Monday, November 03, 2008

Swearing money politics

Pahang Memtri Besar and Umno liaison chief Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob said allegations of money politics in Umno should be settled by swearing on the Quran. So ACA need not interfere.

"Those involved (the accusers and accused) should swear on the Quran to back their accusations or prove their innocence," Adnan Yaakob said after opening the Bentong Umno divisional meeting yesterday.

The menteri besar believed a true Muslim would not lie in such circumstances and those who did so knew that they would get punishment from God.

The Pahang menteri besar said money politics had worsened in Umno but party members were not willing to expose the crime due to the difficulty in providing proof.

Source: NST

Once upon a time, a Federal Judge with a great sense of humor once said this to calm a jittery witness who was asked to swear in court on a holy book:

"Don't worry son. Pretend you are eating a piece of lettuce. It is no worst than that"

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bayi said...

Looks like swearing on the Quran may become more the preferred way to settle a problem compared to a normal court of law.

Moo... said...

No need laws(not the in-laws type), lawyers, judges, courts and ACA anymore in BolehLand?

Just swear your way out. Ha ha ha..

GobloKing said...

What does it mean by adhering to a Faith or Following a Religion?

1. Honor & respect the teachings of one's chosen religion.

2. Live according to such teachings as stated in the religion

So if one had,indeed, lived according to the teachings found in the Quran, there is no need to swear that one is not a liar, a thief or a killer isn't it?

The following is a true story:

A (now deceased) Federal Judge with a great sense of humor once said this to calm a jittery witness who was asked to swear in court on a holy book

"Don't worry son. Pretend you are eating a piece of lettuce. It is no worst than that"

CK said...

gosh.... how unbelievably worse can it be??? i can't bear reading these stupid remarks and statements by our politicians anymore. and not writing about it in my blog didn't help anymore.

really hopeless.

Hope said...

are you serious?

these people are out of their minds. if anything could be solved by just swearing on the Holy Quran, we don't need the police and the authorities anymore.

Anonymous said...

ask the courts, aca, police to close shops. good nite, maverick.
i am too exhausted to even comment. what do you expect from an obnoxious MB, anyway?

KIMHO8 said...

Yan tei gan ci yat toi,
yon yi koh sei shan choi!

Shar yan fung fo,
ho ying koi!

fa ha sai,
dui koh ti fai choi lei kong,
tim ci yong yi koh sei shan choi!


Anonymous said...

All the detainees in Guantanamo Bay will at the earliest opportunity, also swear on their korans that they are not terrorists but peaceful lovers of America and hence should be set free immediately.

Anonymous said...

another one of malaysian monkey. reminds me of Qing dynasty, they refuse to change, and eventually change did happen. either they like it or not.

My Raison D'etre said...

Umno is never about Islam.

The party is more about Malays.

Bringing the religion into any discussion relating to Umno - a pary where money politics, self enrichment and all magnitude of worldly sins - would only bring disrepute to the sanctity of the religion and the good book.

You could see this already from some of the postings here on the Koran, terrorists and the likes.

It's not the religion that's at fault, but it's so called followers who pick and choose at the own leisure.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

no, it is not about Malays either, it is about the pockets of a few crony.

they are using the agenda of Malays and Islam to push their own hidden motive. i guess a lot of people are blinded by this.

Jefus said...

if everybody swore to tell the truth and actually did so,......then i bet the word 'liar' will disappear from the dictionary and from everybody's memory,.......i strongly suggest reading this book: Telling Lies by Paul Ekman ISBN:0-393-32188-6


Anonymous said...

Ya leave everything to God & his holy book, lol!

Narcotics raid a nightspot, no need all drug test equipments - one holy book can oledi!

Alcohol test, no need to use the 'blowjob' machine - one holy book can do.

Rape cases also no need medical examination, one holy book will do!

LOL! This must be that in-coming pm ways of getting things done in 3 minutes... LOL! LOLL!


the new (old) kid said...

swear by the Quran?

i good idea but not very practical.i said so because a liar with always lie to cover up their ill-manners and crimes.they still can lie or tell half truth even by swearing on the Quran.however if one willing to swear by the Quran,then he/she must willing to pay the consequences if he/she lied.

as a muslim,i cant question the integrity and honour of the holy Quran.this is all depends to each individual.if one can or cant accept the method of swearing on the Quran,then it's fine by me.but why not do both swearing and go to court as well to prove if one is innocent or not.

korup said...

politik wang semacam sukar dibanteras.tak tahulah kenapa.mungkin sebab sifat tamak dan haloba masin menebal.

kita sering digembar-gemburkan dengan BN yang selalu mengamalkan politik wang.tapi agaknya bagaimana pula keadaannya jika satu hari nanti PR yang memerintah?adakah rasuah/politik wang masih terus akan wujud atau tidak?.PR bole mengutuk BN sekarang tapi adakah PR akan jadi sama seperti BN tatkala mereke berkuasa nanti?

Anonymous said...

Saddam Hussein shoulda put his paw on the quran and swore that he was no mother-f#cking murderer, and hence he would not had been hanged