Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dr M & his Quit everything American

I like this: Dr M calling all Malaysians to quit jobs with American connection.

He should also call those who had business dealings with American companies to quit too; and that should include his son Mokhzani's Kencana and Kamaladdin's Oil Tool.

What about those who drives American-made cars? Should they need to sell it and buy another?

What about those who works in Amex, CitiBank and other American and American-related investment banks and corporations?

What about those exporters selling their products to Americans? Should they stop trading? What will happen to our GDP? America is Malaysia's 2nd largest trading partners!

What about Khazanah's massive investments in American corporations and stocks?
And Khazanah's massive borrowings from Americans too!
What about our government's and GLCs borrowings from American banks and financial institutions? Don't pay the loans or pay back all the loans?

Read Mahathir's piece at (link is here)

Excerpts from the Malaysiakini news report:

Ex-prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Malaysians "will not die if they do not use the US goods" and urged those working for US companies such as fast-food giant McDonalds to quit their jobs.

"I hope Starbucks and McDonald's employees will stop working there," he told a crowd of 500 people who held a noisy protest outside the National Mosque after Friday prayers.

"If you have the US dollar, please change to other currencies, or to our ringgit. When you stop using the US dollar its value will drop," Mahathir added.

"They will become a bankrupt country and will not be able to produce weapons for Israel."

Shouting "Long live Islam, long live Palestine, destroy Israel!" they said Malaysians should boycott Coca-Cola, Colgate and Starbucks.

Coca-Cola spoke out today against any boycott of its drinks and other US goods, saying it would only hurt the local economy and citizens.

"As everybody else, we are deeply touched by the human side of the situation in the Middle East," Kadri Taib, Coca-Cola Malaysia public affairs and communications director, said in a statement.

"Given the local nature of our business, we believe that calls for boycotts of our products are not the appropriate way to further any causes, as they primarily hurt the local economy, local businesses and local citizens."

It said the beverage company employs some 1,700 Malaysians, 60 percent of whom are Muslims.

Malaysia's economy is largely export driven and the United States is its second-largest trading partner after neighbouring Singapore.

Quit your jobs, Dr M tells McDonald's, Starbucks workers


half past six said...

Why Mahathir attacking Starbuck and McDonald so fierce? Sudah sour with Vincent Tan?

KFC and Pizza hut is also very big fast food here.

Tun should stop blogging and go internet cause internet was created by the US military:))

RaZ said...

That all depends on one's conviction on the Gaza issue. If one feels so strongly on the Palestinian cause, then do what the old man advise.

Otherwise, sit bank and take a sip of your Coca-cola or Starbucks coffee while doing your online investing of US stocks and bond and dun give a f***!

What the old man is saying is no different from what the Chinese were saying in their SMS to boycott nasi kandar and mamak businesses after the post election protest in Penang last year.

The old man can talk, and you Mav, can continue blogging. Its a free world when it comes to opinions.

Wars are never fought on politics, ideology or religion. They are just rhetoric and excuses for the real cause.

Yan said...

I already lost respect for this Old Man long time ago lah. This old man has past his shelf-life & is now a talk cock arm-chair politician.
He wasn't even allowed to talk in UMNO assembly & has "resigned" from UMNO. Only one fool listerned to him & followed to resign from UMNO. There was no mass resignation from UMNO as he has urged.
Well, this time I don't know how many fools will listern to him to boycott all US goods. He himself won't stop using US softwares/Microsoft Windows & Intel/AMD chips to surf internet. So he is a greatest hypocrite of all.

Hope said...

Talking without thinking...

MikeLing said...

He is a pelupa with selective memory. Take it easy.
Let say some of his die-hard worshipper decided to "balik kampung tanam jagung", this mean we are going back to "buku hijau" period. So 6 months later we will have cheaper agriculture products. Good for some of us.

Anonymous said...

hipokrasi pemimpin

EdiÁ•ě said...

there are so many more bigger USA cooperation in msia like CITIBANK that Madir didnt attack?

Jefus said...

did he not think for a moment that the equipment / technology made available so that he could extend his days on this earth came from the US that he so detests?

so, TDM, what next, undo your heart procedure?

get real lar....

bayi said...

Those who work for American companies to quit their jobs? Who is going to feed their families? There are thousands of others waiting to fill the jobs as soon as you quit!

Guess who is becoming more senile by the day? :)

No prizes for the correct answer!

Maverick SM said...

half past six,

Maybe he didn't think kfc and pizzahut is american.


