and showing respect, humility and graciousness.

But our values here are "Greed" and "No Give Face"; lack of trust and lack of integrity, broken promises and utter disrespect, humbling others and discrimination, threats and coercion, Ketuanan and Supremacy by virtue of domination and might.

The essence of our philosophy is but, kautim and kangtau, ciak ka liau and bo chap siau.

Mei Quanxi and Mei Mianzi.



Anonymous said...

what NAJIB says 'Relationship' and 'Give Face' to Najib, let Najib wallop the monies contracts and fortune of Malaysia into his pockets, then let Najib take is 3-inches Keris 'look-alike-dong' to bathe the Chinese 2 billion shits. that Najib is same Najib back in 1987 lah.... Najib may be older, fatter, dumber and whiter than 1987, but the name and heart still remain the same like 1987. Sun Tzu reminded years ago, Know Your Enemy... so Mei-GuanXi!

Yap Chong Yee said...

In the history of nations, very rarely a nation will produce a natural leader who has the vision to understand the problems that the nation is facing and how to slve them; our great leader Mao Tze Tung was one and Mahatmagandhi was another and there is no denying that our great Lee Kuan Yew ia another. These were leaders who saw their nations' problem and how to solve them. I believe Dato Seri Anwar is one of such a leader for Malaysia.

I had in an earlier post said that the most retarding force for Malaysia is the divisiveness and that in any society and in fact in all societies that practises sectarianism, they have failed without any excepton. If you know of any nation where sectarianism is practised and they have achieved success, please point them out in response to my belief to prove me wrong. Therefore if it is acceptable that sectarianism is a false assumption to base one's nation's CORE VALUE, then why continue on such a false and self defeating course of actions ?

Mahatir prepetrated a lie to the MALAYS that the Chinese had exploited the naivete' of the Malays and that the British colonial government of Malaya favoured the Chinese in awarding government contracts and that Chinese community will only deal with our community to the exclusion of the Malays and hence, this retarded the progress of the Malays. This was the lie that the Malays readily aaccepted as truth and that if they had been treated fairly they will have the talents to succeed. This lie is now proven to be a lie, because since 1969, with Mahatir's NEP in place the Malays still remain where they had been since 1957; nothing had changed, so much for the Malay Delemma"

Yes I can anticipate that you will raise the question "the NEP has lifted thousands of Malays into the middle class", WHY IS THAT NOT TO BE CALLED "SUCCESS?" In short, the NEP failed miserably because the NEP produced a false middle class. The education that exist today arising from this NEP produced an Army of non functional "PROFESSIONAL" class; again in short, this class created UNDER-EMPLOYMENT in the areas that they are supposed to EMPLOY THEIR TRAINING AND EXPERTISE. They more often than not cannot function in their job, as an example, go to the offices of Bank Bumiputra and you will see that every level of their building are occupied by the clarical stuff of Bank Bumiputra; this is a joke in a day and age of the computer.

Has the NEP produced a meaningful and functional entrepreneurial class. Here again there is a lie that is perpetrated under the NEP. It is not useful to say count and name who among the Malays have succeeded in business, but it will be more meaningful to name the big projects that were undertaken or "bought into" by Malay entrepreneurs and to see if they had succeeded. Bumiputra interests bought LOTUS for a few hundred millions at a point in time when Lotus was going BUST ! What profit has Lotus brought to these Malay entrepreneur ? The Langkawi Airlines was sold to Mr Fernandez for Rm 1 (one) and was that a good idea ? I read in the media that the successors of this airline owes the Malaysian Government some 120 million in arreas for landing fees. The Malaysian lost close to Rm. 1 billion in a misconcieved TIN SPECULATION some decades ago. The most visible failure is that crack pot "PROTONG " car manufacturing project. Not only did that project failed miserably but it totally distorted the car market in Malaysia and it is still ongoing; the Malay government still does not know how to stop the losses that the project is haemorraging today !

