Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bayi's Mathematical quiz

Science and Mathematics in English?

Learn the first scientific equations:

What the heck is this equation?


leyaw said...

Save to screw, cutie pie who knows how to solve the equation is definitely above 18.
Hahaaha....I wish math papers was this easy to solved.

zainal mokhtar said...

Before you screw the cutie pie who's under 18, make sure the sob btw xcu

wmmarhaen said...

Before I screw you, are you over 18 Cutie Pie?

or better still, let's ask CutiePie..

Bai (Bayi) screw you, are you over 18 Cutie Pie?

June.W said...

I hope my add-math was this easy. Here, I think Cutie-Pie is a friendly gurl huh??

Maverick SM said...

June W.,

I think you got the best answer..

leyaw, Zainal & wmmarhaen,

You have a good guess ... and fun answers. Thanks for participating.