Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Black man can become President of America

Obama chalks up historic win

Barack Obama has been elected as the United States first black president following his historic win over his Republican rival John McCain.

Obama, the son of a black Kenyan father and white mother from Kansas, would become the first African-American president after a stunning rise to the pinnacle of US politics.

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Picture Source: The Malaysian Insider

America, a country of dominated by the whites would vote a black African as their president.

And we Malaysians called them racists.

The Malaysian belonging to a majority class says they cannot accept a Chinese to head a state enterprise. But they can accept money from the Chinese.


CK said...

well said. and enuff said.

WTF said...

Excerpt :-

The Malaysian belonging to a majority class says they cannot accept a Chinese to head a state enterprise. But they can accept money from the Chinese.


That is why Bodohland is so backward compared to Hongkong , Singapore, Korea, Taiwan....

Anonymous said...

obama : "... but I hear your voices, I need your help, and I will be your president too."

najis: "... but I hear my wife only, I will help myself with your money, and I will lord over you too."


Anonymous said...

An elderly malay man once turned to me (a non-malay) upon seeing an injustice n said..'ada agama punya org bkn mcm ini'. My point is when a majority race practises and advocates unrighteous n unjust policies, can the almighty look kindly down upon them?

zewt said...

we are still very far away...

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

Quick sent more malaysians to USA and hopefully
one day a malaysian will become the next
President OF the USA. or a Senator or a Governor of Hawaii
or Defense Secretary or Post Master General or
Vice President or talk show host or Captain of USS Enterprise
or the next American Idol or lead singer of a rock band or
the richest man or ………………..

Anonymous said...

he might even appoint dr konrad ng as special rapporteur/rep to asean.

RaZ said...

Majority wins, a landslide on electoral count but a mere 52.4% on popular vote.

US may be ready for a black president, but certainly it is not the first. Peru had a Japanese president before.

Malaysia not ready? Don't talk about PKNS, that's just politics. We have non-Malay ministers, Director Generals, Tuns and Tan Sris. So what's the issue about GM of PKNS. Back in the 70s, I had an Indian fren whose dad was the GM on PKNS.

But I am not ready for a non-Malay as Head of State. And I am proud to say it.

As Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) puts it:
'Its not time to make a change...'

Maybe in my dotter's lifetime (and some of you here) but I be dead and gone by then, and as my favorite saying goes; 'It's not my problem' anymore.

God Bless, America!

Anonymous said...


some people are not called idiots for nothing.

RaZ said...

Anon 8:47 AM,

Thank you.

toolan said...

Precisely the point!


First class infra, third world mentality!!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Americans don't simply choose a president just because he's black
They merely exercise democracy and elect who they think is best
In exercising their basic fundamental rights there is no slack
After the big election they still put the president to the test

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 061108
Thur. 6th Nov. 2008.

Yan said...

Dear Sir,
More than 40 years ago, we were not so polarized as today and the Malay & non-Malay population is about 50-50.

After more than 20 years of mamak PM rule & policies plus the worldwide Islamic revival, we were more polarised than ever. That's why we have UMNO or even PAS leaders who would only accept a Malay or Muslim as PM and in control of power. How about Kadazan, Iban, Dayaks? Don't even dream about Chinese or Indian.

After Suharto, The Indonesian are becoming more open minded than us now. I won't be surprise one day (very soon) Indonesia will overtake us. Indonesia also consist of many ethnic groups such as Javanese, Batak, Bugis, Malay, Achenese etc but they don't differentiate bumi/non-bumi or Malay/non-Malay like us here.

RaZ said...

Everyone here seems to miss the point: Majority rules.

Hard right wing governments like UMNO's Malaysia or liberal Democrat's USA.

Let the country decide, not just the communities on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

"Now anyone can become the PM..."

... A stupid statement truly from a compulsive lying ar8ehole!


Anonymous said...

blimey, the americans shall got the balls & guts to subscribe to obama's change, to dismantle the final hurdle of race politics & politics of fear in order...

to lead the world to more peace & prosperity.

obama, the choosen one to lead the new world, may GOD bless you & your family.

My Raison D'etre said...


Two words: Ketuanan Melayu.

We are so stucked up with the concept when the whole world except for some parts in India perhaps have moved forward.

God bless.

nassis said...

no.i dont think that Malaysia is ready for such change just like in America right takes America some hundred years to where they at now.still this is just the beginning for them.there's still lots more Americans that's still conservative.

the KKK would poop their pants if they knew an African American could become a President.

RaZ said...

What race and politics? Read this bit of news:

Strange country, the US.

Q33NY said...

Malaysia boleh jadi seperti di Amerika.tidak mustahil.tapi tidak.bukan sekarang.saya percaya PR dan BN masih belum bersedia untuk keadaan sebegitu.rakyat Malaysia sendiri juga belum bersedia sepenuhnya.

setelah berkali-kali Presiden Amerika Syarikit bertukar ganti tapi kesemuanya terdiri dari kalangan kulit putih.Obama sahaja yang berbeza.