Stongly on Palestinian? Why don't you asked the Arabs and Saudis about that issue?

It is the same with the Nasi Kandar sms? Hahaha... I understand your cognitive deficiency.


Don't need to lose respect; there's none anyway that can be accorded since he dethrone himself.


I like what you said.


He is not pelupa nor di he lost his memory; he loves talkcock.


He didn't attack the partners of Kencana who are mostly American corporations.


You are right; but he doesn't know about it.


Don't worry; our govt will feed them and all of them.

dev said...


I think we should all look at charging Hamas with mass murder. If they
didn't poke Israel with their firecrackers, Israel wouldn't have

Israel is like my neighbor's dog. It's a huge ass Rotweiller. Doesn't
bite anyone, contrary to what they say that it bites people. Then a few
days ago, it bit someone. And why ? Idiot here was poking it with a
stick. I was out there drinking beer and when I saw idiot poking it with
a stick, I was thinking...... should I tell him that Rotweillers can kill
if they bite at the right places ? And the devil in me said, You just
keep quiet and see how long Rotty over there will be patient before he
bites Mad Homo there in the balls. 3 minutes and about 5 pokes later,
Mad Homo became writhing F**ker, because Ah Wong ( the Rotty ) really got
him very near his balls ( Dog must be cock eye, can't bite balls for
nuts ). So my neighbor runs out, screams at the dog, I go all
sympathetic Aiyoh, kena lampa ah ? Kena lampa ah ? And this guy is all
swearing in pain. To cut a long story short, I told my neighbor it's not
the dog's fault and he should be patient because the dog waited about 3
minutes and 5 pokes before he retaliated.......

You know what my neighbor said ?? And this is coming from someone who
had only Form 1 education........

Like those people in Israel. They are already lucky they are all not
dead yet, every day shoot rocket into Israel. ( I know what he actually
meant. He meant to say, those people in Gaza )

I told him, yup, that's one way to look at it, but if in the US, they
would have shot the dog and the guy whose testicles are now bitten, will
sue him, ha ha.....

So, charge Hamas with murder please, someone

Maverick SM said...


you may not understand the real political situation in the Middle East; it is not as simple as you have made out to be.

I think your analogy may not be appropriate. If you want to understand better, you should go to Palestine and stay there for a few months.

Anonymous said...

U think hamas would just fire rockets in isreal if they had tanks and nuclear bombs? before someone charge isreal with human rights, you should see what hamas did, and have a balanced viewpoint.

tongkat abu said...

viagra is from USA, boycott?

Anonymous said...

can I default on my debt to citibank, Mahatir? boleh you stop them from suing me? better, if you get your sons to repay the debt on my behalf.

Anonymous said...

That's Dr M. He should had call malaysian to boycott Pak Lah's speech. Why no arrest for such gathering? - Mmudahlupa

RaZ said...


You either getting senile or your patience and tolerance have gone out the door this year.

And you dare preach religion on your blog. You're just a another GLC hypocrite!

Jefus said...

Ehud Olmert will try to shift the politcal powers in Gaza in favor of the Fatah. The Hamas who have declared and still will not negotiate with an Israeli state, will be weakened and thereby enable Fatah to take up the vacuum in politics. Once the corruption in Fatah is addressed, Hamas will be likely be dumped by the Gaza Palestinians.

The trouble is if Israel pushes too far, Hamas will gain popular support amongst the Muslim world. See here. This war is to settle scores that there not settled in 2006. Israel wants to reestablish its military might that was shaken / tarnished in 2006.

BTW, much to my surprise, and yours too I guess, it is not Iran who is the major financial supporter, but Saudi ( see 5.2 in linked Wikipedia - Funding). The Kadima want to win in their home turf as well.

Will Fatah regain Gaza? The following weeks will tell. In the meantime, the madness continues.

CK said...

see... i told you bt TDM....
so... i'll start to pray so he will.....faster.

Maverick SM said...


It doesn't really matter what he had called.


You are right; I'm in fact senile and it is true that I am a GLC hypocrite; that I accept.

The point is, I had blog about the economic paradox of the call of boycott while you are trying to point to the overt direction and that surely make me senile.

I am surprised that as a ranking officer of Petronas you should have known better that the Americans (ESSO & MOBIL & many others) were granted offshore contracts and the call of boycott will impacts our national economics and cause great concerns to our country's GDP and much worse if the Americans retaliated by imposing trade sanctions on the exports from Malaysia; that's the direction of my thesis whilst you have better cognitive propositions much reflective of your own connotations.


