Monday, November 10, 2008

I am Ok, not so ok!

Thanks to many of my friends and blog readers. I had been asked what had happen to me and why no writings in this blog.

I am sorry to my readers if they find the lack of articles. The last few weeks had been insurmountable and stressful. There's just too much to do and the body got heavily punished. I am not so okay health-wise, but I have to keep my schedule and appointments and complete my assignments which are piling up. Added to the stress is the excessive amount of seminars to conduct this month and I won't get even a day rest till end of this month. December will also be heavy loads of work and seminars; I will try to discuss with my partners and clients to downsize the workload and hopefully to postpone or cancel some. At the same time there are also many other personal problems to attend to and they can be arduous toil and tough nuts to crack. I am going insane.


Anonymous said...

take a break and have a kit kat.
relax mav.

psc said...

take a break.
stop and smell the flowers.
life is beautiful.
no health no wealth.

Maverick SM said...

Thanks Anon 10:17pm

Thanks psc.


in Life, money is not everything that can give happiness and good health. take time to enjoy Life first and work for money second. if Life/Health condition is poor, the money and wealth will never be accumulated much. live once, so make the best of it. money is like women, the more you have them the more headaches you face!

KIMHO8 said...

You must make sure that you are ok.

I learned a lot from the people in the hospital (the hospital staff, patients and their family members too) whenever my husband has to be there.

Never make your loved ones worry about you. Do not torture yourself and take it easy please.

God bless you.

Moo.... said...

Take a break

Have a kit Kat...

ha ha ha

WTF said...

Don't worry man , when things are at its worst, it can only get BETTER !!!


Jefus said...

throw away your mobile phone and take a rest,....

mobile phones are cheap as compared to heart transplants,.....

take a rest man, you keel over, your clients will go find the next person,...

Gukita said...

Take care Mave.
Dont overstress yourself else you wont live up to Chairil Anwar's `Aku Mahu Hudup Seribu Tahun Lagi'..

Avatar said...

Dear Mave,

I never realized the work involved in posting on blogs daily until I started blogging. And unlike you, I only post three times a week, at that.

So, yeah, take a break and relax...


kittykat46 said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Some years ago I went through a period of my life when everything seemed to go wrong. If I had hard-headedly continued fighting along the same path, I think things could have ended up badly.

Sometimes you have to slow down, step back a bit to get a perspective on your life, see what needs to be done differently.

Fortunately, I managed to make some changes in my life and career. I pulled through, and a lot happier now.

dee3 said...

hi doc,

pls. dont go insane.
insanity = troubled mind?

no go insane, ok?


zewt said...

hey mave... blogging can take second stage at the moment...

Anonymous said...

This kiamsiap Alex is torturing u, Mav. Ask him to foot your medical bills. Take good care of yourself.I'm stressssssssss.....ful too!- Mmudahlupa

Maverick SM said...


Thank you for the good advice. I do agree with your points but at times we have obligations to our clients as well as to assist those who need our time and thoughts.


Thank you for the good advice. I will try.


Thanks and I will get a kitkat.


Thanks and you are motivating.


The phone is the only communication tool for those who need to speak to me.


Hahaha... I love that phrase. Aku nak hidup selama lama.


I am posting less now. It's a lot of work to write and post and you have learned it too.


Good advice from your experience. I hope to learn from yours.


Ya, I try stay sane.


Ya, I will follow your advice.


Ya, you help me to sent the bill to Kiamsiap Alex.

ewoon said...

Take a rest mave, you have been on full steam for far too long. Even machines need to be shut down to give them rest.

God bless you and keep you.

Maverick SM said...


Thank you ewoon. I understand and truly appreciate your advice.

Kiansiap Alex said...

N96 coming soon....

Maverick SM said...

Kiamsiap Alex,

Wah, at last I got the good news!!! Thank you very much. I am very excited oh...waiting impatiently.

toolan said...

Hi Mav,

Sorry to hear about your predicament, but if it's any consolation it is the same for me and actually I have not been able to visit some of my favorite blogs or even blogged last week and these week.
Anyway, you must look after your health first, think of it this way, if you don't feel well, you can't work and finish the pile work. So, stay well is no.1 priority so that other work can be accomplish.....
Take Care and good luck.

Maverick SM said...


Thank you very much for the kind advice and I will heed your advice.

Papa Ali said...

Mav, I know how you feel but consider this :
We lose our health making money only to spend it on getting healthy again.

Isn't it ironic?

Far parting words a wise man once said "Only when it’s dark enough can you see the stars."

So take it easy on yourself Mav.

Maverick SM said...

Papa Ali,

Ya, I agree with you. Thanks for the advice and I'm grateful.

Kenny Ng said...

Have a break, take care well man.

Maverick SM said...

Kenny Ng,

Thanks! How are you in Middle East?