Amerika mengambil masa beratus tahun untuk sampai ke tahap ini.ini pun sebenarnya masih permulaan kerana masih ramai lagi rakyat Amerika yang masih biasa dengan "cara biasa" memilih Presiden.

Obama banyak dibantu oleh golongan muda dan golongan kulit hitam disana.golongan muda dan golongan kulit hitam disana rata-rata mahukan perubahan.di Afrika,penduduk disana menyambut gembira kemenangan Obama yang disifatkan Obama sebagai "one of them".

untuk berkempen bagi jawatan Presiden pun sudah ambil masa selama 2 tahun dan berbililion dollar dibelanjakan.

Malaysia belum lagi mampu ketahap itu ketika ini walaupun ianya tidak mustahil.

leyaw said...

There must be something wrong with our country. In common sense, it is those educated bunch and the young generation who should be more open minded and receptive towards the concept of Bangsa Malaysia, a Malaysia without racial barrier.

However, what we see today is a nation who is more divided as long as i can remember (I cannot say ever as I was born long after 1957). The different races no longer mix around anymore especially among the youngsters. This is a very very very bad development.

In fact it was the older generation, those uneducated and are in the low income bracket who mix around with the different races. You can see this in the morning market, old time coffee shop/warung, in the kampung sharing jokes, having small chats.

While in the same time, you see local university students, youth organization and young professional shouting for their ketuanan melayu. While the rest of the world is trying to progress, our country is slowly drifting towards a doomed future

Anonymous said...

its not malaysia but the malays who are not ready for change...

and the fact it will stay this way for the next hundred of years.

so adapt and change yourselves, if not here then choose elsewhere cos you and your childrens deserve the best.

Anonymous said...

toolan said... "First class infra"

Err, you need to check your modem speed and then you will rethink your having claimed "First class infra" for this 3rd class country

KIMHO8 said...

Paid for first or business class but seated at economy class.

Strictly prohibited beyond arrangement.

$@#&!%*? Airline Policy.

KIMHO8 said...

Not the Malays but some Malaysians who are not ready for change.

azlan said...

obama telah menang besar mengatasi john mccain.ternyata dengan Obama bakal menduduki White House pada Januari tahun depan menandakan rakyat Amerika mahukan perubahan.

namun kita tunggu dan lihat jika Obama mampu menjadi lebih baik dari Presiden-presiden AS yang sebelum ini kesemuanya berkulit putih.adakah dasar luar Amerika akan digubal atau lagi diketatkan?

kita bakal mengetahuinya nanti..

Anonymous said...

Forget about this myth call Bangsa Malaysia...

In Malaysia, race politics & politics of fear will stay at all cost.

So there is nothing you could do for this country anymore than what you have given, its time you just do it only for your childrens and their futures.

Jefus said...

some insightful reading material:
ABIM : Apartheid Brigade In Malaysia?

Moo.... said...

What is the big deal that Obama is the first black president of USA?

In Malaysia we have the first mamak PM. We also had a Indo Menteri Besar in Selangor. We also have an Indo Home minister. We have quite a number of mamaks, indos and nationalised bumi from Sabah in UMNO.

But for a indian, chinese, kadazan or eurasian PM.... fat hopes lah.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that BRUTE FORCE also rule??
Did you know Mao once said Power comes from the barrel of a gun?
If it is so simple as Majority Rule & if it is unfair, wait till you reach the breaking point. Then there will be lots of "fireworks" & it would be lots of "fun". The world won't be so dull! After all, the Minority has nothing more to lose, right? This may not happen in my lifetime, but who cares. It's not my problem anymore.

Again, some people are not called idiots for nothing.

Anonymous said...

i think indian, chinese, kadazan or eurasian can be malaysia PM...
as long as he is muslim..
Or maybe him got 1 drop of blood of malay..

just look at tunku, mahathir and pak lah.. they r not pure malay.

he he he..

And again, if somebody wants to compare malaysia with hongkong, korea, singapore and taiwan.. just go migrate there. Malaysia is unique and different from those countries.

love malaysia

Anonymous said...

"Majority rule only works if you're also considering individual rights. Because you can't have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper.” L. Flynnt

John Tan said...

The choice of Obama as US President is the Finest Moment in the History of Democracy.This is the Superpower Nation that always advocates Equality for All, Human Rights, Anti Racism and today the Americans have proven they are not hyprocrites.More than a century ago they used bullets and sacrificed their lives to abolish slavery in a Civil War.Today they used the Ballots to defeat Racial prejudice to elect a Black President in a Multi-Racial Nation.Other Multi -Racial countries should emulate the US should no longer use lame excuses they cannot unite as a nation because Race & Religion.Let's have a two-party system to ensure our children can live in harmony as one nation.