On the political front there is such a likelihood but I am emphasizing on the economic impacts on the call which sound preposterous.


Haha... that's weird.

cikgu said...

I have boycotted all those three years ago in support of the Palestinians. Me and my family is still alive eventhough do not patronise KFC, McD, Pizza Hut and Starbucks. I stop buying Coke too and infiltrate my kids mind, No, Its American!"

HuntressMoon said...

i will die without Starbucks!

Maverick SM said...


That's great! It will save you some money and it will give the Palestine people moral support. Hope your children won't have to work with the Americans and Europeans who are also supporting the Zionist. Do not use CitiBank card or account and many others; MayBank is ok. BTW, Coke is Malaysian made, not made-in-USA; it is just a franchising business. If that is a problem, you will have more problem as the computer and many other equipments and machineries are also made in America. For your information, Mahathir bought F18 fighterjets from the Americans.


Then you have to write a letter to Mahathir to express your concern. Have a nice coffee before they close shop.

dev said...

dear Maverick you must see this:

Maverick SM said...


Thanks and I have seen it. Again, we must not just watch a clip from an angle positioned to portray that angle of thought-fillings. The history of Palestine is a must read to understand the present predicaments. Anyway, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mave,

Yes I agree with your take that many empty vessels out there has no inkling how in history this Gaza mess all started. I've penned the following comment in reply to Kris Silau's posting:-

100% salah Zionis belaka,
Memang gitu tanggapan umum,
Psikologi propaganda media perdana,
Bukan iya bukan tidak, kita menyokong si Zionist.
Peluru bertabur tak kenal mangsa.
Nak tau kisah, biar berasas sejarah,
Tanggal 29, bulan sebelas, tahun empat puluh dan tujuh,
Bangsa Bangsa Bersatu semua setuju,
Resolusi Satu Lapan Satu Palestin dibelah dua.
Sebelah Arab sebelah Yahudi.

Tahun 48, bermula lah Perang Arab-Israel,
Balatentera Egypt, Syria, Jordan serta Lebanon bersama Iraq,
Mula mengasak negara si Yahudi sehingga ranap berkecai,
Walau bernyawa ikan Yahudi terus melawan,
Sehingga ditawan kembali tanah sendiri,
Terus melawan hingga menawan tebing kepunyaan lawan.
Tahun 57 membuka tirai Perang Sinai,
Diikuti Perang Enam Hari tahun 67,
Ankara Eygpt, Syria dan Jordan bergabung jihad,
Menentang Yahudi yang jauh kurang balatenteranya,
Sekali lagi bertaburan lari di tewas Yahudi,
Sehingga kehilangan Tebing Barat, Gaza, Sinai dan Golan Heights.
Semenjak tu perang berulang berkali-kali,

Amalan perang, bila kalah kenalah lanyak,
Harta benda habis berkecai nyawa rakyat terus melayang,
Habis dah kalah menanggis pulak,
Mengadu bapak, mengadu mak.
Tak kan Yahudi nak mengucap ”Thank You for coming, killing me!”

Pokoknya, dari sejarah kita beriktibar,
Berperang dengan Yahudi kekerasan pasti mengalah.
Kenapa tidak berjihad membina minda rakyat?
Itu lah senjata yang paling dahsyat!


Yan said...

The Old Man practised selective memory & now selective boycotting of American products.
It seems that some of the commenters or Malaysians also practised selective boycotting of American goods i.e. stopped coca cola & McDonald but claimed to has boycotted ALL! What hypocrites we have amongst us.

Moo.... said...

Somebody emailed this to me....

Just wonder how true is it.

Fighting Fair - What the Media Doesn't Tell You

We regularly hear news reports about Palestinian women and children killed in Israeli airstrikes as she retaliates for attacks on its civilian populations. Israel is often condemned by the media for their 'disproportionate response.'
I was privileged to sit in on a security briefing about Israel 's defense policies and practices. What I learned was shocking and is never reported by the media. Hamas and other terrorist groups use their own civilian population in their fight against Israel .

Terrorist tactics go way beyond using women as human shields. When planning an attack against Israel , Hamas will round up children, the elderly and even pregnant women and herd them to the area from which they intend to launch their attack. Once these helpless people are rounded up and taken to the place from which Hamas will launch its rockets into Israel , they are forced to surround the missile launchers and remain in place until Hamas allows them to leave. If the people refuse to cooperate, they are killed on the spot or revenge is taken out on their families.