It is most important to know the biggest problem and mistake that still exist today, please know that the largess that the UMNO government squandered over these 50years were generated from revenue from oil or at lest 80% of this wealth. I believe Malaysian oil is depleting and by 2030 will be gone for all time. There has not been any capitalisation of this largess. The billions have all gone to send a Malaysian dentist into space for Rm.100 million; puff of hot air.

Singapore, Swizerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and lots more prove that natural resources are not the determinant for the success of a nation; HUMAN CAPITAL IS ! Singapore has been the biggest beneficiary of the Malaysian NEP; most of the young Chinese professionals have migrated to Singapore, Australia, China, Canada, USA Britain Hong Kong etc.. I have very often pointed out the most obvious fact that at the begining of Malaysia there were 5 million Chinese and 6 million Malays, but now after 50 years there are now 22 million Malays and still 5 million Chinese. This is undeniable. Singapore had only human capital and nothing else, but why is it that Singapore is ranked top 10 most competitive nations in the recent "stats".

The Chinese have for the last 50 years not been supported by the Malaysian Government and we are not too concerned about any change because we have no expectation; but all the same, if there are any upside for our gloomy conditions then why not. THERE IS NO SOLUTION EXCEPT FOR MALAYSIA TO REALISE THE BENEFITS OF ALL MALAYSIAN WORKING TO ENLARGE BIGGER THE NATIONAL CAKE FOR ALL MALAYSIANS. The NEP is a dismal failure.

I fully endorse the proposal of Ku Li in an earlier post in Malaysian Unplugged, that the answer is to form a ONE PARTY STATE something like what is the People's Republic of China's. I am not holding my breath because the is a natural opposition to anything Chinese but yet you do not have anything better to offer in its place.

toolan said...

Morning Mav,

Actually all you guys missed the REAL point lah, basically Majib wants more people to "POH LAM PAH", his especially. The higher you "POH" his "LAM PAH", the more "TIM" you will be lah.....
So, once you "POH" his "LAM PAH", you will be regarded as a man full of integrity, trust and respectable because you respect him, so anything you want for your business, sure "Kau Tim" one.
This is the QUANXI Majib is talking about get ready buys and girls, get your "POH LAM PAH" hands, towels and what have you to a better, brighter future....

hasilox said...

No adopt chinese chiaksai principle? Got such principle or not? oopps. lol

moo_t said...


Najib are insulting ALL human being. Relationship & Give Face are NOT philosophy, those are human interaction!

Najib like many umno jokers, they refuse to learn what is philosophy.

In summary (as stated in Wikipedia) in precise wording :

Philosophy is the study of general problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, beauty, justice, validity, mind, and language.

moo_t said...

Oh wait, Doc, I think you are right.

Those are Najib philosophy indeed! He think Chinese principles are quanxi & mianzi.

In Chinese history, it is a mixture history of dissidents, feudalism, gangsterism,etc not unlike any history with other cultures.

If Relationship & Give Face are Chinese "principles", than it will contradict to the fact that Chinese people keep toppling the government.

moo_t said...

hasilox : In China history, there is REAL cases of "chiaksai".There is few cases of feces tasting.

According to Chinese medical history, extraction of the feces that keep away for years, are a medicine call huang-long-tang , or yellow dragon soup.


Maverick SM said...


Good opinion; but I must say it is opinionated.

If you asked the Malays themselves they felt they had benefited; they had education and go to universities which otherwise, they had believed they could not; they had matriculation and that's the point.

There's much of opinion and phobias. There's the irony that they felt they are discriminated by the autocracy system; they are discriminated instead of the contrary; that's opinion and that's the belief system in place. PERIOD.


No lah. Najib meant what he said. Please listen to his advice.


Ya, the Chiak Sai Principle also work.

Maverick SM said...


Those are values and culture of a given society in the economic world.

