Friday, January 09, 2009

An Unforgetable Incident

As I was driving back home this evening I turn at a T-junction. Suddenly my front wheel drops into a portion of the road which has been excavated. There was no signage on the road but the road had been excavated to a depth of more than 1ft and left open. without any barricade or roadsigns to forewarn. I could not reverse nor more forward and my car tilted. I just didn't know what to do.

Then, a passing car stops and a Malay man came forward to lent me assistance. Another Indian man from the same car also came forward to help me. The Malay man's wife also came forward to lent assistance. The two man help to push my car and within minutes my car was safely out of the troubled zone. I quickly get out of my car to thank the two good Samaritans. They waved back at me and rush back to their car, probably rushing for their appointment. Regrettably, I did not have a chance to shake their hands and to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks. I hope one day I will meet them again so that I can convey my deepest appreciation for saving me in such time of distress.

I caught a glimpse of their car - its a BMW 5-series and the car registration plate has a single digit number. I think the Malay man and his wife must be a Yang Berhormat and a Datuk and Datin. They have shown to me the virtue of a true Muslim; rich men with enormous empathy and good heart, ever willing to lent a hand to those in distress. I also wish to thank the Indian man who has the same virtues and empathy. Whoever they are, I have to express millions of thank you Sirs and Madam. I am grateful for the help in times like this.

Today, a Malay and an Indian help a Chinese who is in distress. Dear Malaysians, lets continuously help each other and do not let the color of the skin divide us.


Nesh's Bru said...

Thank god that it happen at the right time.Seriously.. just imagine when it was raining. Those authorities should do a better work on keeping the motorist alert on such works. i don’t understand how would someone not think about the consequences it might effect the road users. Damn Road Contractors! I think I could do a better job on that!

bayi said...

There are gems in all the dirt. Let's focus on the gems. I fully agree with you, Mave.

Mr Bojangles said...

Good show by ordinary Malaysians. Shame on the contractors and the local authority overseeing the job. Shoddy, dangerous, and lack of commitment. Yet they will still get paid.
By the way, what did you do about the hole in the road? Cover it up, place a tree branch in it to warn others?
Hope you were not that shaken up to forget to do that...
The next person may not be so lucky.

Maverick SM said...

Nesh's Bru,

You are right; I would be shit if it was raining.


It's a good way to view the social environment.

Mr Bojangles,

It is not a hole. It is a long excavated trench along the road edge at a T-junction.

Anonymous said...

i believe that we, malaysia still strongly attached to each other. i believe in our hearts theres no hates but loove among us.

but all the politicians from all parties whom start the fire for their own goods. hyporates.

me, a malay neighbour

Purple~MushRooM said...

Maverick, which car were you driving? The big benz that bayi gave you?

RaZ said...

Geez which part of the country have you been hiding in Mav?

When it comes to helping fellow humans, race, color, or creed does not come into the picture. It never has.

But I'll bet you the same Malay or Indian man that helped you would be very quick to curse and insult the other races for the problems and issues affecting their races.

We all can talk and shout as much as we want, but it is our actions that reflects our character. But most of us here have forgotten that somehow.

Maverick SM said...

Hi Malay Neighbour,

I like what you wrote and I share your view.


You are right; now sudah rosak.


Credit must be accorded where credit is due.

The political reality in our country is due to the failure of the government to integrate the various races into a single community. For as long as we are called Bumi and Non-Bumi, we are divided and segmented.

I agree that actions reflects character and we should look at the mirror to critically reflect our own attitude.

RaZ said...


For as long as you see it as Bumi or non-Bumi, you will be divided.

Bumi is not about race. Or even Malay, according to our constitution. But I guess most people do not know that.

As for the credit, dun be too quick to credit the other races for helping another race in times of trouble. We are all human beings with typical human nature (and weaknesses.) They are many examples of these kind of cooperation. Maybe for some of you here its news. For me, they just form the foundation of human social interaction.

Have faith in humanity. It exists in real life. Very different on the Net. The Net today is still wild as I first got on 15 years ago. People's behavior on the Net are not what it is in real life. (Applies to me, too.)

And dun get to emotional about my ramblings. I think I'm getting mellow in my old age and I need to release some of the pent-up stress of living in this sorry world. And your blog seems to be the easiest to vent it out.

Happy New Year. (Both Gregorian and Chinese.)

Maverick SM said...


You said well but I like to paraphrase: for as long as we are classified as Bumi and Non-Bumi we are divided.

Credit must always be given where credit is due; this is the fundamental.

We have to accept the cyber-space existence and its unmitigated liberty.

I can accept rambling and I can accept criticism; but not personal which lowers the dignity of an individual. We normally speaks and write as a third-party and expresses the general behaviors or characteristics of a subject or class of people, but never directed to an individual, the exception of which is the factual comments or statement made by a person which has been published by the media for public consumption.

Happy New Year to you too.