Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Open Tender for Umno Post

Rais on money politics: Might as well let highest bidder win

“It would be just better for Umno to have a tender system so that anyone who contributes the highest amount can be a leader,” Dr Rais Yatim commented on the issues of money politics in Umno.

In Dr Rais' opinion, Umno must first admit it has a problem with money politics in order to resolve the pressing issue.

Dr Rais even suggested that Umno shoul look towards it's coalition partners MCA and Gerakan for ideas on how to stem money politics during party elections.

According to Rais, both MCA and Gerakan did not have such restrictions as requiring a certain number of nominations to contest for various posts.

“These parties don’t have as many restrictions as we do, but they are comparatively free of money politics,” Rais told reporters.

Rais also lamented that Umno is now “in the clutches of corporate personnel and businessmen,” judging from its culture of money politics.

On whether he would lodge a police report on his allegations of money politics, Rais said he could not as he did not have enough evidence of such wrongdoing.

Source: The Star


Open tender for Umno position? Can those not in Umno also participate? They may be able to offer higher sum? Can I be an agent to solicit this business? It would be lucrative and if it can, I hope Umno election can be a yearly affair.


artchan said...

Money politics is nothing new for Rais..talks as though he just woke up this morning and discovered UMNO is rotten to the core with money politics. Why is he crying out now?

Not enough nominations lah.!

If Honourable Rais is hounourable, the most honourable thing to do is leave UMNO to protest this money thing..but looks like he can only feel relevant in UMNO. Once he leaves, no one gives him a damn. For a person who loves the glamour of public life, and the balls carrying supporters that follows him...he talks only..tak berani bikin.

Jefus said...
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Jefus said...

There is a disciplinary arm in the party, has it got no teeth? Or, will it only take action only when instructed?

Why is it that those who were not chosen / win shout the loudest about money politics? Was it accommodated when the results were in their favor? Remember when TDM did not get nominated in his constituency? Money politics is only vile, corrupt, and a danger to the party when it works against the affected party member.

If money politics is prevalent, what does that make the party and the members who run / have leadership positions in the party?

Doesn't the disciplinary body have enough reasons to bring Rais to court for making disparaging claims? To remain silent will only be seen as as tacit agreement.

Take a look at the way the money is donated into the war chests of Obama and Mccain. Money is accounted for coming in and going out and the hand that gives the donation. No other money is permissible. Even so, there is a watchful eye on tainted money.

Maybe we should adopt this method? Because whosoever leads this party ultimately leads the nation. This is national interest.

Dunno said...


Open Tender but only to Bumiputera candidate. LOL!!

Maverick SM said...


I think it is time for some Umno leaders to cry foul.


Our politics here are extremely unique. Most of all, capitalism is truly at work.


Okay lah, I will not contest; but I just ask to be an agent.

RaZ said...

No joke or funny connotation in Rais' remark.

Everything in life is 'open tender.' And we all sell to the highest bidder. We sell ourselves at work, at social settings and even with the women we yearn for. The only difference is in the medium of exchange.

If you wanna be a politician, then you have to exchange your assets for the confidence of the populace. Likewise this blogging shit. The aim is to attract readership and interaction. The bait are articles on current issues. And the rewards are the ability to be heard and acknowledged.

Politicians can buy votes with their promises or their monies. What's the difference? Their ultimate goal is to obtain a position of power.

What they will do with the power is the real issue. But promises are a dime a dozen. So how do we select the right person? By his track record? His personality? His behavior? Or because he gives out free monies?

Again, it takes two to clap. Whenever we put the blame on corruption and graft, both giver and taker are at fault.

As is sex, without women, sex would not be a problem of morality. Then again, they won't be any men around to bugger each other anyway.

Anonymous said...

The pot calling Kettle black.
Rais if don't agree with them, leaves them, if can't leaves them then joins them. Don't just talk, do something and do it fast.

HC said...

this is similar to 'multi-level marketing' company.
the member sitting on top earns bigger benefit.
while the lower range member only gains lower benefit.
need to sponsor more downline member & invest more money b4 u can promote to higher range post.

