Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tup Gon tried Top Gun

This is a Miramar 1984.

This crew is being chased by an instructor of the Naval Fighter Weapons School in southern California.

They called the school "Top Gun".

And you can watch this movie which starred Tom Cruise, a maverick pilot who loves to make fun and excitements with the sky and skiers by indulging in excessive innovative acts and creative maneuvers. In one of his stunts in training an incident occurred and his flying mate Goose died as a result. He was in a state of depression and self-incrimination. However, he did finally overcome it and be back to his old self; not wiser, I suppose, but cockier.

Anyway, it's just a movie.

'Opps, but Malaysians don't treat those American actors' stunts as movie making.

They tried it and did the same stuff to have the same sort of fun.

We have our own Tom Cruises and Mavericks.

We have our ideological precept which helps push us beyond our limitations in seeking higher grounds in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh. Mahathir must be credited. And someday in the far future history will remember and recall all the Maverick acts and neo-schism it relates.

Back to the Top Gun story; we also have a Tup Gon school in Langkawi and Kuala Terengganu. And they fly, not Miramar, but Diamondstar DA40.

It was revealed that Ariff and his pilot, who were in one aircraft, were involved in a game with a second aircraft which broke all training rules.

"Investigations showed that not only were both planes flying very low but also the pilots were believed to have been engaged in some game leading to the crash which claimed the life of 20-year-old Muhammad Ariff Ahmad Fuad.

"It was during one of their manoeuvres that the plane in front crashed into the jungle below.

Read the report at NST


RedBag said...

...and what's more sad is that the second aircraft and its trainee pilots quickly made it to base and went missing?!
I mean, how can they have the heart to just leave their injured and dying friends in the jungle when they all clearly knowed that the aircraft has crashed?!
How selfish and stupid is that? Guess fear got hold of them and they rather keep it quiet to save their own asses.

Anonymous said...

this is malaysia.

tom (mee) cruise said...

they are just trainees and they forgot that fact.being on the air is not the thing to be taken for granted.

the despicable fella that tried to cover up the crash should not be given the license to fly anymore.he should be kicked out of the academy.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone goes to jail / get harsh punishment for this kind of "main main" mentality.

Gukita said...

These love for 'games', rather than serious attitide to learn and abide are the causes of Rempit and other unhealthy phenomenas. How to make youngsters more accountable, more disciplined??? These seemed very cold objective, unlike gaming which is adrenalin rousing..

Maverick SM said...


I tend to agree with you.

tom(mee) Cruise,

They are trainees, you are right. However, what they acted was in desperation and fear. They may have acted wrongly but at times human errs.


You have good points. We hope other trainees will learn the lesson from this episode.