Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sultans would reject wrong advices from Govt

Raja Nazrin: Rulers will not act on wrong advice

The rulers would not agree with the advice from government leaders which goes against the spirit of the constitution, rule of law and universal principles of justice, said the Regent of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah.

"Generally, the rulers act based on the advice by government leaders elected by the people. Nevertheless, the rulers cannot accede to acts which do not symbolise justice or sanction moves which do not mirror truth.

"The rulers' views, observation and counsel in the administrative affairs of the country touching on the question of integrity which encompasses justice, law, judiciary, misappropriation, power abuse, corruption and wealth distribution, are with the desire to strengthen the government so that it is stable and receives people's trust," Raja Nazrin said.

He said to ensure the rulers' integrity is not questioned and the throne remains respected, the rulers shall always be intelligent and wise, master knowledge, understand the surroundings and changes, and possess a group of advisers comprising experts and people knowledgeable in the relevant fields.

"This will enable the rulers to fulfil their roles with integrity and make the smart, accurate, just and fair decisions," he told his audience, which included Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud and Chief Justice Zaki Azmi.

Raja Nazrin said the rulers are part of national institutions whose role is to strengthen the democratic system by carrying out the check and balance responsibility and the function as an independent tribunal for the legislative, executive and judiciary branches.

'Pillar of stability'

As a source of reference should a crisis occurs, he said, the rulers function as the balancing mechanism which safeguards national stability, protects people's well-being, ensures justice, enhances the government's integrity and strengthens the democratic practice in the country.

"The rulers have a role as the pillar of stability - source of justice, thrust of unity - hence enhancing the level of people's confidence in the system of governance and society based on democratic practices, rooted on the doctrine of separation of powers.

"The rulers have constitutional responsibilities and the responsibilities need to be carried out intelligently so that it can help build a high-integrity country," he said.

Raja Nazrin said the institution of rulers shall have the role and function to productively and constructively contribute to the nation.

"The rulers reside at a special position, have the opportunity to give smart views to influence and determine the direction of the nation positively and constructively through counsel, encouragement, persuasion, reminder and admonition," he added

To strengthen integrity practice, Raja Nazrin said, the rulers shall hold consultations and negotiations, gather opinions and be open minded to assess each advice rationally, objectively and fairly.

Source: Malaysiakini


The Rulers is saying it out loud now! They are not puppets; they are Rulers and they have the power and authority to act against any wrong decision made by the government and also against any abuses of power and corruption.



Anonymous said...

this is gay! The sultan wanna get de power!

msiaman said...

Lets see how the PM in waiting will try his luck on the Rulers...

GobloKing said...

It's this Ketuanan shit that gets my goat!

If everysucker in UMNO is Tuan, who the heck is the worker, slave, servant, employee??

The BN Partners? If they accept that Ketuanan shit, then MIC, MCA, Gerakan can pledge their, their families & all their descendants' servitude to UMNo but not Us!

Every law in the world; constitution included - is a LIVING document.

It is for the Living. Not the dead. Not History.

It must be relevant to today's world.

I have asked myself frankly..Will I die for my country?

Sigh. NO I won't.

The more I & non Malays are treated as immigrants & as unequal in status, the less I feel I am beholden to my country to stick it out & fight & die for it

On a slightly related topic, Bigdog asked - perhaps not such an unfair question - in his blog

He asked if we non Malays are so adamant at being treated as equals - are essential services (fire dept, ambulance service, police etc) not staffed with non-malays?

I didn't reply as we were both too f**king righteous at that time we were flaming each other but...

I think this has more to do with the fact that non malays are not well integrated (no thanks to the bumi policy).

I truly feel that the more we are made to feel like 2rd class citizens, the less we will consider Msia our terra firma.

What say you?

cakapaje said...


If you're free on Nov 29, do come and meet other bloggers at The Curve, Damansara, lunchtime onwards. Its a Dutch affair, and everyone is free to join. Kindly visit my blog for details.


not all Rulers knows how to act as Rulers. many of them are surviving on commissions, free shares, and hell a lot of benefit in kinds from tax payers money. maybe One or Two knows how to live and think like Rulers, the rest are only Talk COKC... they will never ignore CIMB rewards if Najib goes into Power. don't forget Rulers got Dongs too you know...????

MikeLing said...

Dear gobloking,
our goverment has amended the constitution so I do agree that it is nothing sacred. However on the sacrificing for this "tanah tumpah darahku", most people will rise to the occasion when required.
On the essential service, bigdog would know the reason in his heart. It's a matter how he spin the circumstances.
Be cool ...

Gukita said...


Are you ok? Hope you're in good health...No news for 2 days..

Maverick SM said...


Ya, I'm not in good health and having too much stressful work too.

Anonymous said...

f**#@ d ruler, they only know how to enjoy our free money, why nobody say anything during DUN M time ? why ? scared him ???

only now talk alot COKC to our dear and hunber, gentleman ,mr nice to everyone guy, seems like every body can talk COKC during this time , CHAGE WE NEEEED !