Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Najib accepts Malaysiakini's apology over Manifesto

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today said he accepted Malaysiakini's apology with regards to a report on a manifesto from a 'support group' which was wrongly attributed to him.

Najib also praised journalist Wong Choon Mei - who had written the report - as having shown "high values of professionalism" in claiming responsibility for the error. Wong had resigned yesterday.

Speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby, Najib said he was satisfied with the apology issued by the news portal.

"I accept the apology or the decision to seek an apology by the editor of Malaysiakini on the publishing of the completely untrue manifesto that I (purportedly) issued.

"Secondly, I want to state that the journalist who resigned over the said article has shown high values of professionalism as she has demonstrated her responsibility (and) accountability for the story which is not at all true," he said.

"The question is the guilty quarters - the real culprits - behind the report are still hiding and we still do not know who is responsible for the said story,"Najib said.



toolan said...

Evening Mav,

What a wayang kulit played out by Najib. So, he does not know who the support group is, and is hiding? Wow, suddenly they have no clue who these supporters are but when it is other issues involving non BN party member, their intelligences(agent) are so resourceful and fast at nabbing the culprit.
I am also puzzled that Albar did not jump the gun this time by using ISA to detain any suspect that they know or by just hear-say. Where are the big guns and masked men when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Sandiwara again.
He wants to show what a big man he is - in comparison with Teresa and Karpal who are suing Utusan.(owned by UMNO)
Saving UMNO 130 million.
Next Rocky will be waxing lyrics about what a great man Najib is.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

PI bALA has gone missing, the brain behind the reporter is not known, probably has joint PI Bala(malapetaka)

Maverick SM said...


I think he has been gracious. We should not connote everything with sinister thoughts.

Let's give credit where credit is due.

laimun said...

When the man does something positive, give him his due. There is a thing called fairness even in politics.

toolan said...

Morning Mav,

I will give him credit for not pursuing Malaysiakini with more legal actions but I will not say he has been gracious. I was never taken into politics issues until the last 3 to 4 years and before that I used to have very high respect for DPM and PM. But as I grew "up", hey I realized for what they have done or have not done, they have failed the people, the system and most importantly our future generations. I look at my kids and think to myself, what is it install for them? We are not well to do, so does it mean their future will just be like mine or my fathers(their grandfather)? Are my kids just suppose to achieve mediocre and not strive for better because of some policy and "top management" people's segregating norms?
So, no, I will only give him credit for not taking legal action against MK but he is not gracious, how can someone like him be gracious when he has so many bad things from the pass?

Anonymous said...

I agread with ur statement
The major problem of oppostion supporters are they did not accept anything postive from federal goverment.
Come on lah BAsuuporters , show them that we are profesional people

Being co-operative does not mean become a slave

True Malaysian

agnos said...

the DPM has said as much by praising the professionalism shown by the reporter by resigning.

i wonder if the reporter at utusan get the message or not.

Anonymous said...

if najib going to sue, opposition members will say "ahhh, najib wasting time, should focus more on ppl and economy.."

But when teresa suing ppl, opposition member will say " go go TK!"...

what a loser..

Anonymous said...

To anonymous October 23, 2008 5:05 PM,

The reporter who published the article already take full responsibility and quit la. So mr. najib should be kind to let the matter rest.

As for Teresa, i dont think Utusan / Mr. Khir had ever make any statement to apologize for her stay in ISA.

Pls be rational.

topo said...

Lain kali buat lah lagi. Nak siarkan cerita tu tak payah fikirkan kebenarannya. Janji kalau dapat memburukkan golongan2 tertentu sudah. Kan?

Maverick SM said...


I agree with you.


Let bygones be bygones; take the past as irrelevant.

True Malaysian,

You have a good point.


Utusan? Never heard of them.


Ya, kan?

Anonymous said...


Do you know who in Malaysia are plundering the most wealth and at the same time whine the most, whining they are being shortchanged and stripped of their rights?

Yet you see they themselves have being doing the most 'un-rightful' things imaginable. Illegal gambling, prostitution, ah long, credit card fraud, human trafficking etc... and not to forget being ali-babas (stealing Malay's rights under NEP for the past 30 years, and yet after the nation's coffer runs dry they quick to say DEB is unfair to their kind). Sickening kind they are, right?

One more thing... they are the culprits who rampantly kacau people by illegal car parking... Hehehehe... "Illegal" is their middle name.