We just accept the philosophical discourse; it doesn't matter the definition.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mave,

It would be appropriate if he advise us to adopt the chinese MOU MAN THAI - meaning No Problem (to cantonese read meaning No Ask Mention)

Jefus said...

Coming from an individual who has made fence sitting into an art form,.... I would regard the statement as an overture to please the ears of all things Chinese,....nothing more.

But,..... it is still early days and there should be more to come. Sit back and enjoy the opera,....Chinese that is,.....

Anonymous said...

Adopt Mongolian priciples because only Mogolian has defeated the Chinese ever.

Yap Chong Yee said...

Hello Mave, long time no see !

I would first like to dispel all this nonsense about this Guanzi bullshit. There is nothing pecularly Chinese about Guanzi, the Indians too have it. The development of Guanzi arose from the fact that in the old days of travel by ship, it took some month to go from China to any migrant distination; and both the Indians and the Chinese came to Malaya to find work much like what the Bangladashi and Filipinoes do today. On these long sea journeies, often one traveller makes friend to the next guy who hapens to sleep next him. This was how Luanzi developed and it is the same with the INdians who came to Malaya for work. These friendships often developed into very firm relationships sometimes more enduring than true family ties. This is Kuanzi and there is nothing special nor very Chinese. It is just human nature to get close to some one who has shared hard times together.

I am not particularly interested in what happens to Chinese nor INdians nor Malays; but what I am interested in my regret that racism was propagated by Mahatir to an extent that Malaysia has become irretrievable divided and riven with endemic sectariansm. I do not live and what happens to Malaysia will not impact on me. It is merely my regret that racism is such a futile national ideology, and the Malays think it is OK ! This is my regret the sheer futility of it all. I have quite often read the writings of Azaly Rahman. He is truely a Malay intellectual, and I must confess that he is VERY DEEP and I have very often found him difficult to read; but he writes with great clarity. I only wished more Malays can read and understand him. Another Malay whose writing I like to read is Bakri Musa and the often contribution of Farish Noor.

My reason for mentioning these writers is that, from my opinion,generally or evn as a community, Malays lack core values of ethics, morality and has no tradition of the pursuit of philosophy. I doubt DPM Najib when he publicly claimed that his best subject in Law School was JURISPRUDENCE. I think this is bullshit. I studied Law in Singapore and one subject that I just could not get a hold of was JURISDICTION, and yet I could find no difficulty in doing fairly in the other subjects, because JURISDICTION is not law but it is about law. I just could not understand what it is that is not LAW but is about LAW. I believe Uni of Singapore has droped that subject. I will be taken to task for saying this, but Malays do not have any tradition of core values of ETHICS, MORALITY AND PHILOSOPHY. THAT IS WHY malays have no concept of human rights; you do not feel the embarrassment of abuse of HUMAN RIGHTS.

There are universal core values of human rights and these are enshrined in the UN Charter of Human Rights. The ISA exist in Malaysia 60 years after the cessation of the "Emergency" and the ISA still exist to suppress the people (Chinese).

I think it is time that we consider what model of government that will help all Malaysians to build a decent society that conforms to the minimum standard of Human Rights. That is what a civilized society is all about. I still believe Malaysia has a long way to go to meet the minimum standard of a truely modern society. I endorse Tengku Razalieh's proposal of a one party state; that way we can all belong to one Malaysia for all races as Malaysians.

artchan said...

not even PM lips is hallucinating and talking cock.

what does he know ABOUT QUANZI AND MIANZI.

How correct can a flip flop PM make to name his successor? AAB should just keep quiet ...and go quietly. He is endorsing and someone he knows nothing about.

KIMHO8 said...

Adopt Quanxi & Mianzi in UMNO style???
Absolutely gross!
Maybe other BN component parties enjoy the sensation very very much.

Maverick SM said...


If your mindset is calcified and prefixed, there's nothing else needed.

Yap Chong Yee,

I respect your point of contention but you are so skewed towards totalitarianism and deviate emphatically away from the subject caption.

