Thursday, October 02, 2008

Se Hari di Jalan Raya

On the first day of Raya I traveled back to Ipoh with my son and his gf.

The journey was fine; not much traffic as many would have traveled home earlier.

I took a short breather to clean up my bowel at the Simpang Pulai R&R which is about 5km to Ipoh.

When I resumed my journey I suddenly realised my car is overheated, I stop at the roadside, let the car cool off before I refill with a bottle of water (5litres).

But the journey can't go any further, though only 5km. The engine had overheated and possibly the engine is already damaged. Somehow, I tried to drive along till I got back home. Then, the car stalled in front of the house and goes dead.

Well, I have to leave that car back in Ipoh and come back to KL using my daughter-in-law's car. The car would probably need a few days to repair and possibly cost many thousands.

What a Hari Raya di jalan raya. I'm back in KL now.


Anonymous said...

Oh God, why every time you travel back to ipoh surely something happened to your car? the last time was it the petrol problem? Well, car can be fixed, as long as no one is injured then have to be thankful to God. Take Care & God Bless

Anonymous said...

always take your car for servicing before making a long trip to somewhere. that will ensure the car will travel smoothly and less problem during the journey.

you will also spend less to fix the car instead of after it had broken down.

nobody want to have a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.

seefei said...

u garang lah. engine got smoke can still drive until home. you are better than fernando alonso, the singapore grand prix winner.

SM, time to change car. seriously.

bayi said...

At the risk of sounding preachy, I think you have many blessings to be thankful for.

Your car broke down near Ipoh and you could reach your house. Your car could have stalled in the middle of nowhere and that would have given you a greater headache.

You have your daughter-in-law's car to use for the moment. Under more dire circumstances when there is no spare car, the situation could have been extremely frustrating.

I am sure if you reflect, there were other small things to be thankful for. Being positive when you can't change the circumstances helps you to maintain a composure that is otherwise impossible and a quality of calmness and control over your life.

I am sure you are doing this already, knowing you!

bayi said...

But I am sympathetic, of course!

Maverick SM said...

Anon 2:45pm,

You have great memories. Ya, it's true that the last time I had the same misfortune.

No one is injured. Thanks.

Anon 3:25pm,

I did. I check before my journey began. Alas, it still happen.


It was a difficult decision to make at that point in time. I had to get home and see what to do.

Ya, time to change!


Thanks for the kind words and positive advice.

Ya, I'll count those little blessings. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

maybe it's time to change to a lexus or merc 5 series. i am sure next year you won't have such problem anymore.

artchan said...

let me drive a proton ah?

If so..don't take it back to proton service will get the standard answer to all technical faults...."biasa lah itu"

Like bayi least still have another car to use.

Maverick SM said...

Anon 4:30pm,

I like Lexus, Merc & 5 Series; but no money lah!


No, I do not drive a Proton. I drive german shepherd.

Anak Merdeka said...

I love being in KL during long festive holidays when most people are away from the city.

Perhaps your misadventure with the car is a sign for you to get a new mistress? LOL

bayi said...

Cars are an expensive necessary evil. Just maintain a medium-sized unit that's reliable. Ensure it's regularly serviced by competent personnel. I have two well-serviced Protons in my house that have never given me any problem in their 15 years of use.

Anonymous said...

the next time your car overheated, call a tow truck to the nearest workshops unless your the type who like to play with 'fire'.

WTF said...

Mav , may be is time to buy a new car...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mave,

Maybe its time for your car to get a new driver!?



Avatar said...

Hope it didn't cost you too much to get your car fixed.

Maverick SM said...


Ya, I intend to get a new car; but I have to start saving...


You are right. I will learn to take care.


Ya, it's time to buy; but I want to wait for AFTA.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity since I have heard of similar incidents when one stops at rest areas. There are unscruperous bad hats that will slash your hose so that the water from the radiator will leak and of course, then causes over-heating.
True to form, you will then find a tow-truck appearing out of the blue and of course, you are dead meat when the car is towed to the "designated" workshop. Obviously, if you have filled with 5 litre of water, it cannot dry off that fast ?!
In your case, since your destination is near enough and you are gung-ho enough to continue driving (obviously the wrong thing to do since the damage will be massive), the tow truck thingy may not have happened.
Whatever it is, do not park too far away and leave the car unattended when you take a leak. Anything can happen now in Malaysia, a country on auto-pilot.
Glad you still get back to enjoy the festive air, the money matter can worry later.
Well, on the other hand, I may just have been seeing too many things. :)

Kaisiap Alex said...

O dear ! O dear !Really need to borrow Along to pay you loh......

william yeoh said...

hi dad, already sent the car to workshop, very serious conditions, but finger crossed, will update you later. take care.

moo_t said...

Doc, did you check the radiator water reservoir?

If the water is totally gone, and you are sure you always fill up the reservoir, it can be a sabotage from unscrupulous mechanic that prays on driver. Radiator hose and the radiator rarely leak all the water in a short time without notice.

I think they know little of European car build, it seems you drive out of their "repair" range before the car gave in.

BTW, European car second hand engine are not that expensive, if you know a trustworthy mechanic.

Maverick SM said...


Hahaha... car rosak, get driver! A good reason; am I that bad a driver???


My son just told me it's bad!

Anon 9:49,

I don't think it is sabotage; I think it's the wear and tear of a car.

Kaisiap Alex,

Hahaha... I am shit and you got to save me, my dear.

William Yeoh,

Thanks and I hope you'll get it fixed and please ask the mechanic to check for all other issues, if any.


I did. Unfortunately, it just fail me without a good reason.


Good that you are safe & sound back home.

What would happen to you & passengers if your car suddenl;y stalled on the highway with Express Bus behind your back....?

You could be on TV3; good that you gotten Ipoh safe & sound.

Service your car on time and regularly, and if needed be, book yourself a new SAGA that costs only 30K... new and headache free.

think about it, Mav!

Maverick SM said...


To be frank, I service my car regularly and uses the best engine oil. I never miss a service contract.

But such bad things still comes.

Gukita said...

Normally the culprit is the radiator rubber hose. Happened to me twice. At least you managed to drag the car back to your house. Imagine if it had happened say at Tapah R&R...

Maverick SM said...


It was not the radiator hose. It probably is the engine. It is shit and cost me a bomb to repair.