RaZ said...

Anon 4:01 PM

Majority rules! That's the system of government we have today. Don't like it? There are a few countries that are still based on the feudal system. Keep Brunei and Saudi Arabia in your list of possible countries to migrate to.

The problem with Malaysia is that the majority here are the Malays and they also carry the 'brute force.'

If the other races wants to test 'brute force' with the Malays as you put it, carry on. I am a firm believer of Darwin's theory. Only the fittest survive.

But I doubt that will happen, the Chinese as a race have a tendency to put their resource to creative things rather than destruction.

For the rest and people like you, there is ISA.

And that is how the meek rules. Didn't someone say, 'The meek shall inherit the earth?'

denzook said...

so many have positive hope on obama, kind of reminded me aab last 4 yrs ago ... aab came with all sorts of quote like "work with me, not for me", etc etc, and too many glorification.....

let's see how obama performs 4 yrs down the road .....

Anonymous said...


U seems to have a constant hard-on with 'majority' rule!

& it also seems likely that hard-on is viagra induced.

Many, like U has a half-cooked understanding of the democracy where 'rule by majority' is only 1/nth of the doctrines.

The ancient Greeks who had given us this concept must be wondering what went wrong in this 21st century.

R we moving forward materialistically & yet retarded mentally?

Anon 4:01 PM has rightly interpreted yr sub-due treat of majority rule.

Anon 7:13 PM has also put a humanistic touch to yr sub-due treat. Without the sheep, the wolves only have themselves for breakfast, lunch & dinner!

raz, U 'seems' to be well read & yet yr interpretations of past concepts can be so shallow! Who failure? The minority Malaysians'?

That I'm afraid summarized yr kind.


RaZ said...


'Your kind? My kind?' Finally I see a fellow racist here.

Majority rules! That's the system we have here today. In the US and Malaysia. I am not debating how democracy should be run, only how it is won.

If 'majority rules' is 1/nth of the many doctrines, what is it ranked at? I would say 1 out of nth. And without majority, the majority cannot rule (based on democracy.)

Today most of you here are the minority. Maybe one day you get to be the majority. But till that day comes, what are you going to do about it? Whine and bitch till the cows come home? Shout and get notice so that the majority gives in to your plight?

Or follow the ways of Ananda and Vincent and concentrate on putting food on your table?

Those are the choices we have in life. It is up to you.

Anonymous said...


"Those are the choices we have in life. It is up to you."


& I'll find an honourable way to put food on my table w/o resorting to the ways of Ananda and Vincent. Thank U!

A parting word on yr viagra-induced majority rule - what's majority if we r all Malaysian?

That's where Anon 7:13 PM 'fable' comes in!

& do U really believe those 1200+ umno delegates represent the 'Malay majority'?

That's what I meant about 'yr kind'.


Anonymous said...

Aiyah, this Obama saga has caused so much complication lah.
To make thing simple, why cann't we have a similar dictator like Idi Amin of Uganda who packed off all the "foreigners" i.e. whites & Asians; or the Fijian leader who sent off all the Indians back? Then we will see what will happen to the economy of the country like Uganda & Fiji.
BTW, we can still come back as Chinese, Indians or whatever (no more Malaysians)to do business & milk them like what Singapore has been doing to its neighbors Indonesia etc.. Isn't that wonderful? All problem solved.
Anyway, I'm dreaming but a good dream.

RaZ said...


Good for you. At least you make your own choices. If you can still make a living through honest and goodness work, then there is still hope for Malaysia yet. And if you make it (and I hope you will) I will use you as the benchmark instead of Ananda and Vincent.

As for 'my kind', if you read my earlier posting on the UMNO delegates, you know I understand what you talking about. But I will not blame UMNO for it. (The people in UMNO, yes, but not UMNO) That is the 'democratic' system they choose to structure. It won't be any different should Pakatan Rakyat come into power. They too will be limited by the Constitution on what they can and cannot do.

You asked what is majority if we all Malaysian? Last time I checked, the majority were the ones who put the current government in power. It was neither you nor me.

Anonymous said...

President Barack Hussein Obama.

Lets be real here. He has more in common with the majority in the US than what we have between races in Malaysia.

He doesn't gripe about his rights as a minority. No SRJK(Swahili)here.

The US constitution calls for a Christians to be a president, which Obama is one, and he has had to publicly claim that his Muslim stepfather enjoys alcoholic drink.

Obama has said in speeches that his father "was Muslim but as an adult became an atheist," and he has previously described his father as "agnostic" and his stepfather as a "non-practicing" Muslim.

To me its simple, the key is - assimilate with the majority.
Obama was not elected as a member of the minority but as someone who fitted in with the majority. Then he can represent the majority.

just in transit