I do not agree with you about the Malay tradition which culturally are so rich in values and customs including high morality, ethics and the philosophical approach in humanism. You are skewed and you tend to approach the subject through the needle-eye of your personal dilemma and frustrations of the system.

I also do not agree with your subject caption of JURISDICTION. All I learned is JURISPRUDENCE which is the fundamental philosophy of the development of the theory of law and natural justice.

For as long as we closed our mindset to phenomena and equate everything within the contextual perceptions of our ingrained and calcified biases, we would not be able to enhance our cognitive intelligence.


Najib knows about Quanzi and Mianzi; so, do not allow our cognitive disabilities dictate our thoughts and perception.


I think the subject caption as directed by Najib was relevant; why do we need to seek the devils out from nowhere?

KIMHO8 said...

Najib is supported by UMNO. UMNO is supported by the devils out from elsewhere!
Even my husband inactive membership is relevant.

Jefus said...


There are matters he'd need to square off convincingly - once and for all before he can proceed anywhere. Remember, when he becomes President, and PM, unresolved matters will haunt his tenure endlessly.

His baggage will impede his efforts as leader for the country.
Should BN remain as the dominant party.

These issues in my opinion are what M'sians want resolved. Building bridges across the multitude of minority races will come second to this.

His fence sitting tendency does not bode well for a national leader.

First words, then commitment,..... will that come? Past records are dismal,....

Maverick SM said...


Nice joke.


We are criminalising our own thoughts and making it far complex than it should be.

We are a plural society and diversity is in fact our strength. What we need is an honest system of government, a govt that takes concern of the welfare of the citizens and a govt that takes care of every citizen; most of all, a govt that is colorless and with a judiciary system that the people can depend on to provide justice and fairness in any dispute or exoneration.

Jefus said...


Your leaps of faith are admirable, I have cognitive fixation on past performance.

toolan said...

Morning Mav,

So, bottom line anyone here got "contact" with Najib? I mean even our Saifool get to see him over scholarship issues, so I think for businessman out there who wants better Quanxi(translate to better business deals) should have priority also what.
Anyone? Maybe you can help me Mav since you have a student from PLC company? Can ah?
We are using Quanxi now what right?
Ha, ha, ha......(I can just see Mav giving that sinister grin)

Maverick SM said...


I may have worded it in such manner as to give you an impression of a leap of faith.

What I actually try to explain is that the nation needs to reform the judiciary system, the police dept and the ACA so as to give confidence to the public that they would be well protected and are able to proceed with their life, business and social endeavors without the fear and phobias as can be empirically observed in the current environment.

I also like to emphasized that in forwarding our thoughts and in the desire to see change we should not be clouded by our negativities in every aspect such as to draw simplistic conclusion by concoction.


Ya, just go to Najib and semua ok...

toolan said...

Yeap, everything will ok, rosy rosy and bloody explosive....

Anonymous said...

talk only..lah. it's another way of buying over chinese votes.

or maybe they want to? but then it interfere again with the culture and etc, and again you see nothing at the end. expect that.

you think they are serious about adopting what is good? no need to go to extend of quanxi or etc. just take what is good currently in th world, don't care if it's from the americans, uk or the modern China.

artchan said...

until today..that sonofabnitch has not apoligised for 1987......"to bathe the kris in blood"

can we even think of letting him be PM?

Maverick SM said...


If we cannot leave the baggage behind and move forward, then we ourselves will live in disaster.

Let's get on with life.

Anonymous said...

What Najis know about Mianzi and Guanxi. Are you familiar with this words? What I know these words commonly use in gangster movie.

By watching too much movie then copy the wording he really not fully understand really making country thicker into shit.

Oooppps...He is Sai, cin cia chow eh sai. Lan ciakpui pansai, Lu ciaksai liao panpuih.

Kep sin kep sin, la some lan ai cho dau liao.

Siao Kui