Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bayi's surprise me with a Birthday Gift

BayiSingh just came back to Malaysia yesterday. He was not around when I celebrated my birthday last month. Before I could scold him he gave me a surprise gift: see this....

Wow, not a bad gift.

Thank you Bayi; thank you for being so generous.

Thank you my good friend.

Now, I need not worry about my old German shepherd failing me.

I hope Bayi will also miss my birthday next year and come back with another gift of such.

Thanks Bayi!


tmc said...

Dr, what a friend you have. Wish he will miss your birthday next year. You are creative and humorous. I am addicted to your blog.

Maverick SM said...


Ya lah; you also agree he must miss my birthday next year ha? Hahahaha

Raymond said...

Nice car doc and pick me up next time ....and double make sure that you never have to drive a "pink car" anymore... ha..ha..ha...

Maverick SM said...


Ya lah; no more pinky. I am waiting for Bayi to present me an X5 soon.

Stephenie said...

Lol. Dad can't wait to see it ^^

Anonymous said...

your friend... this bayi. can introduce to me? cos i need a good merc.. oops..sorry.. i mean a good friend..

abu said...


Can you introduce us to Bayi? We need ...ehmm...good friends like him lah.

sinkeh said...

Do you think Bayi will provide you with a driver as well? :)

artchan said...

Your friend Bayi must be a real joker.
He presents you a car and the car is still sitting in the used car yard.

When is he delivering the car? Bayi play you out before, so i think this time he will paly you out again.

Maverick SM said...


Darling, I am please to take you for a drive whenever you can be back.


I can introduce to you this Bayi; he is extremely friendly and nice.


Ya, he did wanted to, but I prefer to drive myself.


I have taken delivery of the car on the same day. He kept his promise 100%.

GobloKing said...

Wah. Seeing as Bayi has missed my birthday for the past 50+ yrs yrs - ya, better...30+ yrs, can he just surprise me with ANY used toyota or honda.

Shit! Why Bayi? I dun even know the man! My own old man has YET to surprise me in 20+ yrs with a car.

& not that I am curious or anything...but tell me straight to the face..must one sleep with bayi to get the car or???

What am I asking? I am OK with anything so long's I get a car!!

From a has-been (& envious) Aunty whose morals can be (VERY) relaxed for a car

william yeoh said...

raymond, pinky make u so special right, macho man in pinky car, hehe..

moo_t said...

Bayi give you a company car?

Otherwise, this personal gift will be liabilities (road tax, insurance, maintenance,etc) instead of assets.


engkaulah said...


You know it's dangerful if you talk about sleeping with a Bayi. You may get a nasty saiful surprise when you are not looking! It's not worth the prize of a car, I tell you.

artchan said...

what is the number on the car? i want to put afew rinngit on it on 4D. Some people have all the i just want to "tumpang nasib"

If you like to keep it number to me please. thank you.

Maverick SM said...


You are fun; I love your pun.

You don't have to sleep with Bayi; he is an extremely generous friend with plenty of money. You just need to have coffee with him at CoffeeBean.


We had a bad experience with the Pinky; not because of the car per se but because of the color.


I accepted the gift and the liability as a whole.


Bayi is no saifool; he is a nice handsome African Prince.


Buy 4D is Haram; Bayi said don't let the others suffer at the hands of the lottery owners.

(But I will email it to you.)

Maverick SM said...


What's your email address???

artchan said...

ok..take yr advice. no 4D for me on your car number.

Anonymous said...

Today is my son 3rd birthday. sad not to be with him. i'll surprise him w/ the same gift- Mmudahlupa

abu said...


Do you think Bayi will think that we are taking advantage of him by wanting to be his friends? I mean, after all, who would want a friend who showers him with nice gifts like a merc? But, more friends less share. This means you may be getting less from Bayi when we move into your turf. Maybe you should ask for a commission from us?

Maverick SM said...


I wish your son a happy birthday and I wish he would get much better gifts.


Don't worry; Bayi is a nice man and he is rich enough to help all of us here in CTSB. Bayi is a fan of CTSB and will always throw his generosity to the CTSB friends. You should meet up with him; he is back to Africa.