Sunday, November 23, 2008

Success: The way forward

"My Success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things."

-- Bill Gates

Success is "Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell!"

-- Ted Turner


I have a lot to learn from them, but, I will learn till I got it.

I am focused on one goal only - SUCCESS; nothing short of it is acceptable.

And it is not an option.

Sacrifices are necessary; we have to give up a lot of things in exchange - time, sleep, postpone all self-gratifications - in pursuit of one dream!


P/S: William, will you walk with me?
KC & Raymond, will you do the same?
Alex, will you be less tired?
Chang, do you understand priority and sacrifices?

Last advice: Work like HELL!


Just Wonder said...

Eh... how do you define success in life ?
Have lots of money ?
Have lots of power and influence ?
Lead a happy life ?

Maverick SM said...

Just Wonder,

Each individual have their own definition of success and as long as the results conformed with the goals set then that is success.

Life consists of physical self, spiritual self and the social self. Success is relative and there is no single definition; each of us have to define them and measure them.

CK said...


this sounds like a MEMO to your staff....... betul ke?

Anonymous said...

Success in life depends on 3 important things, viz. Health, Wealth and Wisdom. If you possess only one or two of the above, then you're a goner

Maverick SM said...


You are right; not a memo, but a directive.

chang said...

i try to understand prority and sacrifices the best i can in the context of the reality of the life God give me. as far as practical wisdom, knowlege and drive are concern you are the champ i really do appreciate every bit of advice you gave me, including all the blasting, i deserve it, but through it i learn and have grown. i'm sorry if some of the lessons are lost in translation when i struggle to apply them. i'm responding to your blog from the hospital ward where my dad is still 'recovering'. hanging on is probaly the most suitable term to describe him. he got tubes coming out his unmentionable place. i'm just trying to do the right thing for my dad who had worked very hard to provide for his family and he has been 'successful' even by today's standard. but as i sit here i struggle to recollect memorable moments that we shared.... so what is success? sometimes we strife so hard to be effective we sacrifice or lost all sense of affections, is it worth it i wonder? i wll reserve my opinion of ted turner to myself but safe to say i do not want his brand of success. bottom line is the end does not justify the mean no matter how tough that mean is, now that to me is sacifice.
i'm not outspoken or even an intellect for that matter so this may not mean a whole lot to you but you have completely overhauled the way i reason and think so like it or not you are my hero, thank you sir.

william yeoh said...

im 100% prepared to walk with you. we go for WIN in battle, anything less is a failure and not acceptable. IM focused right now to accept the challenges in front of me. You promise me the car, i want it from you, c u on thursday

Maverick SM said...


I empathize with you and understand your situation. You are in paradoxical position between two responsibilities and you can only choose one at the moment. As such you have to elect the decision as you have done and detest the other till such time as conditions permit.

However, you do equally understand the trade-off in life and you have elected a virtuous decision which is respectable and morally right, and of course, you have to trade off with the other options which is imperative.

It doesn't take any intellect to elect what you did; it's humanistic and virtuous. That being said, I am nor propounding on a devil's roam. It's a matter of readjustment and rescheduling the activities and consider delegation and outsourcing as an alternative to seek two good instead of one.


You got my promise and you can be assured it is done when you give me the result.

Kiansiap Alex said...

Hi , let me share a quote by Harriet Tubman;

"If you are tired, keep going; if you are scared, keep going; if you are hungry; keep going; if you want to taste freedom, keep going."

Every success story begins with the launching of a dream ! & Every great dream begins with a dreamer ! You always have within you the strength and the passion to reach for the stars ……………

Maverick SM said...

Kiamsiap Alex,

That's a good quotation. Keep going!

bayi said...


Work hard when you are young and have the energy. Be humble and heed the advice of those who have walked the path.

Use your experience to help the younger ones starting out on the path od life when you are older, and hopefully wiser.

Then you fall sick less often. :)

Maverick SM said...


That's a good advice that don't work.

Until we succeed in achieving life's goals and objective (whatever it may be) we have to continue to work hard even if old. Then we fall sick more often and much more sick for helping others because it increase our stress level when helping others which we can't control.

Just Wonder said...

Excerpts from above:-

Each individual have their own definition of success and as long as the results conformed with the goals set then that is success...


If a thief decided that his goal is to have a successful house-breaking everyday for a month and he achieved his objective, does it constitute his " success in life " ?
Just wonder, just wonder.

RaZ said...

So you wanna be a SUCCESS?

You, like most people I met, got it all wrong.

First of all success is a by-product and not a means to an end. You can be successful from what you do but never from not doing anything.

Secondly, you can define success how you like it but there are always two versions; from your own point of view and from the views of others.

Most of the time people view you as a success but you do not, and other times, you think you are success but others do not.

Mav, if you are a HR trainer (or consultant) what is your measure of success? Money? As some one here asked? Fame? You seem to hero-worship Bill Gates and Ted Turner. Are you in the same league? Maybe you should tone down your target and aim to be like Bill Clinton or Tony Blair for example. Not for their 'success' as leaders of their country, but for being successful speakers after they retired.