Why is Hamas using helpless civilians to serve as human shields for their missile launchers? This is the most insidious part of Hamas' plan. You see, Israel possesses the capability to pin point the exact location from which Hamas launches its rockets. If Israel elects to fire back, who are they going to kill but the innocent children, elderly and pregnant women Hamas has placed around their missile launchers?

This is often the reason the media paints Israel as the "bad guys." Frequently we hear reports of an Israeli air strike killing women and children in the process of targeting some known group of terrorists or terrorist leader. What the liberal media never mentions is that these innocent people were being held hostage by Hamas to surround their missile launchers, in essence, daring Israel to retaliate.

If Arafat left no other lesson behind for the Palestinian people, he taught them how to effectively manipulate the press and Hamas has learned this lesson well. They know that if Israel strikes back killing women and children it will give the media a hay day creating another black eye for Israel . In addition, Hamas often uses public locations to store weapons and civilian housing complexes as terrorist bases of operation. When such places come to the attention of the IDF, in consideration for the civilians living in and around these Hamas strongholds, Israel will often telephone an advance warning that they intend to strike. In all my days I have never heard of any army warning its enemy of the date and approximate time it intends to launch an attack. Israel 's intention is to save innocent lives, and Hamas uses this to their advantage thus giving them time to relocate their weapons and their fighters.

To further stack the cards in their favor, Hamas will often force innocent children, women and the elderly onto the rooftops of places Israel is preparing to strike in order to make certain there are civilian casualties for the media to see and report. The Palestinian people have no choice in the matter. The next day newspapers around the world print headlines something like… "Israeli air strike kills women and children in housing complex …." The Israelis are not fighting against people who value life. They are fighting against evil terrorists who think nothing about sacrificing innocent and helpless people who are their own flesh and blood in their fight against Israel .

Where are the investigative reporters who used to report the news without interjecting their own slants and biases and who would dig for and report the truth? The world must consider the nature of the enemy Israel is facing. As terrible as 9/11 was for America , we have had only a slight taste of terrorism in our land.

People everywhere who value life and who hold fast to the concepts of freedom and democracy must start paying close attention to what is happening in Israel . We must read every newspaper account with a questioning mind. Just because it is in print does not make it true. If we fail to stand up and speak out in support of Israel and against terrorism, we will soon be wrapped in the clutches of terrorists much like a boa constrictor wraps its victim squeezing the life out of it until the victim can no longer breathe. We must be alert and make it our business to be educated. Read newspapers…yes. Watch news reports…yes - but we must make it a point to dig below the surface. The only way to defeat our enemy is to know our enemy.

Earl Cox, International Christian Broadcaster, known as 'the voice of Israel to the world.' He is also the founder of Israel Always

Maverick SM said...


Let us who have little knowledge of the truth refrain from the subject matter. I prefer to deal with economics and the impact on our national economy with regards to specific actions of a few.


It doesn't really matter if it is selective products. It will be far worse if it is equated to a trade sanction.


This article is one side of the story and of course there are other articles which says contrary situations. In time of peace and in time of war, the options available to the weaker party is to use strategical acts to achieve its objective and it include those as discussed.

toolan said...

Hi Mav,

First of all , Happy New Year and Gong Hei Fatt Choy(very soon).

I want to add that Dr.M should not have said something like this wihtout thinking thru properly(must be getting old) as boycotting American products actually brings many negative implications as many locals are involved. I do sympathize with what is going on in Gaza but what Dr.M propose is not going to help. If he is really dead serious about boycotting American products, the first thing he should have done is quit Chedet as if I am not mistaken, I think his site is attached or handled by Americans.
Whatever it is, it really hurts everytime the news flashes dead children and distraught parents but what Dr.M propose is definitely not a viable solutions. I am also annoyed about our Education Minister's idea of using our children to show displeasure to the US and Isreal. Pls leave our children out of this!

Maverick SM said...


I agree with your views. There is no solution to Gaza except through the Arabs themselves. All other rhetoric are in essence self-inflicting and disastrous if ever.

RaZ said...


And John Wayne use to say 'A man's gotta do what he gotta do.'

Translated it means, if one feels strongly about Gaza and wanna make a diff (no matter how small it may be) then follow the old man's way. Otherwise, if one wanna be practical about it, don't. If one wanna compromise about it osso can.

You, old man and much of everyone here only know how to talk. The issue here is Gaza, and how should people who like to support the Palestinians go about it.

Obviously, boycotting is not a solution. And it should not be because of the repercussions. Because we cannot penalize or punish a society, community or country for the actions of a few.