Anonymous said...


are u an idiot or a mentally retarded person? u certainly sound like one to most of us here.

u don't even understand what's wrong with taking bribe for votes, and compare with the 'other things in life'.

the difference between the two is ethics, and that seems to be missing from you in your rant for women and sex.

seefei said...

politic is sure big money. you can see in the election going on now in US. mccain $84mil is peanut compare to obama $500mil war chest and it shows in the poll result. but like only different is ethic or the absent of it like what the last commentator said.

RaZ said...

Anon 12:44 pm

I seek to find wisdom and knowledge in life. Till then, I am both an idiot and mentally retarded.

I have rejected cash offered to me when I was in PETRONAS. But I also have taken many dinners and freebies from vendors and suppliers while I was there. I still do not accept cash for favors. Dinners and 'token gifts' I still accept sometimes but not for favors. They are usually meant as gratitude or relationship building. (Though the last Apple Iphone I got, I gave it to my dotter and hampers are distributed to the staff in the office. Of course, wines I keep and drink cuz its haram and only assholes like me can drink haram stuff.)

So am I corrupt? Ultimately, aren't we all? Its just a matter of degree.

toolan said...

You beat me to it with that idea but judging by the amount of work required to handle these "boys", I think you need a partner, what say you?
Ha, ha, ha.......50-50 okay!

pemikir muda said...

jadi masalah bila ada yang mempunyai mentaliti "duit boleh beli segalanya dan setiap orang ada harganya".

bila agaknya senario politik kita akan bersih dari penyalahgunaan wang.selagi ada permintan wang untuk mendapat tempat dalam politik,selagi itu penyalahgunaan wang akan wujud.

tetapi..benarkah Rais tidak pernah menggunakan wang untuk naik? :)

little said...

politik wang harus dihentikan.sudah sekian lama ia menjadi "budaya" didalam UMNO.jika kita atasi "budaya" ini sekarang,maka kelak nanti kita akan hilang pemimpin yang berwibawa gara-gara wang menjadi ukuran dan bukanna sifat dan sikap seseorang pemimpin itu.

tanggapan "siapa ada paling banyak duit,dialah yang harus berkuasa" perlu dilenyapkan.duit ada tapi ciri-ciri kepimpinan kurang pun tiada gunanya.lebik baik jika ianya seiringan.

pancaroba said...

a piece on Rais Yatim

Rais Yatim and Ku Li - they both used to go against Mahathir and then now both of them are under Mahathir's armpit.

Rais Yatim and Muhyiddin - both still work under Abdullah but dare to go the different current than Abdullah.

perhaps what Rais doing might be perceived as two different which is either he's trying to secure his place (since all the Mahathir people is on the move to the top) or just plain politically suicidal (to go against the incumbent Prime Minister).

Najib's journey for the Prime Minister throne aint secure yet with all the scandals under his belt.if he dont make it through all his scandals,then Najib can kiss the PM seat goodbye.

back again to Rais.if Mahathir people succeeded in gaining top places in the govt,then Rais is in the safe mode.if not,then Rais also can kiss to where he's now goodbye...well,that would be different if Abdullah is nice enough to let him stay and do his work quitely.

Maverick SM said...


If that's the way you perceived institutional politics and government as commerce in the willing buyer willing sellers style, then your opinion is justified.

Maybe, you should read Plato's Republic and equate the subject matter in the philosophical terms, not commerce. However, it is still your own perception.


Politics cannot be equated in commercial terms; I wrote this in jest.


I think we must observed the difference in that the sum spent is accountable and published.


Ya, I am glad to have you as my partner in this biz.


You are surely far constructive and rational in your comments.


We are mere observer in this episode and we view it with a pinch of salt.

RaZ said...


What I perceive and my principles are two different thing.

I observe and analyze to try to understand why things are the way they are. That way, I can try to be tolerant which those who do not meet up with my principles and moral standards.