I went to a birthday party last night. My wife's friend's husband. He is in the same line as you. At 35, he stays in a condo in Kenny Hills, apartment nicely done and the guest list filled with the KL socialites. Do I consider him a success? Yes, based on my own life when I was 35.

You may be better than him (or other way round) I do not know cuz I do not know you. But, my guess, he is much more of a success than you.

And it has nothing to do with hard work. I think he is more successful because he has the deposition and the social network.

One of my teacher in school once told us about school work: "In working life, there are no As or Bs or Cs. There are no Fs too. If you fail you loose your job. If you do your work well, you only get to keep your job."

Of course, I am judging based on my definition of success. You may have yours and others here have theirs and some here already think you are successful.

But my secrets of being successful lies in two things:

1. You have to be the best in what you do (or at least in the top 5%.)

2. People (everyone or better yet, your target market) must know that you are the best (or one of the best.)

With these two conditions you will get the recognition and fame. And when that happens you can demand a higher premium on your product and services. That will bring you the wealth and fortune that will facilitate your living in this world.

For the other 66% who are average, don't despair. If you accept yourselves as average, then achieving an average pay with an average life tantamount to achieving success too.

Focusing on being a success is like telling people to focus on making money. How are you going to make that money in the first place? Focus on the how, and if you get that right, the result is success.

RaZ said...


Or maybe go into space and be an 'astronaut' (err space participant) then come back and speak @ RM 8,000 an hour. Bernama has him raking in RM 1.2 million so far.

Raymond said...


You can be ensure that I shall synchronize with you, all the way to the path of SUCCESS and achieving our objectives and goals within one year.


Maverick SM said...

Just Wonder,

You bet it is, until he gets caught; then success turns to failure.


You have a good disposition. I know what success means to me and how to get it; you bet. But it may not be what you think nor what you espouse.

When I quote Bill Gates and Ted Turner, it is their way of expression which I shared, and not their size of wealth which you think.

I do not care how you viewed other peoples' success including your friends; but I surely know how I viewed it and what I want, whether in monetary terms or spiritual terms or social terms.

I do agree with your disposition on how the others view you and how we view ourselves in the context of success; but I viewed my own points and definitions as to what I want, not what you think and I am happy with what I think; Period.

Maverick SM said...


It's truly comforting for me to know we are in line.

Gukita said...

Chang's Dad have succeeded in full to have a son who feel that way. No other success matter as much to a father.

Btw Mave, where do the phrase 'work like hell' come from? Hell is surely not a work place. The suffering of hell should never be brought to a work place. I love the phrase 'If you love your work, you are in perpetual vacation on every working day of your life' so much better.

That one goal you put to yourself have the breadth of heaven and depth of hell. How could you ever focus??? Bill Gates seemed so much more focussed ' I have focussed on a few things' ... that is realistic. How can we expect to achieve an unrealistic goal? Btw I wish you success..

Maverick SM said...


Thanks and I hope to be able to my son can be like Chang and father companionism.

"Work like hell" is a phrase from ted Turner in his boom "Call Me Ted". It doesn't matter that hell is not a work place as it is a phrase to denote the extreme amount of energy and dedication to the work in order to derive the objective of results based on efforts and passion. Hell is not used here in the context of spiritual hereafter and religion. I think you did understand the phrase and you are pricking me.

Unrealistic goals? Ya, but that is a life I have dedicated to do and it doesn't matter what others' thinks as long as it is my life and my goals and it is ESOTERIC. It may not just be material things; it can also include other aspects that is equally esoteric.

moo_t said...

I like to add my 2cents. Work smart and work like hell, which burn your life. :)

IMHO, success in life means freedom. Free from monetary slavery, slavery from works. ;)

After many year of seeking of "security and wealth" , I learn that I make a mistake that betting too much in security.

IMHO, seeking freedom, e.g. financial freedom, job freedom, knowledge freedom, will give me sustainable lifestyle. All this can be achieve with good plan and focus mind.

Damn, I wish I learn this 10 years ago ;)

Maverick SM said...


Your notion is philosophical and it is true in concept. But I am observing success in life's ambition and about empirical realities of our living demands.

Anonymous said...

what is our definition of SUCCESS? Is it in terms of financial, emotional or functional?

ideally we want all the 3 components of sucess. however, how & when do we wish to achieve each of the 3 components largely depends on what we desire at a particular moment of time.

financial success is basically all abt making a lot of $ & eventually achieving financial freedom.

emotional success refers to the recognition & rewards for what we have done, whether it's in our working life or in our personal relationship w/ others.

functional success actually refers to sense of accomplishment or sense of's the purpose that drives to perform a certain task. different individuals have their own definition of SUCCESS.-

SO AM I SUCCESSFUL NOW? I believe in hard work & eventually i will - Mmudahlupa.

dee3 said...

How come i'm not on the list, eh?

Maverick SM said...


You have defined your own success and each of us have to define ours. There's no right no wrong.


I am sorry for not mentioning. I thought you have done well. Anyway, you need to cut down your weight by 40% and that is SUCCESS to me. Then I will give you more goals to achieve.