We can target specific individuals or organizations though.

Anyway, what I think is not important. What I do about it is more relevant.

And I see you need a slap in the face to wake you up. Good. Being a good Muslim is never easy. Turning the other cheek is even harder.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I do not work for Petronas. I used to though. My tongue is too sharp for me to survive there.

Anonymous said...

Senator Daniel Moynihan:

”Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. He is not entitled to his own facts.”


Anonymous said...


since you feel strongly about this, why not you suggest to the govt to start a war with Isreal. Malaysia got submarine, warship and tanks, and can gang up with other muslim countries. no point talking only.

Anonymous said...

"PUTRAJAYA: Nearly all schoolchildren in the country will be mobilised to protest against the Gaza offensive by Israeli forces. Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said about five million pupils and 360,765 teachers from more than 10,000 schools would be involved".





end said...

it's easy for Dr.M to utter such statement.can he provide the jobs for them?i bet no he absolultely cant.

why not when he was the PM he didnt made such call?.the suffering of the people in Palestin has been going for decades now.

Anonymous said...


why don't you set up a blog of your own and tell us where its at? that way we'd know where to post shit comments.

put you on da defensive, know what i mean?

its not you sharp tongue that got you in trouble, its your shit for brains that did it.

Anon 14:42

Anonymous said...


No can do...

Can't do w/out all the junk food & fiizy drinks.

Can't do w/out my dell, google & firefox.

But DAMN sure could do w/out that hypocrite mamak kutty.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mahathir ni tak habis habis nak buat headlines....sekarang ni pula kempen "boikot" USA products ! Please lah TUN, everyone is laughing at you lah, what impact do you think your "boikot kempen" can do to USA ? NOTHING.
IF you dare, take Mukriz along and go to Washington or New York to start your "kempen boikot" there !! I am sure those UMNO sponsored students will be gladly to host you and your junior

Anonymous said...

boycott the usa products & dollars?

obama is not in yet & bush jr is on his way out - just wrong timing, not usa is doing nothing.

we know you mamak fcuked up everything & push it to weakling bodohwi & keep blaming him for all the sh*ts you created...

but bush jr is not you, won't expect him to screw thing up in the middle east & dumped it on obama to clean it up... right? no?

so if a cracko mamak bcos of pride & senility want to have fun, leave it to him to enjoy his childish antics.

RaZ said...

Very confused lot here huh?

Anonymous said...

Boycott American movies. Buy pirated DVDs and support the Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

Better still, mamak, go to the US of A, strap on a bomb and detonate it in a bus, like your fellow Pakis are doing in Britain

Interesting said...

Now you people know why most Arab rulers remain silent on Israel onslaught on Palestinians. Here in Palestine, it's dog eat dog situation. Please watch video!

Who are the real Hamas, find out from this clip: Is there another country where they breed
hypocrites like what that narrator mentioned...don't have to look very far...

Anonymous said...


Don't waste your time replying to some smartass who thinks he is superior to everyone else but still comes around once in a while to show us he is of a higher intelligent order. He is craving for attention and the more you give him attention, the more he seeks for it. Everyone is entitled to his opinion be it right or wrong from the individuals perspective.

Enjoyed reading postings from the others though. Shows the diverse views out there.


Maverick SM said...


Thanks for your profound advice. Much appreciated.

HJ said...

Aiya Mahathir , don't be stupid lah, the hard fact is that we need the Yankees more than they need us period

Anonymous said...

jangan naik itu america punya airbus dan boeing

cs said...

boycott is pointless really..this is a trading world, especially with globalization. And i'm sure Tun do use some American product! if he use a computer to blog, surely he will need some American products or invention. And pity those McDonalds and other American brand who are partly owned by Malaysians, cause they do their part in providing job opportunity to fellow Malaysians!

RaZ said...


Well said! Bottom line: Diverse opinion and everyone's entitle to their own.

Pity people (even you) tend to get emotional over them. (And I too, sometimes.)

The day we cannot talk, communicate, shout or curse at each other is the day we start we get violent with each other. Like Gaza.

Anonymous said...


if everything is just a bunch of opinion then there is no facts. right? doesn't matter if you say not, cos it's my opinion anyway.

anyway, what i am saying is our opinion is guided or blinded by our assumption of facts and bias. once we have the facts rights, you will be surprised that even those that disagree with you earlier will no longer think the same anymore.

ignorant people follows their opinion, smart people follows their intellectual brains.